Greggs Menu Prices (Updated for 2017)


Greggs menu prices are some of the lowest you will pay in any bakery. This is part of the reason why this chain has grown so big, so quickly. But there is much more to this brand.

You can generally grab a meal deal for change on a fiver. And there are all kinds of hot snacks to enjoy for around £1.

Of course, price has been an issue in the past, most notably with what would become known as “PastyGate”. But as explained below, where we go into a little more detail, this was something that the popular bakery chain had no control over.

To see how far your pound will go in this chain, check our full list of Greggs menu prices below. We try to update these as often as we can. But with the ever-changing UK economy, and all the problems brought about by Brexit and changes in government, there will likely be a lot of fluctuations in the near future.

Still, even if that is the case and these prices are not on the money (pun definitely intended) then they won’t be too far off. If you notice some discrepancies, feel free to get in touch and let us know. We want these to accurate and helpful and will always look to make amendments when that is not the case.

Greggs Menu Prices

Item NamePrice (USD)
Garden Salad2.47 - 3.71
Greek3.97 - 7.53
Antipasto3.97 - 7.53
Meat Sauce/Pizza Sauce4.55 - 6.38
Meat Sauce & Mushrooms6.50 - 7.53
Meatballs & Mushrooms6.12 - 8.53
Italian Sausage, Meatballs, Mushrooms6.88 - 8.48
Chicken Parmesan with Pasta10.06
Marinara Sauce4.55 - 6.38
Meatballs5.62 - 8.28
Italian Sausage5.62 - 7.27
Lasagna6.95 - 9.79
Item NamePrice (USD)
Meat Sauce4.80 - 6.58
Meat Sauce & Mushrooms5.38 - 8.60
Meatballs & Mushrooms6.12 - 8.53
Italian Sausage, Meatballs, Mushrooms6.88 - 9.48
Chicken Parmesan with Pasta10.06
Marinara Sauce4.80 - 6.38
Meatballs5.62 - 8.28
Italian Sausage5.62 - 7.27
Lasagna6.95 - 9.79
Item NamePrice (USD)
Gregg's Whole Wings
Gregg's Whole Wings6 pc - 4.43
12 pc - 7.59
Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings4.10 - 54.33
Cheese Only4.73 - 22.70
Cheese with 2 Item6.13 - 29.03
Cheese with 4 Item7.21 - 34.09
Cheese with 1 Item5.62 - 25.23
Cheese with 3 Item6.83 - 31.56
Item NamePrice (USD)
Gregg's Specialty Pizzas
Gregg's Special8.53 - 37.88
Meat Lovers8.53 - 37.88
Hawaiian8.53 - 37.88
Steak & Cheese8.53 - 37.88
Seafood Pizza11.32 - 36.61
BLT8.53 - 37.88
Veggie8.53 - 37.88
Chicken Parmesan8.53 - 37.88
BBQ Chicken8.53 - 37.88
Item NamePrice (USD)
Dinners - Chicken
4 pc Fried8.28
8 pc Fried12.59
Half BBQ8.28
Whole BBQ12.59
Dinners - Ribs
Rib Tips (Pt)6.26
Short End13.08
Ribs & Chicken Snack8.28
Whole Slab Dinner19.92
Rib Tips (Qt)11.33
Rib & Shrimp Dinner12.59
Item NamePrice (USD)
Whole Wing Snack5.69
Rib Snack7.08
Shrimp Snack5.74
Fish Snack6.63
Wing Ding Snack5.69
New York Style Corned Beef Sandwiches
Meal Only8.80
Dinty Moore9.14
Bucket Bar-B-Q
Chicken8 pc - 10.63
16 pc - 18.68
24 pc - 25.24
Ribs Whole Slab18.68
Ribs10 pc - 15.75
20 pc - 25.86
30 pc - 33.29
Item NamePrice (USD)
Seafood Dinners
Fish & Chips (Cod)8.28
Jumbo Shrimp10.55
Frog Legs10.55
Fish Snack6.63
Shrimp Snack5.69
Fisherman's Delight12 pc - 17.02
Hand Battered Shrimp
Hand Battered Shrimp6.26 - 23.34
Submarines & Sandwiches
Italian Sub5.24 - 9.92
Italian Sausage Sub5.24 - 9.92
Cod Fish Sub5.24 - 9.92
Turkey Sub5.24 - 9.92
Pizza Sub5.24 - 9.92
Ham & Cheese Sub5.24 - 9.92
Meatball Sub5.24 - 9.92
Steak & Cheese Hoagie5.24 - 9.92
Chicken Sub5.24 - 9.92
Gregg's Doubles
Gregg's Doubles20.49 - 23.49
Item NamePrice (USD)
Pasta Pleaser
Pasta Pleaser22.95
Real Meal Deal29.84
Side Dishes
Cheese Bread (6)3.74
French Fries (Sm)1.49
Onion Rings2.35
Cole Slaw0.95
Chicken Tenders (3)3.43
Wings Dings Only3.74
Bam Bam Bread Dozen2.47
Cheese Bread (12)5.00
French Fries (Lg)2.21
Fried Mushrooms3.74
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks4.99
Chicken Tenders (6)6.89
Bam Bam Bread 1/2 Dozen1.57
Cheese Cake2.47
Banana Pudding2.47
Peach Cobbler2.97
Chocolate Cake2.97

What was Pastygate?

Greggs menu prices took a big hit in 2012 when a change in the VAT law targeted their chain.

For many years, VAT (which is essentially a flat-rate 20% sales tax) was only charged on meals that were eaten in restaurants. However, there was no VAT charged on meals that were bought cold and taken home. So, if you were to buy a Take-n-Bake pizza, such as those served as Papa Murphy’s, then theoretically, you wouldn’t be charged this tax. However, if you were to pull up a chair at a chain like Pizza Hut, you would.

Greggs Menu Prices

The “Pasty Tax” was quickly amended, only to change again. Now it’s all a confusing mess. But to the customer it means you might pay more, or you might get a product that has been intentionally cooled.

That should have been pretty straightforward. But there was a loophole and Greggs were the biggest exploiters of that loop-hole. The food was still prepared and baked in-store like it would be in a restaurant. But it was eaten out of the store.

To get around this, the government launched what colloquially became known as the “Pasty-Tax”. They basically changed the definition of where that initial tax could apply. Instead of being limited to food served to diners in a restaurant, it turned into an umbrella term that covered all “hot takeaway food”.

As a result, stores selling sandwiches and other cold snacks were exempt. But stores selling hot snacks like Greggs pasties, were not. Outrage ensued, the newspapers got onboard and the government realized that while you might be able to take away people’s money and freedom, you can’t take away their pasties.

What Happens to Uneaten Greggs Food?

Profit is at the top of the agenda for any fast food chain, and Greggs is no exception to that rule. However, they also do things a little differently in order to give their customers a better product and to ensure they help out the communities that support them.

In most fast food chains they produce the food in bulk and then keep it heated during the day. This means that your food is served fast, but rarely fresh. These chains also tend to buy their burgers in frozen. With some being cooked in under 50 seconds!

Speed is also important at Greggs, but they are careful to avoid waste. They stagger their cooking throughout the day, ensuring that there are always fresh and toasty pasties to enjoy.

And at the end of the day, when other chains would throw their food away, Greggs donate it all to charity. They work with homeless charities up and down the United Kingdom, feeding those who can’t afford to feed themselves. In a throwaway society, one where food waste is at the top of the agenda, this is exceptional. It shows that some of the big brands do have a heart. Even if that heart is only there for good PR.