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Jamba Juice is just a young brand, but it’s growing at an unprecedented rate and currently has more than 800 locations around the world. A lot of their success is down to the fact that they sell a selection of nutritious, healthy shakes, something that the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts just can’t contend with.

The company offers any number of flavor combinations with an impressive list of smoothie innovations helping them to stay on top and to keep their legions of diehard fans happy.

Founded: 1990
Headquarters: California
Revenue: $230 Million+ (2013)
Locations: Approx 850+

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to your caffeine loaded Starbucks or Costa Coffee drink, or you need something with all the energy of a Dairy Queen treat but without the sugar and calories, then Jamba Juice has just what you need. One of the biggest beverage chains in the world, Jamba Juice also has the monopoly when it comes to smoothies and health drinks. This is a young chain with world domination in its sights. And as we shall discover, there is a lot of secrets, a lot of menu hacks and so much more hiding underneath the surface.

Jamba Juice History

Jamba Juice Acai Bowl

Jamba juice was created in 1990 by a keen cyclist and health-food fanatic. He opened the first store in San Luis Obispo, California, and eventually his friends came onboard to lend a helping hand both with the running of the business and with the financial side of things.

The brand grew steadily over the next 10 years but didn’t really spread into many more locations. This changed in 2000, when they acquired Zuka Juice and all of the stores that carried the Zuka Juice name.

Jamba Juice grew quickly from there. Within 15 years it had over 800 locations across the United States, with around 50 locations in other countries. Jamba is still growing, and there are new stores being constructed all of the times.

Jamba Juice Menu

Jamba Juice Healthy

Jamba Juice is a purveyor of healthy smoothies and juices. The juice craze has gained a lot of traction over the last few yeas and it’s only getting bigger. Thanks to Jamba Juice and their extensive menu, there is no need to load up on fruit and vegetables, drag the blender out from the back of the cupboard and make a mess. They do all of the work and create all of the mess for you. You just need to enjoy the drink and reap the benefits it brings.

Jamba’s menu items include Energy Bowls, which can help you to load-up on healthy carbs, fiber and nutrients. The ultimate healthy breakfast, their Energy Bowls can be made to your taste. You can choose from a selection of fresh fruits and dried toppings, before loading on some Greek yoghurt, honey, cream or whatever else you want. It can be as healthy or as naughty as you want it to be. But there is usually a dose of goodness in every bowl.

There are also smoothies and fruit juices on the menu. Their Juice Shots are a tasty, natural alternative to your daily multivitamin. There are a selection of them to choose from, with all kinds of flavors and all kinds of nutrients to explore. Jamba Juice has a kid’s menu and it also offers a product known as a Boost. This is marketed as a healthy alternative to caffeine and sugar-loaded coffee. It has all of the energy without anything unnatural.

Jamba Juice Secret Menu

If you want to knock the health food on the head, then the Jamba Juice secret menu might be able to help. The menu may be packed with healthy treats and everything that is good for you. But if you fancy drinking something a little less green, then the Jamba Juice secret menu might have the answer.

Here you will find everything from a drink that tastes like the famous Butterfinger candy, to Fruit Pebbles and a drink known as a Dirty Orgasm. With so many flavor combinations, so many ingredients to choose from and such a varied menu, it is perhaps no surprise that the Jamba Juice secret menu is so extensive.

So, whether you want healthier food, naughtier food, or just something a little different, give the Jamba Juice secret menu a peek.

Nutrition and Calories

As mentioned above, there is so much goodness on this menu that the only question is where to start. We have covered a lot of restaurants on this site and have looked at the nutrition info of every single one of them. Trust us when we say that if you were to eat at these chains for every meal, you’re going to run into a problem or two at some point. But at Jamba Juice, you’ll be much better for it.

You can load up on a healthy cereal for breakfast, stacking it high with protein and calcium rich Greek yoghurt, vitamin C rich fruit, and fiber loaded oats. You can grab a Boost drink as a mid-morning snack, keeping your energy levels high and topping-up your vitamins. After that, there are all kinds of drinks, smoothies, snacks and more to keep you going all day.

Many of these are heavy on sugars. But they are natural fruit sugars, so there isn’t too much to worry about. Although you may want to keep an eye on your sugar levels if you are at risk of developing diabetes.

To learn more about the calories and nutrients in your shakes, snacks and juices, read our Jamba Juice nutrition guide.

Jamba Juice Menu Prices

Jamba Juice Menu Prices

With so much fresh fruit, yoghurt and nutrient-heavy produce, Jamba Juice doesn’t come cheap. You can expect to pay more here than you would at Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Dairy Queen. However, you get a lot of goodness for your money. What’s more, the size and reach of this chain allows them to work with small margins and offer products cheap.

Their smoothies cost around $5, with a very small increase if you want to supersize to the biggest option. Most of their snacks are available for less than $5. And the kids menu is even cheaper, with a Small Smoothie for just $3 and a Swirl for $2.50

To see more the Jamba Juice Full Menu be sure to read our updated guide.

Jamba Juice Locations

Jamba Juice Mobile App

Many food and beverage chains own just a small fraction of the restaurants that carry their name. However, Jamba Juice own a sizeable percentage of their locations. In 2016 they owned around 1/3rd of all locations, with the rest being in the hands of their franchisees.

As of 2016, there were more than 800 locations in the United States, spread across 26 states. This number had climbed a long way in short time though, and more and more states are embracing the famous colored swirl. There are also around 50 locations outside of the United States, spread across the following countries:

South Korea
United Arab Emirates

Jamba Juice Store Hours

Jamba Juice is open 7 days a week. The opening times vary depending on the location, but in most cases they open at 10:00am and close at 9:00pm. On Sundays these hours are shortened and they typically open a little later and close a little earlier.


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