McDonalds Careers (Jobs, Hiring, Applications, Pay and Wages)

McDonalds Restaurant

McJobs have been the subject of derision over the last few decades. The word has come to mean “a low paying job with few benefits” and it all stems from McDonald’s. But are McDonald’s careers really that bad? Are the benefits really that minimal and is the pay really that bad? There are a lot of fast food companies in the United States and indeed around the world, are these all so much better than McDonald’s, as this word and so many people seem to suggest, or is this just an exaggeration that has managed to scare people away from a beneficial career?

In this McDonald’s careers page we aim to find out. We’ll look at this from an unbiased point of view in order to discover if working at McDonald’s is really as bad as many claim it to be, or if there is something here for the next generation of working teenagers and adults.

What Age Does McDonald’s Hire?

You can start working at McDonald’s from the age of 14, but you may need to be over 18 for some jobs. There is more details on this below.

Are McDonald’s Hiring

It’s hard to say what is happening at individual locations, but we can safely say that they are always hiring. Each location needs over a dozen employees per shift. When you consider that there are often many McDonald’s locations per city or town, and many more in a single county, then it means there should always be plenty of available jobs within driving distance.

McDonald’s Careers

McDonald's Careers

First things first, McDonald’s careers do not pay less than the average. We have covered companies on here that pay a lot more than the basic rate of pay at McDonald’s, including CostCo. But these are the exception, not the rule. Many burger chains, including the likes of WhataBurger and Burger King, pay around the same amount.

That amount is above minimum wage, if only slightly. It’s also worth noting that McDonald’s careers actually pay a lot more at the basic level than many other retail and food sector careers. For instance, you can expect to earn less than $5 as a server at Red Lobster, and some restaurants pay even less! That’s because you can expect to be tipped at Red Lobster, and because McDonald’s customers don’t tip, they always look to meet minimum wage.

There are other things to consider with McDonald’s careers as well. One of these is the fact that there is always room for a promotion. We’ve said it many times on this site, but it’s worth saying again, and again: chains want to hire managers and supervisors from within. They want people who know the brand, not people who have just stepped freshly out of university and have never flash-cooked a burger in their life. So, no education and a year working at McDonald’s will give you a much better chance of being hired as a manager than all the education in the world and no time spent working in the company.

Working at McDonald’s: The Pros and Cons

Okay, so it’s not the best job in the world, but there are some pros to working at McDonald’s. To give you an idea of what you can expect and how worthwhile it is, here are some pros and cons with McDonald’s careers:

Pros for McDonald’s Jobs:

  • Great chance for promotions
  • High wages for bigger roles
  • Chance to get in good with one of the world’s largest food companies
  • A chance to see behind the scenes and potentially learn ho to operate your own franchise in the future
  • Good working environment
  • Cheap and free food

Cons for McDonald’s Jobs:

  • Low wage for entry level jobs
  • Few benefits and little respect
  • Interacting with customers who may not have a lot of respect for you
  • Smell of the kitchens may be nauseous in the beginning
  • Being surrounded by fast food could be difficult for temptations and could lead to an unhealthy diet

McDonald’s careers here are worth considering if you are young and your have your future ahead of you. That way, if you succeed then you can climb the ranks and get yourself a managerial role before you hit 25. If you continue, then you could be a franchise owner before long, and if not then you will still have a great chance of managing another big restaurant or restaurant chain.

If you are older and have to start at the bottom, then it should really only be an option if you are looking for something to make a little cash and to fill in the gaps. Promotions are not as likely, your future will not be as bright, and you’ll have to endure working with and under people who are a lot younger than you are.

McDonald’s Crew Application

McDonald's Application

To apply for McDonald’s careers you just need an internet connection and a few basic details on standby. Once you have that then pay a visit to the US McDonald’s Job page and begin your journey. This page will guide you through the process, telling you what you need, what you can expect, and more.

McDonald’s Application for Managerial Roles

You can apply to be a manager of McDonald’s if you don’t work in the company, but your chances are slim. You can increase your chances if you have experience running a restaurant, and you can also increase your chances if you have relevant qualifications. But the best way to secure a job as a manager or a supervisor in McDonald’s is to have prior experience working at the lower levels.

If you show plenty of dedication, work hard, miss very few days and give it your all, then you shouldn’t have an issue getting that promotion. That is one of the best things about working for this chain and chains like it. So, don’t let the low wage and limited responsible get to you when you’re working on the grill or serving customers at the drive-thru window. Just know that if you give it all you’ve got you will likely be rewarded in time.

McDonald’s Salary for all Careers

As mentioned already, the average wage for a McDonald’s employee is just above minimum wage. This is true of the locations in the United States and it is also true of locations around the world. McDonald’s careers are more or less the same everywhere, and that includes responsibilities, the work performed, and the rate of pay. Benefits are different in some locations, but for the most part there is a certain uniformity worldwide, and what’s what McDonald’s always aim for.

McDonald’s careers include trainers, shift managers, store managers and more, all of which can expect to earn more than minimum wage, at an average of between $9 and $12 an hour. From what we can gather, store managers earn between $30,000 and $40,000 a year, depending on the location, experience and a few other factors.

Beyond this it’s all about boardroom jobs and other major jobs. Obviously the pay scale goes through the roof for these McDonald’s jobs, but don’t expect them to be as easy to get or as readily available.

McDonald’s Interview Questions

McDonald's Interview

Many job interviews are the same. They ask similar questions, they expect similar answers. There are a few differences where McDonald’s are concerned, as discussed above, but most of the questions are the same. The best answers might not always be as obvious as you think.

Your goal is to come across as a rational, energetic, confident person who can work in a team, can take orders, has no problem adhering to deadlines and shifts, and is good with people. Take a look at these commonly asked McDonald’s interview questions and prepare your answers with those focuses in mind and you will stand a good chance of being hired:

  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Tell me about a time when you went about and beyond
  • Are you willing to do what it takes?
  • Tell us about a time when you were asked to remember and perform a detailed task
  • Are you a fast learner?

McDonald’s Hiring Age

It is not unheard of for McDonald’s to hire people as young as 14 in certain roles and certain countries. However, the average age for McDonald’s employees is 16 to 18 and many roles require them to be at least 18 in order to work there. Check with your local restaurant to find out if McDonald’s careers are within your age limit.

And don’t worry if you think you are a little old to be working here. Many McDonald’s careers are taken by teenagers, but that’s not because they only hire teenagers and then fire them when they get older. It’s because many of the older ones are promoted to better pay grades or because they go on to work at different jobs.

There is also a preference for McDonald’s to hire younger people working behind the counter and interacting with customers. These are basic pay jobs and they are jobs that require enthusiasm and energy. They can also work these people into the company from a young age. They can teach them all about the brand, ensuring that when they are older and ready to take on more responsibility, they will have the experience, the education and the passion that they need to do just that.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

There is information out there that suggests that McDonalds do drug test. This can be found on official reports, but many employees have also talked about being tested for drugs. As far as we can tell, it is uncommon. After all, it’s an expense that the company don’t need and certainly don’t want.

But if they have reason to do it, if they are looking for an excuse to fire you or if there have been complaints then they will drug test you. So, be warned. Don’t take anything for granted and don’t assume you’re safe just because you avoided a test when you signed up.

How Much Does McDonald’s Pay?

McDonald's Pay

According to Reuters, McDonald’s set about raising their average wage a couple years ago. By late 2016 they had increased their average wage to over $10 an hour, which is actually very impressive for a restaurant chain known for paying minimum wage.

This doesn’t mean that you can expect to earn this amount as a new work though. It is an average across the chain and it takes the managerial and supervisor roles into account as well. Still, it shows a desire to help their workers and to look good in front of the general public, which could bode well for the future.

How to Apply for McDonald’s

Your first step in applying for a job at McDonald’s is to visit the McDonald’s application page mentioned above. You just need to punch in your details, send, and then wait for them to get in touch.

If they are interested in hiring you then the next step will be to invite you for an interview. From what we can gather after talking to many employees and wannabe employees, if they invite you to an interview then there is a good chance they are preparing to give you the job. They may even hire you on the spot.

However, don’t assume that just because they have asked you to an interview they are ready to hire you. You can’t afford to make assumptions or get complacent. You still need to practice those interview questions and make sure that you work at impressing them.

McDonald’s Careers UK

To find out what jobs are available in the UK, visit this Jobs Page. It can direct you to a search page that is able to gather data from hundreds of locations across the United Kingdom. It will tell you which locations are where, and what each of those locations are looking for.

As with all McDonald’s jobs, you can apply for these through the website. If you get in good and early, and if you have some basic skills and a lot of enthusiasm for the job, then it could be yours. Just like that.

McDonald’s Careers Canada

On this McDonald’s Canada Jobs Page you can check all available positions, while discovering just what is required of you in McDonald’s restaurants across the Canadian provinces. The roles, the pay, the benefits and the responsibilities are more or less the same as we have discussed on this page, but there might be some small differences that you need to take onboard.