Jersey Mike’s Subs (Menu Prices, Secret Menu)

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Jersey Mike’s Subs

A New Jersey institution, Jersey Mike’s Subs is one of the biggest sandwich chains in the world and one of the fastest growing food franchises in the United States. Born from a small independent shop in Point Pleasant, NJ, Jersey Mike’s grew into a fast-food giant and now serves millions of sandwiches to customers across the US every day.

Year Founded: 1956 (1975 under current ownership)
Style: Sub Sandwiches
Locations: 1,000+

Sub sandwiches are one of the biggest sectors in the fast food industry. Not only is Subway the largest fast food chain in the world (beating McDonalds to the top spot) but brands like Firehouse Subs are also going up in the world and turning over billions of dollars every single year. Jersey Mike’s Subs is another chain to add to that list. It is one that has its own unique way of doing things; its own secret menu; and its own recipes, as we shall discover in this guide.

Jersey Mike’s Subs History

Jersey Mike’s Subs has a colorful and unique backstory. It all begins with a sandwich shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. It was an independent store and had been bought and sold three times over by the time Peter Cancro, a 14 year old local, began working there.

The shop had existed since 1956. But it hadn’t proved to be a hit with the locals and it went up for sale a fourth time in 1975, by which time Cancro had been working there for three years. With a little help from his mother, a friend and a local banker, Cancro purchased the store. They pooled together the $125,000 needed in just three days, completing the purchase and setting the wheels in motion for what would become one of the country’s largest sandwich chains.

Jersey Mike’s Subs began franchising in the late 80s, and within 10 years it had grown to over 750 locations. Like rival chain Jimmy John’s, which is opening around 200 locations a year, Jersey Mike’s Subs is growing at a rapid rate. In 2014 there were close to 650 stores in development; in 2015 they opened a total of 197; and as of late 2016, they have well over 1,000 locations.

Peter Cancro would later become the CEO, moving from a part-time worker earning a little cash on the side, to a wealthy owner leading his chain into a bright future.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchises

Jersey Mike’s Subs have an attractive franchise operation, which is what has helped them to grow their brand at such a rapid rate. It is this franchise that helps to set them apart from brands like Quiznos, which has a notoriously problematic franchise operation.

Their franchisees are excited about the company and keen to get involved, and many own several stores as a result. How long this lasts is anyone’s guess, but the signs are promising. To get involved yourself, you’ll need to have a few hundred grand in the bank. But you could be making a pretty penny before long.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Menu

Jersey Mike's Subs Menu

A hot Philly Cheesesteak sub from Jersey Mike’s.

The Jersey Mike’s menu is made up of sub sandwiches, sides and drinks. The sandwiches are prepared freshly in front of the customer, with every bit of the process performed in front of them. They slice the meat and the cheese, layer on the toppings and pour on the sauces. As a result of this personalized process, the customer can request extras, reductions and specific orders every step of the way.

There is a selection of cold subs, including everything from ham and tuna, to vegetables and BLT; and there is also a selection of hot subs, including Philly Cheese Steak and Chipotle Cheese Steak. The Jersey Mike’s menu is actually one of the biggest of any sub chain, and one that is extended even further by their wraps, their drinks and their desserts.

What’s more, if you drop by during the morning hours then you can order something off their breakfast menu. This isn’t huge, but it does include some more breakfast-specific menu items that aren’t typically available for the rest of the day.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Secret Menu

Jersey Mike's Subs Secret Menu

Get your sandwich wrapped up to go.

There are some specific ways of ordering things at Jersey Mike’s. And if you don’t know the lingo, you might miss out. For instance, if you ask for “The Juice” you will get their famous sauce, which is a delicious mixture of red wine vinegar and olive oil that goes great with many of their creations. If you order your sandwich “Mike’s Way”, they will add a topping of onions, lettuce and tomatoes, with a mixture of herbs and spices. This is a way to finish the sandwich as opposed to a sandwich itself, and it’s often used as a way to add some extra fillings to other sandwiches.

These are all standard menu items. But there are also some hidden menu items. Like the Subway secret menu, there are quite a few hidden extras on the Jersey Mike’s Subs secret menu. Sub chains love the idea of a secret menu and have jumped on the bandwagon. As a result, there are extra ways you can order your food, extra items you can order, and a bunch of other secrets.

Just be sure to read our Jersey Mike’s Subs secret menu page to see these for yourself. We’ll tell you what you need to say, how you need to order and what you will get for your troubles.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Menu Prices

Jersey Mike's Subs Full Menu

Get some chips and a drink on the side.

The Jersey Mike’s Subs menu is roughly in line with the Jimmy John’s menu and the Firehouse Subs menu. You get huge sandwiches that can be customized to your tastes, and you pay less than $13 for most of them. You can order a Mini, a regular, a Giant or a “Sub in a Tub” and you can also order your favorite sandwich filling in a wrap. On average you will pay around $6 for a Mini, $8 for a Regular and $12 for a Giant. This may seem like a big leap in price. But only because it’s a big leap in size, as shown below:

Mini: 4 1/2 Inches

Regular: 7 1/2 Inches

Giant: 15 Inches

If you have a party to cater for, you can order your favorite subs by the box load. Their Subs by the Box promise to feed 10 people. And you can also order a stack of brownies and/or cookies on the side. If you drop by before work, you can also pickup a Lunch Box for later in the day.

To see more prices, just click onto our Jersey Mike’s Menu Prices page.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Nutrition and Calories

Jersey Mike's Subs Calories

You can order a selection of cold and hot subs and wraps.

There are lighter and healthier options on all sub sandwich shop menus, and Jersey Mike’s Subs is no exception. In fact, there are better options on the Jersey Mike’s Subs menu than there are on any others. For example, both the Firehouse Subs menu and the Quiznos menu have options for sandwiches under 500 calories. You can also get lower calorie subs on the Subway menu and the Jimmy John’s menu.

But while similar subs are available here, you can also order a Sub in a Tub, which may be a better option. This basically gets you all of the sandwich fillings in a tub. And once you remove the bread and the butter, you take away a huge chunk of calories. Not only that, but it also makes many of their menu items carb-free. This is perfect if you’re on a restrictive diet such as Atkins.

As for the other menu items, it’s important to know what you’re getting. There is a lot of fat and salt hiding in some of their ingredients. To make this easier you can check our Jersey Mike’s Subs Nutrition Info page. This will update you on all fat, protein, carb and salt content.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Jobs and Careers

Jersey Mike's Subs Jobs

Become part of this chain and work your way to the top.

As a franchise operation, each Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant is independently owned. As a result, you should get in touch with your local store owner or manager if you want to start working here.

Chains like this are a good place to make a name for yourself. Many successful business owners began working as dishwashers or servers, only to work their way up to managerial roles and then to become a franchise owner themselves. That’s because chains always prefer to hire from within. They choose people who have worked in their organization, understand how things are done and have a proven track record.

You can get in touch with your local store directly, over the phone or even through social media. The best thing to do is just to drop by with your CV, ask if they have any positions open and then ask if you can leave your CV with them. Reports suggest that the average worker earns between $8 and $9 an hour, with higher amounts paid to those in higher positions.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Locations

Jersey Mike's Subs Locations

This popular sandwich chain can be found in most states and is also branching out into other countries.

As of late 2016, there were close to 1,200 Jersey Mike’s stores open. However, there are new stores being added to the roster all of the time, so this number will likely keep on growing. At the same time, this brand could be found in 46 states, with the other 4 sure to follow.

Like Quiznos and Subway, Jersey Mike’s can also be found outside of the United States, where the rate of growth is very impressive. It has done particularly well in Australia, where there are several locations. In 2014, CEO and founder Peter Cancro was quoted as saying that he believed the chain could reach over 10,000 locations worldwide within a few short years. And he believed that half of these would be outside of the United States.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Store Hours

Jersey Mike’s is open 7 days a week and in most cases it opens from 10:00am to 9:00pm. However, these times may vary from location to location. Make sure you check-in with your local store before paying them a visit.