In-n-Out-Burger Locations (NJ, NV, Utah, East and West Coast)

In-n-Out-Burger Locations

If you’re on the west coast then you might get the impression that In-and-Out-Burger locations are everywhere and that this brand can be found in every town, city and state. But that’s not quite the case. In fact, there are only around 300 In-and-Out-Burger locations nationwide and the majority of these are on the west coast.

Still, make no mistake about it, this is a big chain and one that is still growing. It has been around for more than 50 years so that growth hasn’t been anywhere near as the rapid growth experienced by brands like Five Guys and McDonalds, but there are still some impressive numbers. And when you consider that these locations are company owned and that there is no franchise, then it begins to look even more impressive.

In-and-Out-Burger Locations

In-and-Out-Burger locations are the topic of the day here. We’ve already looked at the In-and-Out-Burger Secret Menu; we’ve shown you the traditional In-and-Out-Burger Menu and Prices; we have pointed you towards In-and-Out-Burger careers; and we have discussed the calorie content in our In-and-Out-Burger Nutrition Info page. This time it’s all about In-and-Out-Burger locations.

So, where are they, which ones are the most popular and how many states have In-and-Out-Burger locations?

In-and-Out-Burger Near Me

In-n-Out-Burger Near

With so many In-and-Out-Burger locations on the west coast, there is a good chance you’ll be near one if you live there. It’s not as easy to find In-and-Out-Burger locations elsewhere, but in any cases you can take a look at the location finder to discover where the nearest location is.

Just punch in your zip code and the nearest In-n-Out-Burger location will pop up. You can also check with the local menu to see if there are any regional specials that are not available elsewhere. These are rare, and the In-n-Out-Burger menu is very small, but they do exist.

How Many States Have In-and-Out-Burger Locations?

The brand is still growing very steadily and it looks like it will enter more states in the next decade or two, but right now there are only a few states that have In-and-Out-Burger locations. The biggest of these, of course, is California, where it was founded and where it is the strongest.

In-and-Out-Burger locations are also plentiful in the state of Texas. You can also find them in Arizona, Utah, Oregon and Nevada.

In-n-Out-Burger NJ

In-n-Out-Burger NJ

As of 2017 there are no In-n-Out-Burger locations in the state of New Jersey. There are certainly many other burger chains here, but this Cali chain has yet to expand this far east. Five Guys is one of the biggest burger chains in NJ, but you can also find many other favorites. In years to come, In-n-Out-Burger could also feature on the Jersey fast food landscape.

In-n-Out-Burger NV

In-n-Out-Burger have appealed to the hedonistic market in the state of Nevada. There are many In-n-Out-Burger locations here and it seems like all can be found in the heart of Las Vegas and in Reno. That’s not quite the case though as there are also a couple of locations outside of these big gambling cities, including one in Carson City and one in Henderson.

In-n-Out-Burger Utah

There are around a dozen In-n-Out-Burger locations in the state of Utah. These can be found in university locations such as Orem, as well as in the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City and in Riverdale.

In-n-Out-Burger Los Angeles, Ca

This is where In-n-Out-Burger is at its strongest and where you can get a true taste of this Cali burger chain. The Los Angeles locals love In-n-Out-Burger, seemingly more than any other burger or fast food chain. And that’s saying something, because there are a vast number of fast food restaurants and other restaurants in the City of Angels.

In-n-Out-Burger Las Vegas

Sin City has many In-n-Out-Burger locations, perhaps as many as you can find across the rest of Nevada. These can be found in the heart of the city and in the tourist hotspots, but they also have locations in North Las Vegas and on the outskirts of the town.

In-n-Out-Burger Dallas

There are many In-n-Out-Burger locations in the city of Dallas and in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. In fact this is one of its most successful cities outside of the Golden State. Texans are big on burgers and fast food and they have taken to this brand just like they took to their own Whataburger.

In-n-Out-Burger Seattle

In-n-Out-Burger Seattle

There are no In-n-Out-Burger locations in Seattle right now, but there has been a lot of talk of the brand opening a restaurant in this city and many citizens have called for them to do just that. In 2015 they got a taste of what a In-n-Out-Burger location would be like when CaliBurger opened in the city.

This is a different brand, but it is one that is very similar to In-n-Out-Burger. At the time, many local newspapers pointed out this similarity and it’s one that hasn’t gone away. CaliBurger has actually been sued by In-n-Out-Burger in the past because they are so similar.

It’s not just the name, the theme or the style of food on offer either. After all, just because they have California in their name doesn’t mean they are mimicking one of the state’s biggest burger chains. However, many of their menu items are similar, from the ingredients to the names. The brand began in Shanghai, where it has become a trend for Chinese companies to copy big Western brand names, but it has since branched out overseas.

In-n-Out-Burger Texas

There are a couple dozen In-n-Out-Burger locations in the Lone Star State. Many of these are based in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but there are also In-n-Out-Burger locations everywhere from Austin to Irving.

It is a state that is dominated by global brands like McDonalds and by localized brands like Whataburger, which was founded here and has hundreds of locations here. But there is still room for In-n-Out-Burger and it’s still a beloved restaurant.

In-n-Out-Burger Roseville

There are two very popular In-n-Out-Burger locations in Roseville. One of these is on Taylor Road and the other is on Fairway Drive. These are often talked about and seem to be two of the most popular locations for miles around.

In-n-Out-Burger Denver

There have been a lot of requests for In-n-Out-Burger to open a location in Denver and for some time it looked like they would. But in 2017 a spokesperson for the brand announced that no such restaurant would be opened and that this huge city would be In-n-Out-Burger free for the next few years at least.

The state on the whole has been deprived of In-n-Out-Burger locations, at least for the time being. But judging by the excitement that surrounded the Denver rumor in 2016 it might just be a matter of time before they set their sights on this city and this state in general.