Little Caesars Locations (Flint, Fresno, Columbus, Worldwide)

Little Caesars Locations

Little Caesars may not be the biggest, but when you look at the stats, you can’t help but wonder why. There are Little Caesars locations in all 50 states, and there have been for nearly 30 years now. Not only that, but it is currently the fastest growing pizza chain in the US.

As of 2017 there are around 5,000 Little Caesars locations around the world. As one of the cheapest chains, and one of the best pizzas in the US, this is great news for all fans of this doughy, cheesy dish.

On this Little Caesars locations page we’ll look at those stores in a little more detail. We’ll point out the very best across the US and around the world.

On our Little Caesars Menu Prices page we discussed how cheap and tasty this menu is; on our Little Caesars Nutrition Info page we looked at the calories and fat. This page it’s all about the sheer number of locations.

Little Caesars Locations

Little Caesars Locations

So, where are the best locations in the United States? This is where we should begin. After all, this is where the chain is the biggest and where people know and love it the most. It is where it was founded and where it makes most of its money.

What follows is a short list of Little Caesars locations that are constantly on the radar, for a number of reasons. They are the ones talked about the most, whether for good or for bad.

Little Caesars Columbus GA

Georgia is a surprise hit for Little Caesars. You can find several locations here and few cities have a higher concentration of locations per capita than Columbus. One of the most popular and highly rated on these Little Caesars locations is on Victory Drive.

Little Caesars Fresno

There are many Little Caesars locations in Fresno. In fact, you will find nearly a dozen of them, from McKinley Ave to North First Street and Kings Canyon Road. The people of Fresno love low-cost pizza.

Little Caesars Flint Mi

There may only be a few stores here, but this city has really taken to the low-cost Little Caesars menu. The locations including South Ballenger and Welch Blvd.

Little Caesars Bakersfield

This is a hugely popular region for Little Caesars locations. Around a dozen of their 5,000 or so stores can be found in the city. It is a flourishing brand here and by far one of the most popular pizza chains.

Little Caesars Erie PA

There are five Little Caesars locations in Erie, which is one of the most popular regions for this brand. These can be found on Liberty Street, Broad Street, Grandview Blvd, Parade Street and 8th Street. They are all open until 11pm on most days.

Little Caesars Locations International

Although most Little Caesars locations are in the United States, they are not confined to this country. Little Caesars haven’t quite expanded as far as chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut, but they are still an international chain. There are Little Caesars locations in Latin America and the Caribbean, and they can also be found in the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Where is the Closest Little Caesars Pizza?

With Little Caesars locations in most states and in many major towns and cities, there should always be one nearby. To find out where your closest Little Caesars is, take a look at the main page and just punch in your zip code. You will be able to find your closest location, after which you can place an oder, arrange for delivery, and see what’s on the menu.

Who Owns Little Caesars?

Little Caesars used to be owned by Mike Ilitch, who unfortunately passed away in early 2017. He was the man who founded the chain and the one who helped to turn it into one of the biggest pizza chains in the United States.

Today, Little Caesars is owned by the brand that takes his name, Ilitch Holdings. This is a brand that has grown off the back of the success of Little Caesars. It owns many other companies and has invested in countless others. Glitch Holdings also own several sports teams from Detroit, including teams in the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball.