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You might dismiss Kentucky Fried Chicken careers as underpaying, undervalued and directionless. But you would be making a huge mistake if so. There are many positives to KFC careers, as indeed there are to many other fast food jobs out there. You may not make a huge wage with their entry level positions, but you will make more than minimum age on average (which can’t be said for many restaurant careers in the United States) and there is also plenty of room for promotions and upwards mobility.

Look at it this way: the fast food industry is one of the few industries where you don’t need a great deal of skill or a huge list of qualifications to get in at the bottom. It’s also one of the few industries that will always look to hire from within. If they need a new supervisor, they will look to hire someone who has experience working the till, the drive-thru or the fryers. If they need a new manager, they will look to promote a supervisor.

There is a big pay rise with each step and there are also many other benefits to be had. What’s more, there are plenty of rungs on this career ladder. You can move from a manager position to a regional manager; you can move from there to the boardroom; and you could even take on a similar role in a similar chain, becoming everything from a store manager at a place like Church’s Chicken, to a franchise owner at one of the many rising brands out there.

So, don’t knock it, because there are a lot of benefits to KFC careers, even if it might not look like it on the surface.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Jobs


Many people make the mistake of assuming that fast food jobs are given out at will. They see KFC careers and similar careers as a last resort and they assume that these jobs will be offered to them on a silver platter should they decide that they want to take them on.

That is just not the case. While they know that many people consider these jobs to be part-time or transitional, they will still do all they can to hire people who they think will work there long term, people who will be easy to train, easy to work with, and will follow orders. If you are sullen, depressed and disagreeable, then you probably won’t get the job. The same applies if it is immediately clear that you’re only in that interview because you couldn’t get a job anywhere else and that you will leave as soon as you receive another offer.

Don’t take these jobs for granted either. If you think that you’re sinking to rock bottom by taking on KFC careers, then you’ll be in for a surprise as you discover that rock bottom is actually being refused for these jobs because you didn’t prove your worth during the job application process.

KFC Application

KFC Careers

You can search for KFC careers on their official KFC Jobs page. However, it’s always best to hand a CV over in person. That way you can make an impression, you can make sure that it gets to where it needs to go, and you can jump to the top of the slush pile.

There are many thousands of people applying to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken every single month, and if you’re not committed to making a difference and making sure that they know who you are, then you’re just going to be overlooked in favor of any number of those applicants.

You need a solid CV in either case, but you also need to be warm, friendly, enthusiastic and committed. This is the sort of thing that is not easy to get across with a CV, but it’s the sort of thing that you can make sure gets across when you present your CV in person. They don’t need big qualifications and a world of experience. In fact, because these people are more likely to leave after few months, it’s the opposite of what they want. You’ve heard both stories of highly educated people being out of work and struggling to even get jobs at minimum wage companies—that’s why.

Be extroverted, be confident. If you’re none of those things, then fake it. They don’t want a mumbling, depressed, introverted and shy employee dealing with customers, working with fellow employees and taking orders. They want the opposite.

KFC Interview Process

KFC Interview

Kentucky Fried Chicken are always hiring, because there is always something on the go somewhere. We alluded to this above, but it’s worth reiterating because it means that there is no excuse for you not to get a job. If you present yourself well enough and give them exactly what you know they are looking for, then you should either get a job within a few weeks or be lined up for one at a later date.

You may still need to go through an interview stage, but even then, it could be a formality if you have already shown the sort of things that they want to see. If you do end up with an interview for Kentucky Fried Chicken careers, then these are the sort of interview questions that you can expect:

  • Why do you want to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken?
  • Why do you think KFC careers are so special?
  • Are you passionate about KFC and/or the food industry?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What do you know about KFC?
  • [Presenting a problem] How would you get around this?
  • Do you work well in a team?

KFC Experience: Moving on to Bigger Things

KFC careers don’t just offer promotion opportunities within the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. If you work well enough here and are promoted to the upper echelons of the chain then you could easily earn a bigger and better job elsewhere. This is a great incentive to stick around. The longer you work at a fast food chain, the more chance you have of being offered a promotion to a supervisor or manager role.

If you work there for 5 years as a crew member and then leave, your CV is not going to entice anyone else in the food industry. They will ask how it is that you worked there for so long and yet weren’t able to get a promotion. They might doubt your abilities and this can be a black mark that will stay with you.

If you worked there for 5 years and a day, and you were promoted to a supervisor role in that day, then it’s fine. They won’t look at the specifics. They won’t care or even know that it took you 5 years to move up. They’ll just see that you worked your way up and they will automatically assume that you must be a capable employee for that to happen.

So, stick with it. Don’t stay there for several years as a crew member and then give up, because you’ll have to put those years in all over again if you want a more respectable job elsewhere.

KFC Hiring

Kentucky Fried Chicken are always hiring, simply because there are so many jobs out there at any given time. The fast food industry has a high staff turnover rate. This is not all down to low pay and bad experience though.

That is certainly true of a few locations, but for the most part it’s all down to the fact that fast food chains hire people that are young and are merely looking for short-term work to pay for tuition or to fill in the gaps; and they hire people who are in a transitional phase, people who use companies like this to pay the bills until they can find something betting suited for their skills.

According to the most recent statistics, there are more than half a million Kentucky Fried Chicken employees all over the world. Add to this the fact that each major country has a great number of Kentucky Fried Chicken locations and it’s fair to assume that there will always be something available providing that you are within a reasonable commuting distance from a number of stores.