National Fried Chicken Day (Updated. Deals and Coupons)

National Fried Chicken Day

National Fried Chicken Day

Our National Fried Chicken Day page contains all the National Fried Chicken Day deals, coupons and more you need to enjoy this day in style. This is one of the biggest food holidays in the US; one that all of the brands get behind and one that meat-lovers nationwide look forward to. You might also find the Chick-Fil-A menu prices to be a good deal year-round.

With a little spice, one of the world’s cheapest meats can go a long way. Fried chicken is a favorite across the United States. And with low overheads, big margins and a never-ending queue of customers, it’s also a favorite with the fast food chains. From casual dining locations like Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters, to fast food favorites like Popeyes and Raising Cane’s, America is in love with fried chicken. It is a love affair that has lasted for hundreds of years, and one that peaks on National Fried Chicken Day.

What is National Fried Chicken Day?

Every July 6th, the US celebrates National Fried Chicken Day. There is a lot of confusion about the origins of this day and there are also a few stories. It’s not easy to validate any of these. But these days typically start as a passing mention, a viral trend or even a PR campaign from a single store or chain. From there, they spread; they are picked up by big chains, used as promotional pieces and then they catch on.

Because, let’s face it, who would turn their noses up at a day that celebrates fried chicken?

July 6th is also National Kissing Day, which started in 2000. So you might want to keep that in mind while you tuck into a greasy slab of fried chicken. At the very least, you should pick the skin out of your teeth before you partake in July 6th’s other national day.

National Fried Chicken Day Deals 2017

National Fried Chicken Day Coupons

On July 6th every year, this section will be filled with a host of National Fried Chicken Day deals.

We scour the biggest chains to find the best deals and place them all here for you. There are coupons, offers, buy-one-get-one-free deals and more. So, be sure to check this page in anticipation of the next National Fried Chicken Day.

Next up is July 6th 2017. In the meantime, you can also checkout some other big fast food holidays, including National Cheeseburger Day and National Donut Day. Alternatively, take a peek at the previous National Fried Chicken Day deals below.

Previous National Fried Chicken Day Deals

National Fried Chicken Day Deals

To give you an idea of what sort of National Fried Chicken Day deals you can expect to see on this page and in general, we have included a list of the biggest chains and the offers they usually release. These are offers that have appeared on social media and in store, and they are offers that we have listed here previously.

National Fried Chicken Day Deals:

Church’s Chicken: This brand has a special place in the hearts of many fast food and fried chicken lovers. Church’s Chicken offer a selection of National Fried Chicken Day deals. In the past these have included an 8-piece chicken combo for just $6.

Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s:
These two chains are not exactly known for their fried chicken, but they do sell fried chicken burgers. And in the past, they have offered deals on these during National Fried Chicken Day.

Domino’s: Although it’s a pizza chain, Domino’s are no stranger to food holidays. They offer big deals on National Pizza Day and they also get behind National Fried Chicken Day. You can often get free or discounted fried chicken wings with your pizza.

KFC: Surprisingly, tis brand doesn’t offer the best National Fried Chicken Day deals. However, they have released some promotions in the past, and they also use this day to promote new menu items and specials.

Popeyes: One of the best when it comes to National Fried Chicken Day deals, Popeyes offers discounts on combos and big orders.

WingStop: Another big proponent of this day, WingStop once offered a $20 Combo deal. This got you 20 boneless wings, 2 fries and 2 drinks. Great for a family/couple’s treat.

Zaxby’s: In the past, Zaxby have used this day to announce fried chicken burgers, deals and more.

There are many other chains that get involved as well. You may have noticed a few notable omissions from this list, and that’s because they just don’t offer anything. The truth is, not all brands get behind food holidays and that’s why you won’t find a certain hyphenated chicken brand on the above list.

The History of Fried Chicken

National Fried Chicken Day Offers

The act of frying cuts of chicken was exported to the United States by Scottish immigrants. Even today, the Scottish are renowned for their love of fried foods (believe it or not, you can order a deep-fried Mars bar in many fish n’ chip shops) and this was also the case during the 18th century.

However, it was amongst the African communities that this dish was given life. Many African cultures also had a tradition for frying chicken. But they seasoned it first, creating something that was just as succulent, but packed a bigger punch.

The fried chicken we enjoy today began to take form during the middle of the 19th century, when the equipment became more readily available and the ingredients reduced in price. By this time, chicken was a staple in the south, and this was all thanks to African slave communities, where this dish continued to thrive.

This dish became associated with African communities. So much so that early fried chicken restaurants used racial (and incredibly racist) black stereotypes as mascots. However, with the advent of chains like KFC, this eventually became a staple food for every single American, regardless of creed, color and ancestry.

As an interesting aside, today it is much easier to find a fried pizza in Scotland (known as a “Pizza Crunch”, for reasons that you can probably guess) than it is to find deep fried chicken.

5 Biggest Fried Chicken Chains

National Fried Chicken Day Freebies

To get your tastebuds tingling for National Fried Chicken Day, here is a list of the 5 biggest chicken chains. This is by no means a list of our favorites. It’s a list based on the chains with the biggest reach and the most locations.

National Fried chicken Day is a US celebration, so this list relates to the US only. If we were to focus on the international market it wouldn’t look too dissimilar. But there are a few brands (Nando’s, Pelicana Chicken) that might nudge some of these down.

5. Church’s Chicken:

Church’s Chicken has been allied with Popeyes in its past and it has also been owned by a leading Islamic corporation, who forced it to stop selling pork. Today, there are over 1,500 locations worldwide, many of which are in the United States.

4. Chester’s International:

Church’s is often listed as the fourth biggest fried chicken chain and in some ways it is. But going purely off the number of locations, Chester’s nudges ahead with 1800+.

3. Chick-Fil-A:

This chicken giant is closed on Sunday and many holidays, tying in with the beliefs of its founder. But that hasn’t stopped it from growing to over 2,000 locations and turning over a revenue of $6 Billion every year.

2. Popeyes:

Founded in 1970, this brand grew quickly and has been in second place for a number of years. The name “Popeyes” comes from The French Connection film, and not the cartoon character. There are 2,000+ locations in 25+ countries around the world.

1. KFC:

The Colonel has led the way in this industry for a number of years. This is the brand to which the others aspire, the brand that sets the bar. There are close to 20,000 locations worldwide as of 2016, a huge leap up from the other chains on this list, and KFC can be found in over 115 countries and territories.

5 Facts about Fried Chicken

National Fried Chicken Day Specials

If the thought of eating at one of the aforementioned chains doesn’t get you excited at the prospect of securing some National Fried Chicken Day deals, then take a peek at these 5 Facts about Fried Chicken. They might not get your tastebuds going, but they will certainly make you think.

5. They’re Everywhere: There are more chickens on earth than there are people, the vast majority of which are used in the meat industry. Great for people who love chicken, terrible for those who suffer from Alektorophobia, a fear of chickens.

4. Bully Magnets: According, there are over 25 people in the United States with the surname “Chicken”. We weren’t able to confirm how many of these had a first name beginning with A. But we can assume that none of them had an easy childhood.

3. Main Dish: It is estimated that 95 out of every 100 commercial restaurants around the world have chicken on the menu, with some form of fried chicken on many of them.

2. Chinese Chicken: Although they are not as big on fried chicken as the US, China produces and eats more chicken on the whole. There are twice as many chickens in China than there are in the US.

1. Jurassic Park: The chicken is the closest living relative to the T-Rex. We’d love to be a fly on the wall in that family reunion.