Golden Corral Buffet Hours & Locations

golden-corral-hours-locationsYou would be hard pressed to find a person who does not know anything about Golden Corral restaurants. It is an American family-style restaurant chain offering large buffets and grilled as well as fresh baked goods.

It is a private company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, with restaurants in some 40 states. Mr. James Maynard and Mr. William F. Carl founded their concept in 1971. Their simple idea took off after a number of failed attempts to franchise with other companies.
Golden Corral was introduced in 1972 and they opened their first Golden Corral Family Steak House in January 3, 1973, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
It took only a matter of months to open the second restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina and the a third built on June 18, 1974 in Fayetteville. The company owned 100 restaurants by 1979 and it took only a year to acquire 152 restaurants. The company developed 193 restaurants by 1982 and by the end of the decade would see 430 restaurants, each exceeding $1 million in sales year over year.


golden-corral-hoursThe fact is that many people have made the decision that dining out with their families needs to be “taken off the table” for the time being. With this in mind there are some things that you can do in order to be able to enjoy dining out with your family during this difficult economic period.
One idea that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to being able to take advantage of affordable dining options is the use of coupons. In this day and age there are a growing number of discount coupon options that are available to you today. For example, you can use such money saving items as Golden Corral coupons. With money saving coupons such as this you really can take your whole family our for dinner and not break the bank in the process.

Another tip that you will want to keep in mind when you are looking for affordable family dining options is to consider heading to a restaurant at off-prime dining hours to enjoy your meal. For example, if you want to take the family to dinner, consider going in the late afternoon.
Yes, you will have to do some adjusting of your schedules. However, you will find that many restaurants offer lower cost dining options before the prime meal times commences on different days of the week.


Today the company has expanded its restaurants to over 486 locations across the United States. The company owns 103 of them and the others are franchised stores boasting gross sales above 1.530 billion dollars. Focusing on freshness they separated themselves from other budget steakhouses. Most of their restaurants target small-town America, far away from their regular competitors and with a footprint of almost 5000 square feet.

They opened their first seven Metro Market type restaurants in 1991. These restaurants were much larger at 10,000 square feet accommodating almost 400 people at a time.
Brass Bell bakery was an addition. It was famous for its brass bell which rang every 15 minutes signaling fresh bread, pastries and rolls coming out from the steamy oven.
Investing in a Golden Corral franchise one could expect a total investment range from 2 to 6 million dollars, an initial franchise fee of $50,000.00, royalty fees of 4% a 15 year term of agreement and a $13,000.00 renewal fee.
Of course, when looking to start any business it is important, particularly considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to cut minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is going to have risk, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, start-up cost and “ROI” (Return on Investment).
Most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavors fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.
One way and in my opinion the best way to cut overhead, start-up and investment cost is to take advantage of the new age of entrepreneurship and start a business from the comfort of your home. Opportunities have emerged in the online market that are creating millionaires every single day. Thomas White is an internet coach and mentor, broker and past owner of multi-location franchises, dedicated to helping other achieve financial freedom leveraging the online market.
hours-open-closeEverybody can appreciate an infrequent feast in an eatery and request whatever they need. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to eat in eateries a few times each week, you have to devise approaches to settle on solid decisions and evade the allurement to over-eat. On the off chance that you are attempting to control weight, diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension, you have to must discover approaches to meet your exceptional necessities.
To begin with, pick eateries that gives you a battling possibility. Locate an eatery with a decent serving of mixed greens bar and burden up on crisp vegetables. Request cooked fish for your course. Request that have it arranged with lemon juice rather than spread. Have steamed vegetables as a backup, without included spread, and crisp natural product or organic product ice for pastry.

Asian eateries regularly have a wide exhibit of heavenly dishes with bunches of vegetables. Thai and Vietnamese eateries and Mongolian barbecues are great decisions in the event that you stick to the vegan and fish courses. Go simple on the white rice.

Your shots of discovering entire grains in an eatery are thin to none, yet in the event that you travel a considerable measure, you may need to pack or shop for your own particular oat to eat in your inn. Substantial urban communities and school towns frequently have veggie lover eateries that offer differed, tasty suppers made with vegetables, beans and in some cases even entire grains. Whatever you request, watch out for the immense parts that numerous eateries serve. Separate it up toward the start of the dinner and spare some for the following day’s lunch, offer with a companion, or simply abandon it.

The eateries recorded underneath are a couple of the popular stores that offer great to magnificent plate of mixed greens bars and some other healthier decisions for individuals on the go.

  • Chili’s
  • Denny’s
  • Golden Corral
  • Long John Silvers
  • Lone Star
  • Olive Garden
  • Ponderosa
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • TGI Friday’s

Anyplace where you serve yourself by going up to the counter picking and choosing food is a buffet. A cafeteria that you put food on a tray or put into a take out container is a buffet. Expect to have a bountiful buffet of choices when dining at a buffet.
The buffet originated in Sweden. A smörgåsbord quite literally means a table of sandwiches. Back in the sixteenth century, people would have had choice of snaps or shots. The display was called a smörgåsbord table. It was in a different room. The guests could choose a pre-dinner drink from among the selections of snaps, before sitting at the dinner table.
The buffet, in the form we know now, evolved during the eighteenth century in Europe. The buffet demand and popularity came when the railroads were used by people. Towns grew around railroad station stops which required more buffet places. Buffet is French in origination.
Looking for the most bang for your buck at a restaurant? Bypass the restaurants. You can only get single dishes. Paying for each dish selection can become costly. Your choices would be buffets that are bountiful.
A current trend that is gaining popularity is the raw food buffet. It is not what you may think it is, a salad bar. It is salad with variety. There are many greens and fruit choices that are to new raw food eaters with healthy benefits. The soup is cold, just like the raw food. Have you ever have cold soup? It is wonderful.
Over the course of the past several years doctors and medical researchers have come to a clear understanding that one of the most significant health problems in many countries around the world is obesity. Additionally, while there are people who are not necessarily classified as obese they are still considered to be overweight. With this in mind, you may be watching your diet more closely. You may wonder whether or not you can continue to dine out at your favorite restaurants. The fact is that not only can you dine out and maintain a healthy diet you can save money at the same time by using restaurant coupons.
One avenue that you can take when it comes to dining out when you want to mind your weight and your diet is to select buffets. At first blush the words buffet and diet may sound as if they contradict one another. The truth is that provided you are responsible and control yourself at a buffet restaurant you actually have the ability to select healthy food items in appropriate portions. At a buffet you really do have complete control over your plate … provided you exercise that control. And, as noted a moment ago, you can pursue this course in dining out and save money all the while through the use of money saving coupons.
In this day and age many buffet restaurants offer different types of discounts to their diners. For example, Golden Corral coupons, Red lobster, and McDonald’s coupons are available to you today – needless to say we all know what the healthy choice would be. The savings allow you the ability to eat in a healthy fashion and to eat for less when you elect to have a wholesome meal away from home. By using these types of discount coupons you will find that over the course of a year will save a good deal of money … and find yourself in better health.
Finally, speaking of different days of the week you can also save money when you dine out with the family be selecting a day during the week at which fewer people eat out. For example, if you select a Tuesday night for your family dining night out you may be able to find more special deals on the menu than ever would be the case on a Friday or Saturday night.

Due to today’s very harsh economic climate, a big part of the population is in search of coupons. It may appear to be hard to get Printable Golden Corral coupons on the web, however you shouldn’t trust that it’s incomprehensible not one or the other! 

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Likewise, would you say you are getting some information about this eatery?

All things considered, here are a few reasons : it opened very nearly forty years back and now you can discover it in the majority of the U.S. states. 

They have astounding dinners, a colossal mixture of nourishments, they have a flawlessly delectable desert bar, and the families adore it because of their fabulous rebates and yes, additionally because of the renowned Golden Corral coupon you can use to pay your fulfillment. 

In this cruel monetary atmosphere each penny tallies, and Golden Corral understands this and beyond any doubt knows how to utilize it to support them! The Great Corral is likewise exceptionally surely understood for its “everything you-can-eat” Great Steak Buffet that assembles a ton of members inevitably! Along these lines, don’t invest any more energy holding up, go online and look for and get your Golden corral coupon right now!
One restaurant owner served Turkish food. He learned about the raw food eating lifestyle. That raw food preparation style caused him to lose 100 pounds. He completely changed direction of his restaurant. It is now serving only as a raw food buffet.
Do you like waiting for the meal to cook at a restaurant? The buffet has all the food selections at the buffet counters ready. It is an instant buffet bounty of choices. Sampling the choices allows you to nibble and taste choices that are agreeable to your taste. After the viewing and sampling, you are ready for eating fully to your content.
The buffet is a popular choice with football players, groups, big families and price conscious eaters wanting choice of enjoying a bountiful buffet. The best buffet selections may be found in Las Vegas, casinos and hotels. Enjoy all you can eat.