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Fuddruckers is the home of the World’s Greatest Hamburgers, or at least it is if you listen to them. This chain has been offering thick, juicy and delicious burgers for several decades and in that time it has become one of the most loved burger restaurants in the country. This isn’t a fast food joint, it’s a casual dining chain that offers simple food cooked fresh and cooked well.

Here on Secret Menus we are big fans of Fuddruckers and can’t get enough of their specialty burgers, their chilli cheese fries and their other delicious menu items. You can see our adoration for Fuddruckers yourself when you visit our Fuddruckers Menu Prices page. As well as information on this chain, including how you can save money on your favorite burgers and how you can get a discount on your burger, we have also included a full list of menu items with prices. This is updated every week and we try to make it as relevant and as accurate as possible.

After all, this is a menu that is constantly changing, as Fuddruckers look to find new ways to wow and amaze their many fans and as they seek ways that they can compete in what is a very saturated market. And compete they do, because despite being stuck in an industry with tens of thousands of burger joints and many big names, Fuddruckers has still grown to over 200 locations and they have still managed to become a powerhouse.

More About Fuddruckers

Once you have seen our menu prices page linked above you should also take a look at our Fuddruckers Nutrition Info page. This contains a table of all menu items, with calories, fat, sugar and salt next to all of them. This might not make for easy reading, but it will help you to keep your diet in check. After all, the more you know about what goes into the food that you eat, the healthier you can be.

There is no Fuddruckers secret menu, unfortuantely, and that’s why we haven’t included one here. But if you pay a visit to our main page you can explore countless other secret menus from many top burger chains, including some of their biggest rivals.