In-N-Out® Animal Style Burger

This In-n-Out animal style burger is out of this world. Who doesn’t love a delicious, juicy and meaty burger? In-N-Out is the perfect place with a great secret menu to help crush those cravings. With this “animal style” burger, you’ll be spreading the secret word around like no other!


What is it?

  • Extra Thousand Island spread
  • Mustard grilled patties
  • Extra pickles
  • Grilled onions

The mustard is seared into the burger when it is being cooked, which is a part of the secret. There are also fries to match this delicious secret menu item. Known as “animal style” fries, these fries are topped with cheese, grilled onions and spread.


This combination has been around for over 4 years now and people of the Internet rave about it.

How to order:

While it’s not on the menu, the employees of In-N-Out know exactly what you’re talking about when you ask for it “animal style”. When you order, you want to just ask for your normal burger size, followed by the “animal style” phrase.

The popularity is high, so this is also available at all locations.

Nutritional values:

For 1 serving of an animal styled burger (268g), it is 480 calories, 27g of total fat, 1000mg of sodium, 39g of carbs. While this may seem scary and unhealthy, you also get quite a bit of protein from this meal as well as 15% vitamin A, 15% vitamin C, 20% calcium and 20% iron. There are 3g of dietary fiber, 22g of protein and 10g of sugars. These values do not include “animal style” fries.


  • The animal style burger “double-double” (multi-patty) – $3.05
  • Regular fries: $1.30

These are rough estimates. Actual pricing depends on your geographical region and franchise owner/operator.

If you love the animal style burger, you will love the animal style fries also available at In-N-Out fast food restaurants.