Hooters Locations (Best, NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Worldwide)

Hooters Locations

Hooters Locations

There are Hooters locations in 42 states and 29 countries around the world. They can be found in big cities and towns, popular tourist locations, and anywhere that has taken to the Hooters ethos. In total, there are over 400 Hooters locations just in the United States, where it is at its biggest and its strongest, but you can also find multiple locations in countries like the United Kingdom.

On this page we’ll look at the best Hooters locations in the United States and around the world. We’ll ask which locations standout, which ones have attracted the most attention from customers and which ones offer the best entertainment.

Best Hooters Locations

Hooters Locations

Many Hooters locations are similar. That’s the beauty of a chain. However, there are a few standout locations. We would recommend that you drop-in to the Hooters locations that are in the main tourist areas. These tend to have a little more attention paid to the way they look, to customer service and to size and entertainment options.

So, Las Vegas, NYC and even many of their locations in the Sunshine State. We would also recommend dropping by some of the Original Hooters locations, which are in short supply but can be found in major cities and big towns.

Hooters Chicago

There are two Original Hooters restaurants in the Windy City. These restaurants are owned by the original creators of Hooters, which is different from the Hooters of America brand that oversees everything else.

There aren’t very different in style. The menu is the same, the aesthetic is the same and, well, everything else is more or less the same. The only difference is the name over the door and the owners.

Hooters Fort Myers

There are two Hooters locations at opposing ends of Fort Meyers, which ensures you’re always just a few miles away if you live in this Florida city. The more popular and aesthetically pleasing of these locations is in Fort Myers Beach. Hooters is the perfect fit for beachside restaurants, even though many of their locations seem to be inland.

Hooters Lakeland

Hooters Lakeland

The Sunshine State has really taken to the Hooters chain and there are many restaurants up and down Florida. It helps that the chain was founded here, of course, and that their locations seem to be at their most popular in Florida. They include Miami, as discussed elsewhere on this Hooters locations page, but they also include Lakeland.

There are only two Hooters locations here, but both are open late and there is great fun to be had at any time of day.

Hooters NYC

New York City may not be the most obvious location for this restaurant, but there are a few Hooters locations here, including one of the Original Hooters in Manhattan. These are often fairly highly rated and it is a great chance to sample this brand for yourself. In fact, Hooters NYC locations are often how many international and domestic tourists are introduced to this chain.

Hooters Dallas

Hooters is not a fast food chain, so you won’t find dozens of Hooters locations in a single city like you get with McDonald’s or Taco Bell. At most you’ll find 4 or 5, and with a total of 4 Hooters locations, Dallas Texas is one of their biggest cities.

Dallas is big, it’s bold and it’s a perfect fit for Hooters. These locations are open until the early hours of the morning and can be found in locations such as Mesquite and Garland. They are all evenly spaced and more or less in all four corners of the city of Dallas.

Hooters Ocala

Hooters Ocala is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat and watch some sports in this town. Found on 2711 SW 27th Ave, this is one of the many Hooters locations that remains open to the early hours and is full to the brim with happy customers on Friday and Saturday evening, as well as throughout Sunday.

Hooters Atlanta

If you fancy scoffing chicken wings until the early hours then drop by Hooters Atlanta, which is often open later than any other restaurant in the chain. There are actually two here and both are worth a visit, but it’s the one in the center of town that gets all the acclaim. The other, in Akers Mill Square, also closes a couple hours earlier than its inner-city counterpart.

Hooters Fairfax

The Hooters Fairfax location has generated a lot of attention thanks to its showing of big UFC events. This is something that was rolled out across many Hooters locations and something that helped to raise the chain’s attendance following a spike in popularity of MMA and combat sports on the whole.

So, for great food and service, as well as the latest UFC fights broadcast live, get yourself to Hooters Fairfax or to any other of their select UFC broadcasting locations.

Hooters Las Vegas

Hooters Las Vegas

The City of Sin is also the city of all things outrageous and slightly tacky, so Hooters is a perfect fit. that’s not a dig at the city or the chain. We love a little tackiness every now and then. It’s out-there, it’s fun, and when you bring them together like the Hooters Las Vegas location, then it makes for the perfect combination.

Hooters Miami

Miami is the home of beautiful people, so what better place for a Hooters restaurant? There are actually several of them here, all embodying the tanned, bronzed goddess/god aesthetic that you can see everyday on Miami Beach. Despite that, there are no Hooters Miami restaurant near the famous beach, and the closest one is a few miles away in Bayside.

Still, it’s a beautiful city and a great place to enjoy these famous chicken wings.

Hooters Nashville

There are four Hooters Nashville restaurants, all focused around the center of the city. These include restaurants in Goodlettsville and Hermitage, both of which are open until 11pm on most days of the week. So, enjoy the spirit of Nashville with great music, beautiful people and great food until the late hours of the night.

Hooters New York

Across the state of New York there are many more Hooters locations than just in NY city. This is not a chain that is refined to the big cities after all, and it’s one that can also be found nearby suburbs and in large towns. You’re never too far away from one of these restaurants if you reside in the state of New York.

Where is the Nearest Hooters?

There are many Hooters locations across the United States, so there is a good chance that there will be one nearby. They are not as tightly packed as many fast food chains, but they are in most states and there are only 8 states where you can’t find them.

To find your nearest Hooters location just use the official location finder. This will point you towards a host of nearby Hooters locations, showing you how far you have to travel to get there and even the directions to get there.

Mexican Hooters

Mexican Hooters

There is such a thing as Mexican Hooters. It is not just a Hooters restaurant in Mexico either, as they do things different here. There are US restaurants that serve Mexican food with a Hooters vibe, and there are also Mexican restaurants that have adopted the Hooters style. One of the most well known is Hectors on Broadway. It has a black and white uniform that is not as skimpy as Hooters but is similar, and they also focus on hiring young and beautiful women.

The difference is that all women are latinos and the restaurant itself has a very Mexican feel to it throughout.