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Golden Chick is one of the many great fast food restaurants in the United States that was founded many decades ago but has flown under the radar somewhat since then. The Golden Chick restaurant was founded back in 1967, earlier than some of he world’s biggest chains, including Jimmy John’s. However, it grew fairly slowly over the years and today it has just over 116 stores.

Still, that is an impressive number for a chain without a billion dollar brand behind it and without a low-cost and accessible franchise model. It is a testament to the work of the people in charge and to the brand model, one that has been embraced by the American public and one that has ensured the success of each of those 100+ stores.

Golden Chick History

Golden Chick used to be known as Golden Fried Chicken. It shortened its name in 1996 much for the same reason that Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC. It was all about removing those “unhealthy” connotations from their name, getting rid of “fried” to ensure their brand remained popular with an increasingly health conscious American public.

And it worked, because Golden Chick is just as popular now as it has always been, if not more so. They are best known for their Chicken Strips, which is what sells the most, what customers request the most and what everyone thinks of when they hear the name Golden Chick.

Golden Chick on Secret Menus

There is no Golden Chick secret menu. These restaurants just don’t work really well when it comes to secret menus. The KFC secret menu is one of the few exceptions to that, but the fact that Golden Chick is smaller and has a more limited menu has stopped this from being a reality.

That might change in the future, and if it does then we will be the first to show you the Golden Chick secret menu. Until then, take a look at the traditional menu on our Golden Chick Menu Prices page. You can also see how many calories and fat are in those chicken strips by studying our Golden Chick Nutrition Info page.