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Hurts Donut is barely 5 years old, yet it’s a chain that many of you will be familiar with and one that many readers of Secret Menus are enquiring about. Named after a somewhat cruel childhood joke (a tip for anyone not accustomed to playground pranks, if someone asks “do you want a donut” with a smirk and without a box of colorful treats, say no) Hurts Donut was founded by a husband and wife team. According to these two food entrepreneurs, Kas Clegg and Scott Bussard, the chain was founded after Kas developed an addiction to donuts and her husband realized that the most cost effective way to satisfy her addiction was to buy her a donut shop.

The very first Hurts Donut was founded in Springfield, Missouri, which is actually rather significant when you consider that the aforementioned joke has featured on The Simpsons (one of Springfield’s most famous residents) a few times. It might not be the same Springfield (that’s a secret fans haven’t been made privy to) but it’s still a nice connection to make and we’re sure Homer Simpson would be a big fan of this chain.

The thing that makes Hurts Donut different is the specialty toppings that adorn these sugary, fatty treats. Let’s be honest, this country is not short on donuts. We have many big chains selling them, from Dunkin’ Donuts to Tim Hortons and Krispy Kreme, not to mention many independent stores. But there is always room for more and we for one would be happy if a Hurts Donut location popped up in our town.

Hurts Donut on Secret Menus

So, why is this chain on Secret Menus? Well, you will probably be disappointed to know that it’s not because we have a Hurts Donut secret menu. There might be one out there, and this seems like exactly the sort of chain that would do that. They like their gimmicks, they love connecting with their customers, they are young, and they are always looking to do something new. However, until you start requesting this secret menu, until you start asking us about it, it’s not something we will cover.*

In the meantime you can take a look at the traditional menu on our Hurts Donut Menu Prices page. You can also find out how many calories, fat and sugar are in your favorite donuts from this menu by visiting our Hurts Donut Nutrition Info page. There isn’t a great deal of information out there about this chain, but we think that there should be and we’re ready to do what we can to change that.

*If you happen to work in or with Hurts Donut and want to let us know about some hidden menu items, or if you simply love the store and have something that you think we should know, please get in touch.