Jack in the Box Locations (Nearest; Los Angeles, Dallas, NYC)

Jack in the Box Locations

For more than 65 years Jack in the Box has been a leading fast food restaurant, a great place to grab a slice of Americana. No one does burger chains like the US and Jack in the Box is the epitome of all that is great about these chains. It can be found in all major US cities and towns, it serves up a range of quality fast foods, and while it’s a substantial chain, it’s one that is pretty much resigned to the United States.

In fact, there are just 21 states that currently have Jack in the Box locations. Still, those states have over 2,000 Jack in the Box locations between them, which is why this brand still makes it onto many lists of the biggest fast food chains in the world.

Jack in the Box Locations

Jack in the Box locations are not as widespread at McDonald’s, but they are not as regionalized as WhataBurger. They are not as iconic as In-n-Out Burger and they are not as fast growing as Five Guys. But like Burger King and Sonic, they have a special place in the food history of the United States. It is a chain that rarely makes it onto people’s top list for the best burger, the best fries or the best anything else, but one that has remained consistently solid throughout its history.

That’s not to say that Jack in the Box isn’t in anyway special or unique though, because it most definitely is. It does a lot of things that few other chains do, all of which adds to the unique make-up of this American fast food chain.

Where is Jack in the Box?

Jack in the Box Nearest

There are over 2,200 Jack in the Box locations and most of these can be found in just 21 states. It is one of the most common fast food restaurants in those states, but is practically unheard of outside of them.

Most states that house Jack in the Box locations are on the west coast. They include Texas, where they seem to be at their most popular, as well as California. These two states have many other locally chains, as well as national and global chains. Most of these are big, most are successful, and that has ensured that Jack in the Box has never had an easy ride. However, it got there before many others, so it had an advantage and that’s one of the reasons it has been able to outperform them.

Jack in the Box Hawaii

There are a couple dozen Jack in the Box locations in and around the state of Hawaii, including Guam. Jack in the Box Hawaii is locally owned and operated, helping to give a little back to the region, even though this is a company that is based a long way away from it.

Jack in the Box Las Vegas, Nv

There are a number of Jack in the Box locations in the City of Sin. These can be found near the Las Vegas Strip and in North Vegas. But they are also based on the outskirts of the city and indeed across much of the built-up areas of this desert state.

Jack in the Box Houston, Tx

Everyone drives in Houston, so drive-thru restaurants like Jack in the Box are popular here. Jack in the Box locations are big across all of Texas, but they seem to be at their biggest here. The majority of their Houston locations are open for 24 hours a day, with many in the middle of town.

Jack in the Box Los Angeles, CA

You don’t have to drive very far to find one of the many Jack in the Box locations in the City of Angels. These are mainly open for 24 hours and there are over a dozen of them in total. They can be found everywhere from Marina del Rey to downtown LA.

Jack in the Box Phoenix, Az

The biggest city in Arizona for Jack in the Box, there are close to a dozen locations here. They are spread throughout the city and can be found on turn-offs from major roads, taking advantage of passing traffic with their 24 hour drive-ins.

Jack in the Box Utah

The Jack in the Box chain has yet to truly gain traction in Utah. There are just a few locations here, but there is room for more and it is likely that more franchises will open soon. If you live in the state and are waiting, then it might not be too long.

Jack in the Box Dallas, Tx

There are few cities that are bigger than Dallas for the Jack in the Box chain. This is where they are at their biggest and best. They are fighting with many other fast food chains in Dallas, but they are still one of the most popular, which is helped by the fact that they are open 24 hours a day.

Jack in the Box Survey

Jack in the Box NYC

if you want to submit your thoughts to the company then use the Jack Listens website. This is a great way to let Jack in the Box know what you think of them, whether you have something good or bad to say. These surveys usually have some kind of sweepstake attached as well, so you might even get something out of it.