Little Caesars Careers and Franchises (Hiring and Franchise Fees)

Little Caesars Careers and Franchises

Little Caesars Careers

Do you love pizza? Then check out one of the many Little Caesars careers and prepare, cook, serve and eat pizza for the rest of your working days. This is one of the biggest pizza chains out there and one that is still growing and still attracting new customers as new generations grow up with a love of this brand.

In this Little Caesars Careers page we’ll tell you just what makes this brand special and just why you should entertain the idea of working here. There is a lot to love about this chain and this industry; a lot of reasons you should consider Little Caesars careers; and that’s what this page is about.

The Benefits of Little Caesars Careers

Little Caesars Careers

Once you start working at Little Caesars you’ll likely get a base level job and entry level pay. This will probably be just above minimum wage and it certainly won’t be anything to write home about. But you get to toss pizzas all day and learn about the brand. The former is interesting and in the beginning it’s a lot of fun, while the latter is essential for your career.

Because the more you know about the brand, the more likely you are to get a promotion. That’s the beauty of Little Caesars careers and of careers in all major fast food chains. Not only are there many locations, ensuring that there will always be jobs and promotions available, but they all want to hire from within. If you look at managers and supervisors in the biggest chains you will discover than more than 9 out of 10 of them previously worked as cooks, cleaners, cashiers and servers.

They don’t really care about education and qualifications. They simply want people who can work hard, people who have proved their dedication, and people who are knowledgeable about the brand. So, you might be working at the bottom level and earning just a little to begin with, but if you keep going then you could hit a $50k+ salary within a few short years.

How Much Does Little Caesars Pay?

At Little Caesars you can expect to earn minimum wage or just above for some of the most basic jobs. If you increase the responsibility a little and take on the role of Team Trainer, then you can expect to get double this at $16 an hour. If you go all of the way to Food Technologist and Crew Manager roles, then you can push to as much as $53,000 a year.

There are many higher paying chains in the service industry at the most basic level. At CostCo, for instance, you can earn a living wage. This means you never earn less than $11.50 an hour (2017 prices). However, as you can see, that’s not the case with Little Caesars.

What Age Does Little Caesars Hire?

Little Caesars Jobs

Like many fast-food chains out there, Little Caesars hire 16 year old workers. This is the minimum age, and it’s also the age that they prefer to hire. They want kids with enthusiasm, a passion for pizza and a desire to go all of the way in the chain. After all, that’s the main benefits of these chains, as we have discussed above, and it’s the main benefit of Little Caesars careers.

You can apply for many jobs within the store at this age, but they tend to focus on the entry level jobs for their youngest employees. After all, there is no telling how dedicated, capable or responsible those kids will be, so they need to test the waters with them first.

Little Caesars Hiring

With nearly five thousand locations worldwide and a great number of those in the US, there is a good chance that Little Caesars are hiring near you. To find out if that is the case then just pay a visit to this Little Caesars careers page and punch in your details. They will tell you whether Little Caesars are hiring and how you need to proceed should you be interested.

You may also note that they require you to be at least 17 years old. This is often the case, but the truth is that most locations will be happy to hire you when you are just 16. So, if you are 16 then by all means apply and make a point of telling them this. There is a chance that they will turn you down, but there is an even bigger chance that they will hire you.

Assuming you have the dedication and the drive that they are looking for, of course. Because age is nowhere near as important as spirit and work ethic.

Little Caesars Application

If you are ready to apply then there are a few things that you should bear in mind:

  • Drive Comes First: Qualifications matter less than spirit. In fact, they shy away from qualified people as they know that they will just leave at the first chance they get. They don’t want to spend time hiring and training someone just for them to leave. So, focus on drive and a love of the chain above all else.
  • Come Out of your Shell: They want confident people. Confidence looks good in front of customers and it also looks good in the interview. Even if you’re shy, try and fake it. Lovable works as well, but shy and introverted does not.
  • Love: Declare your love of pizza and Little Caesars, but don’t go over the top. By all means tell them that it was a childhood dream to make your favorite food for a living. But don’t tell them that it is still your life’s ambition to toss pizza everyday.
  • Practice: Prepare yourself by talking in front of a mirror. Show confidence. Smile. Make sure you don’t look like a serial killer and that you don’t stumble over your words.
  • Dress Well: Smart casual works. Don’t go over the top if you won’t look comfortable. A comfortable shirt and tie is better than an ill-fitting suit that has clearly not been worn since your grandmother’s funeral 3 years ago.

Little Caesars Franchise

Little Caesars Franchise

Little Caesars is one of the fastest growing chains in the United States and it is the fastest growing pizza chain. So, what does it take to join them and own your own franchise? Would you even want to consider it?

Well, a Little Caesars franchise is somewhat cheaper than many of the other franchises out there. There are also fewer requirements. Add to that the fact that this chain had huge brand recognition and is loved in most of the cities it enters and you begin to understand just what makes a Little Caesars franchise such a viable option.

CNN recently voted Little Caesars as on of their Top Ten Franchise Bets and many other leading experts have put it in the same sphere.

Little Caesars Franchise Cost

Little Caesars estimates that the total cost of their franchise will range from around $200,000 to just under $700,000. This may sound like a lot, but it’s actually considerably less than many other franchises out there. In fact some of them, including Dunkin’ Donuts, can set you back as much as $2 million.

It’s very possible to get away with the lower end of that amount as well. You only need to have a net worth of $150,000 in order to set your own Little Caesars franchise, and you also need to have $50,000 in cash. This may be a lot of money for most of us, but to anyone looking to establish themselves in the service industry, it is peanuts.