McDonald’s Myths, Legends (Hot Coffee Lawsuit, Human Meat, Fake Eggs, Gold Card)

McDonalds Restaurant

What follows on this McDonald’s myths page is, well, McDonald’s myths! These are the things you have heard about and wondered if they were true. Do McDonald’s use human meat? Do McDonald’s use real eggs? Was the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit real? Is the McDonald’s gold card real?

Find out answers to these questions and more in this McDonald’s myths page. And once you make it through here you can take a look at our McDonald’s Menu Prices, McDonald’s Careers, McDonald’s Franchises and many other pages.

McDonald’s Gold Card

McDonald's Gold Card

The McDonald’s Gold Card has been a thing of legend. It is a card that offers free food when presented; it is said to have been given to celebrities and businessmen, as well as investors.

Unlike many other legends that surround this fast food chain, the McDonald’s Gold Card is actually legit. In fact, it has ended up in the hands of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, amongst others, and its existence has been confirmed by many owners and by many McDonald’s staff. But what about the rest of us? What about little ole’ regular citizens like you and I?

Well, the first thing to note is that this card is not offered by the owner of the company and is actually limited to franchise owners in California. They are the ones who hand it out, not the people at McDonald’s corporate. This means that it might be easier for you to get your hands on it, but only if you know those franchise owners and only if you do enough to impress them.

Some have received McDonald’s Gold Cards for creating dishes that have made it on the official McDonald’s menu. Other have received it for doing a lot of charity work in the area.

What is Pink Slime at McDonald’s?

The famous “pink slime” is often used by detractors as a way of warning people against fast food chains like McDonald’s. “Pink Slime” is made from mechanically separated meat, which is why it is also listed as “MSM”. After all, if they start listing “Pink Slime” as an ingredient, we’re sure the sales would drop.

This is still, technically, food, but it is very unpleasant. It looks and smells nasty and the process through which it is created is deeply unpleasant. They basically take chicken carcasses that are left over after the “good” meat has been removed, and then they squish them together at great force. They pushes all the leftover meat, cartilage and skin into one mass of meat paste. This is them combined with other ingredients and formed to create meat-like products.

It is most commonly used to make hot-dogs. If you’ve ever spent less than $1 for a tin of hotdogs there’s a good chance this is what you bought. The same goes for hotdogs sold out of carts on city streets. The term Pink Slime has also been used to refer to beef offcuts that were treated with ammonia and were, at one point, used in McDonald’s. The same goes for their chicken nuggets.

However, it is no longer used at McDonald’s and it hasn’t been used there for some time. There are still rumors that state otherwise, as many customers refuse to believe that McDonald’s use any kind of legitimate food in their menu items. But as far a pink slime goes, it’s another myth to add to a long list of the ones that follow the Golden Arches everywhere they go.

World’s Largest McDonald’s

Largest McDonald's

The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s, which is a McDonald’s that includes a restaurant and a sizable play area, can be found in Sand Lake Road, Orlando. This is in Universal Orlando Resort, one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the United States. When you see this restaurant you begin to understand just why they have focused on this location and why they have put so much effort into it.

The outside is decorated in bright colors and patterns. There is a large box of French fries on the front of the restaurant and it’s generally very bold, colorful and fun throughout. It’s a way of offering fast food that everyone loves in a location that is unusual, unique and therefore very befitting of the sort that surrounds it.

McDonald’s have made their fortune the world over by offering something that tasted the same from one place to the next, something that is as recognizable to an American as it is to someone in the Middle East or Europe. But they also know when to be unique and different, and this is one such case.

McDonald’s Human Meat Rumor

There are all kinds of myths, legends and rumors surrounding fast food companies, most of which are unpleasant. The bigger the fast food chain is, the more common and the more disgusting these are likely to be. They range from the apparent “genetically modified” chickens used by KFC, to added meat products in supposedly vegetarian fast foods.

Very few of these, if any, are true. The same goes for the rumor that “human meat” was found at McDonald’s. It is a widespread rumor that is guaranteed to shock and disgust, but it’s nonsense. Don’t just take our word for it either. You can find more details on Snopes, where it has been officially branded as false.

We feel like we’re doing sane people everywhere a disservice by repeating this story, but it’s worth doing so just so you know how crazy and far fetched it was. According to the rumor, “human meat” was discovered in a freezer at a McDonald’s restaurant. The stories that report on this state that health inspectors were the ones to find it, and that they also found horse meat.

These stories always end with another even more shocking element to ensure it sticks in the memory, and this one was no different. It added that, “The worst part is that it’s not only human meat, it’s child meat!”

Won’t somebody think of the children! Well, apparently McDonald’s did. Only joking, it’s fake—we can’t emphasize that enough. When you think about it, it doesn’t even make sense. McDonald’s is all about cutting costs. We have no personal experience of buying wholesale meat. But we’re guessing that it would be much easier (and cheaper) to buy beef than human.

Then again, these rumors and conspiracies never do make any sense. Flat Earth Society anyone?

Do McDonald’s Burgers Expire?

There have been many videos and articles about burgers that have apparently, been left untouched for years and have not expired. The claim is that they are so packed with preservatives that they just don’t allow any bacteria in and can technically last forever. This is not true, but there is a little truth to it.

One of the things that makes McDonald’s parties so unique is that they are cooked from frozen. They take just 40 seconds or so to go from frozen to cooked. After it has been cooked the water content is very low. It makes the burgers taste a little less fresher than you might expect from freshly cooked burgers like those sold by Hardee’s and Red Robin, but it aids with the process and they still manage to get a satisfying taste out of them.

If the conditions are bad enough, however, then a McDonald’s burger will see go bad, just like any other burger. In some cases, with the right conditions, it may just dry out. If that happens then the bacteria can not flourish and the burger will simply go stale. But such conditions are not easy to come by and this is not something that is unique to McDonald’s burgers.

Are McDonald’s Eggs Real?

McDonald's Eggs Real

Some of the myths and stories surround McDonald’s concern their eggs. There is a general belief that all of their eggs are somehow fake, a belief that seems to apply to everything they sell. If you order an egg round then you are actually getting a fresh egg. The reason it is so perfectly formed like that is because it is cooked in a mould.

There is nothing unusual or unhealthy about this. However, if you order scrambled eggs then you will get eggs that could from a pre-made mix. This is bought in liquid form and is used to cook up all batches of scrambled egg. These liquid eggs are actually very common in food manufacturing and you have no doubt eaten plenty of them if you have ever consumed pre-made cakes, breads or anything else that requires eggs. But they are a little rarer in restaurants, or rather, in restaurants that are not McDonald’s.

Other Outrageous McDonald’s Myths

We have discussed McDonald’s myths already, as well as a few other interesting things that have followed this popular chain around. But there are many more out there. You probably believe a few of these yourself and they may even be a reason that you no longer eat at this chain. So, let’s get a few more of them out of the way.

What follows are popular McDonald’s myths that are not in the least bit true, just like all McDonald’s myths really:

  • McDonald’s Milk Shakes Aren’t Made with Milk: These milkshakes have a list of ingredients. If you look at those you will not see milk mentioned. However, you will see something like “Milkshake Mix”, and this contains milk. It’s also worth noting that these drinks are considered to be sugary drinks as opposed to actual milkshakes. But they are still dairy based.
  • Worm Filler: In the 1970s there was an urban legend that stated that McDonald’s put worm filler in their burgers. Apparently, they did they to increase the weight, while still using something that could be mistaken for meat when formed and cooked. This rumor still makes the rounds today and there are many who use it, but it’s just not true. Also, you will actually pay more for worms than beef per pound, so it doesn’t make any sense. If anything, it would make more sense to bulk-up worm burgers with beef.
  • Robot Servers: A few years ago McDonald’s promotional department Photoshopped some pictures to make it look like robots were serving food from one of the locations. It was a joke and it was so obviously fake, but that didn’t stop the stories from spreading. These days there are still people who believe that some McDonald’s locations are controlled by robots. This might happen in 100 years or so, but we’re a long way from it just yet, and it’s unlikely that McDonald’s, a company that pays just over minimum wage and therefore doesn’t spend a great deal on humans anyway, will be the first to adopt them.

What Was the McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit?

McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit

There are many who believe that the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit was a myth, but it was true. This lawsuit revolved around a customer suing the company because they spilled a cup of coffee and it was too hot. It is often used as an example for how the US legal system has gone too far and how anyone can sue anyone for anything.

This may be true, but there are a few facts often left out in those discussions. The first is that the coffee was really hot. It was way hotter than it should have been, way hotter than coffee should ever be. The second is that the “spill” didn’t just result in a little redness and a change of pants. Instead, it resulted in rather some serious and incredibly painful scalding.

So, it is true. It’s not one of the many McDonald’s myths. However, the truth may be a little different to what you know.