In-n-Out Burger® Happy Hour Menu & Times

In-n-Out Burger Happy Hour

In-n-Out Burger is a largely western fast food chain. But it has long been a must-stop place for anyone visiting the greater LA area. And it is not just a place Americans have to try, you can find dozens of YouTube videos of people from all over the world trying the famous In-n-Out burger. 

Where it all began

The burger-making magic all began back in 1948 in California when Harry and Esther Snyder opened the first drive-thru hamburger stand in the state with a two-way speaker system (created by Harry Snyder himself when he wasn’t making burgers!). In a small 10-foot square stand, Harry and Esther would select and make the freshest hamburgers possible. By their tenth anniversary, In-n-Out boasted five restaurants in Southern California with their simple menu and focus on the high-quality menu of hamburgers, drinks and fries.

In-n-Out Burger Happy Hour

Harry Snyder with his two sons

In 1961, due to customer requests, the animal style burger which is famous on their secret menu list was first made. And in 1975 milkshakes became a staple to the In-n-Out menu because what is a burger and fries without the shake?

In-n-Out Burger Happy Hour

Animal Style Burger

In 2010, Harry Snyder’s granddaughter became president of her grandparent’s pride and joy and the symbol of their hard work and commitment to people and to quality. Following in her uncle and father’s steps she continues on the family tradition as In-n-Out has 300 stores spread over six states.

What sets In-n-Out Burger apart?

In-n-Out Burger retains the diligence and focus on food quality that Harry and Esther Snyder so adamantly believed in. Today an In-n-Out store uses nothing prepackaged or frozen. Each meal is cooked to order, and while you may have to wait a bit longer than in a typical fast food chain, once you bite into the burger you can taste the difference. The food is worth the wait!
In fact, they employ in-house butchers for the highest quality control of their meat. You won’t find buns in a package. Instead, they start out as dough in the stores and rise and bake each day. Fries are cut from the potato in the store. Shakes are made with real ice cream. And no In-n-Out restaurant has a heat lamp or microwave, so you know your food is always the best and freshest it can be.

In-n-out Burger Happy Hour

Burgers and fries

The quality that started at its inception began with Harry Snyder up before dawn to pick out the best and freshest meats and produce he could find to make into hamburgers in his shop.
Unlike many fast food chain restaurants, In-n-Out has not overextended their menu. They focus on where they started: burgers. And what goes better with a hamburger than french fries and a shake?

Not only did the Snyder’s have a commitment to cooking quality food for their patrons, they believed in giving back to their community with Esther Snyder leading the charge from the early days of In-n-Out. And in 1984, the In-n-Out Burger Foundation began with the commitment to delivering hope to the communities in which the In-n-Out restaurants live and serve.

Happy Hour

Currently, In-n-Out burger doesn’t have a happy hour, but, really, any hour with a shake and fries in it is a happy hour, right?



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