KFC® Kentucky Fried Chicken Happy Hour Menu & Times

KFC is the place for family-friendly servings and a craving for fried chicken. The new KFC happy hour menu is available at new times. They have been an American staple for 86 years! It started when Harland Sanders (aka. Colonel Sanders) came up with the idea to sell chicken on the go in his roadside restaurant in the middle of the Great Depression. It expanded in the 1950’s and its answer to the American hamburger fast food option was sealed.

KFC happy hour


Today, KFC is second only to McDonald’s in fast food sales! They are owned and operated by Yum!Brands, who also own Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, which is why you often see them together in one store. One bucket of chicken with a side order of tacos, please!

Since its inception 86 years ago, KFC has morphed and changed. They have a varied menu with all sorts of greasy goodness. What started out as a bucket of chicken now boasts dozens of menu items. But the key to their success? Staying true to the KFC secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices to make you want more KFC!

Check out all the yummy, SecretMenu’s goodness for KFC!

KFC happy hour

$5 fill up options – KFC happy hour of its own

KFC Happy Hour: EVERYDAY, ALL DAY $5 fill ups!


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