McDonald’s Happy Hour Menu & Times

McDonald’s is a family-friendly happy hour spot

With the incredible drinks now available on the McCafe menu you can also buy one, get one free every afternoon! There is no reason to spend happy hour at a sleazy bar with expensive cocktails and lots of tips. While McDonald’s offers the Happy Meal for the kids, there is also a long list of tasty fruit and coffee drinks among the daily cost-efficient menu.

mochaThere is much more to be enjoyed than the traditional milkshake or ice cream cone from the full McDonald’s menu. With the cost efficiency of these tasty, sweet drinks you will have much more fun in the homey environment of this family fast food restaurant since McDonald’s revamped all of their stores to feel fresh, new and upscale indoors.

And you don’t need to be reluctant of the fast food happy hour when there is such a great savings along with these delicious frappes, smoothies, milkshakes and more! The time with family and friends is more open and expressive than a boozy happy hour at a bar.

McDonald's Happy HourMcDonald’s also has the addition of specialty coffee drinks, competing with expensive cafes in both their affordable price and ‘buy one get one free’ special. The beauty of this happy hour is the offer of the McDonald’s full 24-hour menu along with a social atmosphere for all ages. With the kids able to enjoy their Happy Meals and playground, adults like you are able to enjoy affordable specialty drinks and a calm hour for yourself.

All day breakfast adds to the happy hours!

While the breakfast hours at McDonald’s have so often been considered the happy time, theMcDonald's Happy Hour expansion of the breakfast menu and specialty drinks to 24-hours at almost every location enhances the happiness at every hour of the day. No matter whether it is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even the happy hour after work with tasty, affordable drinks, the entire family can fulfill their appetite and enjoy every desired taste.

Even more information is available regarding McDonald’s Happy Hour with the overall menu and specialties available with McDonald’s happy hour menu. All the kids have happiness in the choice of favorite happy meal with their desired toy and a lively event on the indoor playground. Adults now also have access to the incredible savings on food and drinks during McDonald’s fast food happy hour. You can save on the most popular items like the Big Mac and the well-renowned French fries and also enjoy the addition of specialty McCafe’s and smoothies for elegant, smooth, wholesome taste.

Something for everyone, plus free WiFi

The McDonald’s Facebook page provides an incredibly delightful photo menu of those specialty drinks offered at ‘buy one get one free.’ There is so much to enjoy in the full amount of information they provide via social media, showing all of the community support provided by this popular fast food restaurant. While there have been many decades of McDonald’s activity among our nation and communities, there is much to be gained from their similarity to specialty cafes, coffee shops and more. With free WiFi access, delicious food and drink specials, and playtime fun for the whole family, there is much to be enjoyed and accomplished in this comfortable place.

Happy Meal for kids, Happy Hour for parents

With McDonald’s Happy Meal comes the happiest hour of the day for you parents together with your children. No matter the level of challenges throughout the day, it is incredible to enjoy the ability to have a happy hour together with those who are most important to all of us — our family. Beyond the booze association of happy hours in restaurants and bars with colleagues and friends, a little time at McDonald’s brings the happiest meal to our kids and some of the tastiest drinks and snacks to our lips.

Please also take a look at the available information about McDonald’s Nutritional Info, where there is much more to be seen than what is expected to be unhealthy in a meal. McDonald’s openly provides the additional happy information for any family looking to keep these fast food trips as healthy as possible. A definite positive occurrence appears in the availability of fruit as the side item for the happy meal. There is also the incredible McDonald’s Secret Menu itself. Depending on the time McDonalds starts serving breakfast and the day you arrive, there may be many additional options to their secret and special menu.

The secret menu list may be even more innovative than its big name items, so check out what more the McDonald’s secret menu has to offer. Make the happiest of your hour … enjoy the greatest deals and taste McDonald’s offers!

McDonald's Happy Hour

McDonald’s SECRET Menu


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