In-n-Out-Burger Careers and Franchise (Jobs, Applications)

In-n-Out-Burger Careers

Looking for a new career path? Then give In-n-Out-Burger careers a thought. This is a great company to work for, and there are many reasons for that, as we will uncover on this In-n-Out-Burger jobs and careers page.

They pay well, they offer a wealth of benefits and there is always room for promotion. In fact, that’s something that we always stress and something that we just can’t say enough. That’s because fast food chains like to hire managers and supervisors who have worked at the bottom level. They are only interested in putting you in charge if you have experience with the brand. They want to make sure you know way more than the servers you are supervising, and that you can effectively relay information to the board room. For this you need to have worked in the restaurant and you need to understand every facet of it.

Managerial roles pay very well in the fast food industry and there is no end to the benefits that you get with these roles. What’s more, you can also take the next step and make it as a member of the board, a franchise manager, a regional manager, or even a franchise owner. All of this begins with a simple job working on the line, behind the counter or as a general team member.

In-n-Out-Burger Careers

As mentioned above, In-n-Out-Burger careers offer a wealth of benefits and that’s what we will look at here. We’ll answer questions like, What Do In-n-Out-Burger pay? What are the benefits to working for In-n-Out-Burger? How can I apply for a job at In-n-Out-Burger? Where can I find In-n-Out-Burger application forms online? And much more.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all you need to know about In-n-Out-Burger careers.

In-n-Out-Burger Careers Benefits

In-n-Out-Burger Jobs

One of the main benefits of In-n-Out-Burger careers is the money they pay, which we will get to in a moment. Let’s be honest, fast food doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to paying a decent wage. That pretty much applies to the service industry in general, where it’s common for restaurants to pay servers less than minimum wage on the knowledge that they will earn the deficit in tips (Red Lobster is a good example of this).

Away from casual dining chains, tips are rare. It’s common to tip a server at a chain like Red Lobster or The Melting Pot, but fast food restaurants are one of the few places in the US where you are not expected to tip. So, the wages are a little higher and often creep above minimum. At Sonic, McDonalds and many other chains this is what you’ll get and unless you move into management, you won’t get much more.

At In-n-Out-Burger, however, you will get quite a bit more even if you work on the bottom rung. That’s not the only benefit to In-n-Out-Burger careers either. There are many employee benefits, including the ability to work with great tasting fast food all day and to eat your fill whenever you want.

In-n-Out-Burger Franchise

Thinking about joining the company and getting your own In-and-Out-Burger franchise? If you were to buy into this brand then you would be buying into something that has more than half a century of history and something that has been a huge part of the food history of California. However, there are no franchises available. In-and-Out-Burger is completely owned by the company and all restaurants are stilled owned by the same family that first established the chain.

The lack of In-and-Out-Burger franchise opportunities gives you an idea of why this chain has been so slow to grow and progress over the years, but it helps to keep things in the family and to make this part of the state’s proud heritage.

How Much Does In-n-Out-Burger Pay?

We have covered many fast food career opportunities on this site and for the most part, they all pay around minimum wage for the base level jobs. This is to be expected, of course, but there are companies that are bucking the trend and trying to change the industry for the better. One of those is In-n-Out-Burger, who pay much closer to the living wage at around $11 an hour.

This is similar to the money you can earn if you work at CostCo, where the basic wage is $11.50 and where many workers earn in excess of $20 an hour. It is possible for these companies to pay that sort of money and to still make a profit, regardless of what those Facebook memes tell you (you know the ones, where they clam living wage would mean you’d be paying $50 for a burger, because…numbers?).

At the base level of In-n-Out-Burger careers you’ll earn a very attractive wage and if you work yourself up to the supervisor and management roles than that will increase along with the responsibility. It has been said that the average wage for a In-n-Out-Burger manager is around $50,000 a year, while some employees in higher-up positions are able to earn as much as $120,000 a year.

For the fast food industry that is an astonishing amount of money. $10,000 a month is not exactly private jet and Ferrari kind of money, but it can certainly make life easier.

In-n-Out-Burger Application

In-n-Out-Burger Application

If you think that In-n-Out-Burger careers are for you then you are ready to take the next step and to consider employment. You can find the In-n-Out-Burger job applications on their main employment page. This page will show you what you need to do in order to apply for the many available In-n-Out-Burger jobs in your area. You can apply for jobs in the restaurant itself and you can also apply for jobs in the corporate side of the business.

Who Owns In-and-Out-Burger?

In-and-Out-Burger is still owned by the family that first opened it nearly 70 years ago. The current owner of In-and-Out-Burger is Lynsi Synder, who is the only grandchild of the founders, Esther and Harry Snyder. She acts as the CEO and has essentially assumed the roles that were once undertaken by her grandparents all of those years ago.