Jimmy John’s Locations (Nearby, Worldwide, Billings, Kansas)

Jimmy Johns Locations

Jimmy John’s Locations

There are more than 2,500 Jimmy John’s locations around the world and there are more and more being added to that total every year. In fact, around 200 Jimmy John’s locations are opened per annum, which makes them one of the fastest growing chains in the world.

But where are the best of these locations, where are the US locations, and what else do you need to know about this chain? We aim to find out in this Jimmy John’s locations page. So, if you’ve already checked our Jimmy John’s Menu Prices page and our Jimmy John’s Nutrition Info page, then be sure to take a look at the content here to learn even more about one of the world’s biggest sandwich makers.

Where is Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy John's Locations
The Jimmy John’s headquarters can be found in Champaign, Illinois. The very first location was opened in Charleston, Illinois, and they still have a very close connection to this state. There are more than 2,500 Jimmy John’s location elsewhere though so there is a good chance that there will be one near you.

Jimmy John’s Locations United States

Most Jimmy John’s locations can be found in the United States. Some states, like Rhode Island, have just 1 or two of these. Others, like Minnesota, Michigan and Florida have over one hundred. The state with the most Jimmy John’s locations is Illinois, which is not much of a surprise when you consider that this is where the brand was first founded.

Here are some of the most popular Jimmy John’s locations in the United States.

Jimmy John’s Billings Mt

It might seem like a surprise region for Jimmy John’s locations. But they have proved to be very popular here. There are currently three locations here and there are plans to open more in the near future. These Jimmy John’s locations all close a little earlier than they do elsewhere around the country. You have until 21:00 to get your sandwich.

Jimmy John’s Lawrence Ks

One of the most popular Jimmy John’s locations in the state of Kansas can be found near the University of Kansas. This has always proved a popular location for the brand and they have tagged universities since the beginning. There are other stores here as well and all are open late, catering for hungry customers across the town.

Jimmy John’s Appleton

At the time of writing there are four Jimmy John’s locations in Appleton, Wisconsin. This has proved to be a big hit with the young population in this town and it seems to be one of their most talked about regions in the United States.

Jimmy John’s Peoria iL

Jimmy John’s has expanded across all of Illinois. They treat this chain as one of their own, and so they should. After all, this is where it was founded, it is where it first became successful, and it is where the founder made a name for himself. There are Jimmy John’s locations in most Illinois cities and major towns and Peoria is the perfect example of them. It’s not a huge town, it’s not an area that many Americans will even be able to pick out on a map, yet it is one where the Jimmy John’s brand flourishes, with half a dozen locations.

Jimmy John’s Tulsa

One of the biggest regions in OK for Jimmy John’s, Tulsa is also one of their more successful locations in general. There are several Jimmy John’s location here, including one in the middle of the city.

Jimmy John’s Locations Nearby

Looking for your nearest Jimmy John’s location? Just pay a visit to the Jimmy John’s location finder to see where your nearest is. Not only will it give you an idea of how far you have to drive and walk, but it’ll tell you if any Jimmy John’s locations have opened recently and if any are opening soon. It will also give you access to the Jimmy John’s delivery service, assuming there is indeed a store nearby.

Jimmy John’s Locations Worldwide

Jimmy John’s was a little late with regards to international expansion. In fact, nothing has really happened in this regard, but in 2016 there was talk of a significant international expansion. They will need interested franchisees to make this possible, but considering the success of the brand in the US, and the success of chain like Subway all over the world, it shouldn’t take much for that demand to arrive.