Long John Silvers Menu Prices (Full Menu, Coupons, Special)

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Enjoy some of the country’s best surf and turf with the Long John Silvers menu, your source for the best seafood and the best steaks in hundreds of US locations. The Long John Silvers menu is packed to the rim with quality cuts of meat and seafood and it’s that menu and those foods that we will be taking a look at in this guide.

Below you will find a complete list of all Long John Silvers menu prices. We’ll also point you towards some of their specials and some of their better dishes, as well as a number of Long John Silvers coupons and deals.

This is the only guide to the Long John Silvers menu that you will ever need, so be sure to bookmark and check back whenever you need to catch-up with the latest info on LJS.

Long John Silvers Menu Prices

Item NamePrice (USD)
2 Fish & 6 Shrimp8.79
2 Fish & 3 Chicken8.79
2 Fish, Chicken & 3 Shrimp8.79
Super Sampler8.79
2 Fish6.89
3 Chicken6.89
Fish & 2 Chicken6.99
8 Shrimp7.49
Item NamePrice (USD)
2 Chicken6.39
2 Fish6.59
Fish & Chicken6.59
6 Shrimp6.99
Family Meals
8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides & 8 Hushpuppies22.99
12 Pcs., 3 Family Sides & 12 Hushpuppies28.99
16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides & 16 Hushpuppies36.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Baked Meals
Baked Cod7.59
Baked Shrimps8 Pc - 7.59
Baked Cod & Shrimp Platter8.99
2 Cod Meal7.59
Cod & Shrimp Platter8.99
Clams Meal6.79
2 Cod & 6 Shrimp Platter9.09
3 Cod Meal8.59
8 Baked Shrimp7.39
Item NamePrice (USD)
Sandwiches & Tacos
2 Fish Tacos3.99
2 Fish Tacos - Combo5.99
Fish Sandwich3.69
Fish Sandwich - Combo5.69
Chicken Sandwich3.79
Chicken Sandwich - Combo5.79
Item NamePrice (USD)
Cole Slaw - Individual1.89
Cole Slaw - Family3.99
Green Beans - Individual1.89
Green Beans - Family3.99
Sweet Corn - Individual1.89
Sweet Corn - Family3.99
Onion Rings - Individual1.89
Onion Rings - Family3.99
Natural-Cut Fries - Individual1.89
Natural-Cut Fries - Family3.99
Rice - Individual1.89
Rice - Family3.99
Hushpuppies - Individual1.89
Hushpuppies - Family3.99
Broccoli - Individual1.89
Broccoli - Family3.99
Mac N Cheese - Individual1.89
Mac N Cheese - Family3.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
3 Shrimp2.39
Popcorn Shrimp2.59
Crab Cake1.99
2 Fish Strips1.39
Item NamePrice (USD)
Kid's Meals
Popcorn Shrimp3.99
Slice of Pie (Pineapple Cream Cheese)1.99
Slice of Pie (Chocolate Cream)1.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Soft Drink - Small1.79
Soft Drink - Medium1.99
Soft Drink - Large2.19
Tea half Gallon2.99
Raspberry Splash, Tea, Lemonade or Sierra Mist - 20 oz1.89
Fish & Fries (Limited Time)1 Pc - 1.99
Fish & More Meal - 2 Pc. Alaskan Whitefish, 2 Sides, & 2 Hushpuppies (Limited Time)2 Pc - 6.89

Long John Silvers Menu Basics

There are some standout dishes on the Long John Silvers menu that we have discussed below. These are well worth checking out, whether you are new to the chain or have been there many times before. However, there are also a few things that we don’t like about the Long John Silvers menu, things that we feel need improving and things that may even be holding this chain back. After all, while the likes of Red Lobster and Bonefish Grill are growing at a rate of knots, Long John Silvers is slowing and actually seems to be going backwards.

One of the issues we have with the Long John Silvers menu is that there are very few desserts. As far as we’re concerned, a good selection of desserts is always indicative of a good restaurant. You only need to look at the dessert to see how committed they are. If there are several handmade desserts that need to be cooked fresh and served hot, its a good sign. If those desserts are tasty, it’s even better. However, if it’s all cold cake and cookies, then it’s indicative of a chain that buys its desserts in, gives them a high mark-up and then sells them on.

This is only really accepted for predominantly takeout chains, and its why we can forgive the likes of Dominos. But it’s not forgivable for casual dining locations. There are only two desserts on the Long John Silvers menu. You can either get the pineapple pie or the chocolate pie, that’s it. There may be some additional ones in certain locations, but these are the main desserts and it’s a really bad selection.

You could argue that the main focus is on the savory food, but that’s no excuse. Just look at Bob Evans Restaurant. There is a chain made famous for home-cooked meals and breakfasts; a chain that is all about savory, farm fresh food. Yet it also has a fantastic selection of desserts, as discussed in our Bob Evans Nutrition Info page. So, this the Long John Silvers menu is good menu on the whole, but the desserts need a lot of work.

Long John Silvers Menu Favorites

So, now that we have gotten our grievances with the Long John Silvers menu out of the way, what do we love the most about it? Well, contrary to what you might think from reading the section above, we do like a lot about this menu.

So, here are the dishes we like the most from the Long John Silvers menu:

  • Baked Cod Meal: It’s simple, but it’s fresh and it’s actually quite healthy. Plenty of lean protein from the fish, plenty of fiber and vitamins from the veg and there is also some carbs from the starchy potato. It’s a balanced meal and it tastes great.
  • Fish Platter: This typically comes in the form of a shrimp and cod mixture. The shrimp is one of the best things about Long John Silvers. It’s often incredibly succulent and it is great finger food. There is also a choice of sauces to go along with it.
  • Fish Tacos: We’re not big fans of fish tacos. There are many that just don’t taste very good. These typically come from Mexican chains like Chipotle and Taco Bell, and don’t get us started on the famous fish sandwich from McDonalds (it has a name, of course, but we don’t want to say it). However, the fish taco from the Long John Silvers menu is great. A little different, as the fish of battered and in one big chunk, but it works. May not look very nice, but it does work.

Long John Silvers Specials

There are a few Long John Silvers specials during certain holidays and in certain locations. There is a diverse ownership with these locations so they have a lot of freedom when it comes to the menu. That allows them to offer what they want, within reason. One thing we have noticed is that some chains have a decent selection of desserts; others have added a few big dishes to the dinner and lunch menus.

The closer it is to specific local produce, the more likely that produce is to feature on the menu. For a seafood restaurant, it tends to mean that the closer they are to the sea, the fresher the food will be and the more variety of it there will be. If you live several hours in land…you might want to opt for the meat dishes instead.

Long John Silvers Coupons

There isn’t much in the way of Long John Silvers coupons, at least not that we have found. This is quite a big chain and it’s quite old school as well, which is usually a good sign. But the way it is structured means that there is no big parent corporation taking control and releasing deals that can be used across all restaurants.

As a result, some Long John Silvers locations have a lot of deals and coupons, others don’t. And in most cases the coupons that are available can only be used in specific locations. Food holidays are usually a good way to get specials, coupons and deals. But there isn’t a great deal of big food holidays that tie-in with Long John Silvers. The only on we can think of is National Taco Day. So, check the link and see what’s available when the day comes. You might just get some money off those fish tacos mentioned above.