National Wine Day (Deals, Free Wine, Coupons)

National Wine Day

National Wine Day

Do you enjoy a tipple every now and then? Do you yearn for the weekend, when you can put your feet up with a good glass of wine? If so, then make sure you pencil May 25th: National Wine Day into your calendar. National Wine Day is a day to celebrate wine, and one that could land you a free glass or two of your favorite drink.

On this page we’ll look at the history of wine, as well as some interesting info. All of this should get you in the mood for National Wine Day. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at some National Wine Day deals, coupons and more. After all, the only thing better than a glass of wine, is a free glass of wine.

What is National Wine Day?

National Wine Day is celebrated on May 25th every year. This is not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day, which is celebrated in February. Evidently, a wine lover got a hold of the official Food Holidays calendar and tried to get as many wine drinking days in there as they could. Both of these days are celebrated across the US to some degree. But there are many more deals and promotions on National Wine Day.

In fact, National Wine Day deals are exactly what we created this page for. And it’s exactly what this day was created for. Its purpose is to give retailers and producers a platform from which they can market their product. As a result, more wine is sold, more wine is drunk and the economy gets a little boost. After all, the US is one of the biggest wine producers in the world. Wine has been produced here for over 300 years, and the state of California relies on this industry for a sizeable chunk of its GDP.

National Wine Day Deals 2017

Every year this section will be updated with the best National Wine Day deals. These are added every single year in anticipation of this day. Next up is May 25th 2017, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back. As soon as the deals come in (usually a few days to a week before the day itself) we will add them to this section.

In the mean time, you can see some previous National Wine Day deals below to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Find National Wine Day Deals

National Wine Day Deals

There are all kinds of deals to explore on National Wine Day, and you don’t need to be in a restaurant to take advantage of them.

All of the following restaurants may offer some deals during National Wine Day. You can check in with their promotions closer to the time, and you can also drop by their happy hour pages (linked) to see if there are any deals available right now:

TGI Friday’s: It’s Friday everyday at this popular chain, and there is no shortage of cocktails and other drinks to enjoy (TGI Friday’s Happy Hour).

Hooters: It’s more about the beer here, but that’s not the only thing on the menu. (Hooters Happy Hour).

Bar Louie: Cocktails, wine, beer, and a whole lot more. (Bar Louie Happy Hour).

Benihana: Get some hot Japanese food and a little entertainment with your wine (Benihana Happy Hour).

Island Burgers: Booze and burgers. What more could you ask for? (Island Burgers Happy Hour).

It’s not just the chain restaurants that celebrate National Wine Day. In fact, the best place to get some National Wine Day Deals is to drop into your local wine shop. A liquor store might offer some deals as well, but wineries and wine shops are by far the best place to find them. You can find all kinds of coupons at these places, and these stores also offer 24-hour only promotions.

Most Popular Wines in the United States

National Wine Day Coupons

Chardonnay is the most popular wine in the United States.

There are more Americans looking for National Wine Day deals every year, because there are more Americans turning to this drink every year. Wine is one of the few drinks that has continuously increased in popularity over the last couple of decades. In the early 1990s, Americans drunk around 1.50 gallons per capita per year. By 2013, that figure had nearly doubled. And it’s still growing!

The drink that tops the list for Americans is Chardonnay. This is followed closely by Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio, with Merlot and Pinot Noir in 4th and 5th.

The producers and retailers know this information, which is why many National Wine Day deals revolve around one of these 5 drinks. Of course, it also means that if a retailer is trying to give away a different kind of wine during National Wine Day, they could just be looking to offload the stuff that no one else wants.

History of Wine

National Wine Day Offers

The United States is the fourth largest wine producer in the world, after France, Italy and Spain.

The history of wine can be traced back over 8,000 years to Georgia (the country, not the state). The first recorded winery can be traced back some 6,000 years. However, because the history of wine predates written records, there is no real way of knowing just how old it is, nor is there are way of confirming that they were intentionally creating, drinking and enjoying this drink 8,000 years ago.

What we do know, however, is that by the time human civilisations took root, wine was being produced regularly. It played a major role in all Asian and European empires and was also known to the Egyptians. Although in the case of the latter, they attached many superstitions to it and refrained from drinking it on a regular basis.

The Ancient Greeks were the fist civilisation to truly get to grips with this drink. Many of the methods they used are still in use today. They understood the process of winemaking more than anyone else had to that point, and their methods would later be adopted by the Romans. In fact, not only are their methods similar to the methods of today, but many of the grape varieties in existence in modern Greece were also used in Ancient Greece.

So, the next time you enjoy a glass of wine in anticipation of National Wine Day, or the next time you take advantage of some National Wine Day deals, keep in mind that you’re partaking in an activity that humans have been enjoying for thousands of years.

5 Top Wine Hacks

National Wine Day Free Wine

You can decant your wine in record time with a simple wine hack.

Enjoy your drink a little more and get excited for the next National Wine Day with these top wine hacks.

1. Quality Comes Cheap: To aerate your wine quickly and to give cheap red wine the taste of an expensive bottle, just give it a whizz in a food processor. 30 seconds will suffice, and it will drastically improve the taste.

2. Grape Ice: Instead of using ice cubes, which will water your drink down, just pop some grapes in the freezer. These will keep your white wine cold without watering it down.

3. Wine Cubes: If you freeze white wine and red wine in an ice cube tray you can make your very own sangria in just a few quick steps. Add some fruit juice, some spirits, pop in the Wine Cubes and as they slowly melt, the drink will gradually improve. You can also do this with leftover wine, which you can then use to cook with.

4. Broken Cork: If you break the cork in the bottle, just use a coffee filter to ensure it doesn’t get in your drink.

5. Save the Bottles: Don’t throw your wine bottles away. You can spray them gold and use them as decorations; or add a little decoration and use them as candle holders.

5 Top Wine Facts

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There is something wrong with these glasses. They appear to be empty.

Anything that has been around for this long is bound to be hiding a few interesting facts, and wine is no exception. Checkout these interesting wine facts to get you ready for National Wine Day.

1. Fear of Wine: You probably knew that there were all kinds of phobias. But did you know that someone can be scared of wine? A fear of wine is known as “oenophobia”.

2. Long Life: Not only have studies suggested that red wine can lower your blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart problems and dementia, but it also contains a chemical that has drastically improved the life-spans of rodents and could have the same effect on humans.

National Wine Day Deal

The skins of grapes are used, along with the juice, to crate that deep red wine color.

3. Color: All grape juices produce a wine that is clear. The color of red wine comes from the skin, which is left in the mash during fermentation. White wines only use the juice, while rose wines use skins that are removed after a time.

4. When in Rome: If you think that wine is mostly drunk by women then you’d be right, but did you know that it was illegal for women to drink wine in Ancient Rome? In fact, if a husband caught his wife drinking wine he was allowed to kill her.

5. Production: Wine is produced on all continents except Antartica. In fact, there are wine producers in 61 countries around the world.