Hooters Careers (Application, Hiring, Become Hooters Girl, Salary and Pay)

Hooters Careers

On this Hooters careers page we will put this family restaurant/breastaurant into the spotlight. We will look at the good and the bad and we’ll also try to find the truths in the slander, the controversy and the strange requirements. This can be a lucrative job, as we shall discuss, but you have to look and act a certain way if you are to stand a chance of getting it.

Hooters careers are available to girls all over the world; girls of all races; all personalities. In that sense it is not as restrictive as many think, but there are a few requirements that have caused a lot of anger to be directed at this chain, some of which is perfectly understandable.

Hooters Careers

Hooters Careers

Hooters careers really are lucrative. They don’t always get a lot of respect as many are quick to look down on them. But there are a lot of benefits to working at Hooters, not least of which is a decent salary and a lot of tips.

Okay, so you have to wear a skimpy uniform and you have to put-up with sexism, but on the whole this is still a family restaurant and it still takes good care of its servers. It’s not a thinly veiled strip club, as many seem to think it is. It’s a restaurant like any other, albeit one where the servers are all attractive and all wear clothes that accentuate their figures.

Hooters Interview

Hooters careers are clearly not all about qualifications and perfect interviews. They place a lot of emphasis on how you look and are very open about this. Still, you will be asked to go through an interview process and because there are likely to be many other applicants, the way you answer the questions could make a big difference.

The trick is to focus on being friendly, happy-go-lucky and likable. They want to hire the girl next door. They want someone who will converse with customers and won’t be offended when those customers wink, whistle or generally act like creeps. So, if you want the job then try to come across as someone who isn’t easily annoyed or frustrated, someone who likes taking complements, no matter how creepy they are, and someone who knows how to be tactile, receptive and even witty when needed.

As for the questions, there are a few common ones that seem to be asked on a regular basis with regards to Hooters careers. These include:

  • Why do you want to work at Hooters?
  • What are you passionate about in life?
  • Why do you think it is important for a Hooters girl to remain glamorous?
  • How would you sell me an appetizer?
  • Are you comfortable wearing the Hooters uniform?
  • Are you a people person?
  • How would you greet a table?
  • What do you like about the Hooters chain?
  • What are your best features?

Hooters Jobs Benefits

Hooters Jobs

We’ll discuss other benefits to Hooters careers throughout this page, including the salary and the bonuses. But one of the main benefits to working at Hooters is the fact that there is a lot of potential for promotions to jobs that pay more and offer more opportunities. The current CEO of the company that runs Cinnabon and Hooters got her start as a Hooters girl.

That’s the power that the chains have. They will always look to hire managers from within. So, as a Hooters girl you have a chance to be promoted to supervisor, manager and—like the aforementioned CEO—a company leader. Once you make it beyond the base level salary as a Hooters girl you can earn $30,000, $40,000 and even $50,000 in higher roles. And that’s before you get to the boardroom, where the salaries go well into the six figures.

Working at Hooters

Hooters careers are rife with controversy, as you can imagine. There are a lot of requirements that make people angry, but seem to satisfy a significant slice of Hooters customers. All servers are required to wear a skimpy Hooters uniform. They are all young, attractive and slim.

One of the misconceptions is that all Hooters girls have large breasts. This is not the case and there is no requirement for servers to have a certain bra size. There is also a misconception that all Hooters girls are tanned and blonde. This is not true either, but all girls do tend to be beautiful in their own way. They hire many different races, but they do pick girls with slim figures.

Hooters do not sponsor breast enlargements and on the whole, it’s not that different from working at other restaurants. The tips can be bigger and the uniforms can be tighter, but there is a “no-touch” rule that stops it from getting too creepy. Most Hooters girls get more in tips than at other restaurants, and when you get down to basics, it’s not really that different.

How Much is a Hooters Salary?

Hooters Pay

A Hooters girl can expect to make a salary of around $18,000. This is not a lot of money, but it’s not a terrible amount either and when you add tips to that then you have a job that can be very lucrative. In fact, Hooters girls make a lot of their money via tips. All it takes is a good table, a little smile and a few friendly greetings and they can earn several hours’ pay in a single tip.

In that sense, it’s just like any other waitressing job, such as the ones discussed on our Red Lobster Careers page. It has a low base pay, but once you factor in the tips then it becomes far more lucrative.

As mentioned already, the salary for those working in managerial positions is much higher. The salaries for those working as managers and supervisors are also higher and all of these are subject to change depending on the location of the Hooters restaurant. You may get less in some states and in some countries than you will get in others.

Hooters Careers: Requirements

We have discussed some of the misconceptions regarding Hooters careers already. But what is the official stance on what you need to become a Hooters girl? Well, for one thing, you need at be at least 18. You also need to be able to “maintain an attractive image”, which, when you read between the lines, basically means that you need to be slim/fit and attractive throughout your employment.

And that’s pretty much it. You also need to be willing to wear a uniform, of course, but if you can do that and if you can pass the interview, then you have what you need. Another misconception regarding Hooters careers is that anyone who is attractive can get the job.

There are many attractive girls in the world and because tips are in plenty supply at Hooters, there is no shortage of applicants here. If they don’t think you’re confident enough, smart enough, or able to effectively take orders, greet customers and deliver food, then you won’t get the job no matter how good you look in that uniform.

Does Hooters Drug Test?

We have heard conflicting reports on this one. Some Hooters girls have told us that they were asked to take a drug test, while the majority seem to have avoided this throughout their employment.

So, this is not something that we can confirm either way. Based on what we have heard, our guess is that they will drug test if they believe that you are using drugs and that it is having a seriously negative effect on your employment. They may also drug test if you are being promoted to a position with more responsibility. However, it is unlikely that you will be asked to pass a drug test when you first join the company.

Hooters Application

Hooters Application

The best way to apply for a job at Hooters is to visit a local restaurant, ask to talk with the manager and then hand over your CV. Let’s be honest, looks play a huge role in this and if they believe you have the look, as well as the confidence, then there is a good chance they will ask you to take part in a round of interviews.

You’re not going to get the job based on looks alone, but it certainly helps and it can play a big part in that initial interest that they have in you.

Hooters Birthday

Like all US food chains, Hooters is big on birthdays. This is something that is typically more common in restaurants aimed at kids. But while Hooters is not a chain aimed specifically at children, it does label itself as a family restaurant, and that’s fairly close.

All Hooters restaurants offer some kind of freebie on your birthday, including Hooters in the UK and other countries. In most cases you will need to join the Hooters eClub, or whatever reward program is applicable where you are, but that’s not always the case.

In the US, you can signup to the Hooters Reward program and get a plate of free wings on your birthday. You might even get a song and a dance as well.

This program also offers a number of other benefits, but the main reason to signup is to get those free wings. The only other benefits are for fans of this chain who enjoy being kept up to date and having the member status.