McDonald’s Specials (The Genius of McFlurry, Fillet-o-Fish, and More)

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McDonald’s Specials

This McDonald’s Specials page covers all of the things that you know and love, as well as the things you hate. McDonald’s specials range from classic like the fillet-o-fish to once-a-year treats like Shamrock Shakes.

Once you have had your fill from these McDonald’s specials then check with our McDonald’s Menu Prices, McDonald’s Careers and other top pages.

The Magic of McDonald’s McFlurry

McDonald's Specials
The McDonald’s McFlurry is a joy to behold. It’s the cheapest, tastiest ice cream out there. It’s super soft, super creamy and it comes in many delicious flavors.

The reason there is a hole in your spoon is because it’s used to attach to a stirrer and to mix your ice cream (not to suck like a straw, as many seem to believe) and the reason that this ice cream is so often off the menu is because the machines previously required a lot of work to clean and maintain. They were often out of order, which meant that the ice cream wasn’t available.

This began to be fixed a few years ago, when McDonald’s worked to add new and better machines to their restaurants, but some still use the older machines. You should also note that there are more flavors than the ones on the menu. They tend to only advertise a few flavors at a time focusing on specials and promotional flavors. But you can still order old favorites.

If you don’t want the extra sugar and sweetness, then you can also order the McFlurry without the toppings. We personally would never dream of doing such a thing. But the ice cream is still great even by itself, so it’s a good option if you’re limiting your sugar intake.

The Reputation of the McDonald’s Fillet o Fish

McDonald's Fillet Fish

The McDonald’s Fillet o Fish has a somewhat flawed reputation. It is the laughing stock of the McDonald’s menu, the punch line to many jokes. It is generally assumed that no one likes this menu item and that its taste is akin to a wet sandal, with just as much nutritious value. That’s not quite true, but how true is it’s popularity?

Well, many items have come and gone on the McDonald’s menu. They are not averse to removing things that don’t prove popular, which is why things like the McDonald’s hotdog didn’t last. The fact that the Fillet o Fish has lasted for so long suggests that it is popular, at least to an extent.

This menu item was first launched in 1962 and it has remained on the menu more or less since then. It combines a breaded fish fillet that is fried, before tartar sauce is added. These are added to a steamed bun after being topped with cheese. The fish used has changed over the years and in the US the most recent change involved the use of pollock.

There are roughly 380 calories in the fillet o fish. You’ll get around half your daily allowance of sodium, a fifth of saturated fat and just 7% fiber. Not great, but there is also 15 grams of protein and a decent dose of calcium. As for popularity, it is said that over 300 million are sold every year. It’s a big hit at lent, and indeed with anyone looking to avoid red meat any other time of year.

McDonald’s Holiday Specials

McDonald’s release a few special dishes during certain holidays. One of these is the Shamrock Shakes, discussed elsewhere on this page. Others have included Egg Nog Shakes and the McRib at Christmas. The former wasn’t very popular. It seems that people don’t like egg nog unless it is loaded with alcohol, and we can’t blame them. The latter is usually very popular though.

In fact, the McRib inspired a Simpsons episode in which Homer goes on a tour searching for a limited edition burger at the Krusty Burger chain. It isn’t the most nutritious of foods in this animation, but it’s said to taste great and that’s McDonald’s through and through.

What is the McDonald’s Uniform?

One of the recent changes to McDonald’s uniforms has created an aesthetic that has been compared to Stars Wars villains and to the Hunger Games. We’ll admit, there is a certain bland, dystopian feel to them. Many fast food chains go for fun, bright and bold uniforms, but for some reason McDonald’s have bucked the trend and have tried something that we personally don’t think works.

They look smart, there is no denying that, but this is a fast food chain, smart shouldn’t be the main priority. It’s about being clean, fun and lively. At the very least they should be wearing uniforms that show stains and dirt, so dirt can be spotted and erased, or they should be colorful, to cheer up customers and to excite kids. But they have gone in a completely different direction.

What is the McDonald’s Rap?

McDonald's Rap

This is an amusing video, an interesting way to kill a few seconds. But like so many things on the internet it became inexplicably huge and was watched by millions of people around the world.

The McDonald’s rap is a Youtube video that was created in 2007 and went on to receive over 25 million views, spawning many similar raps and parodies. The McDonald’s rap comes complete with a low-budget. The lyrics and the video follow a man’s journey from his house, when he’s not satisfied with the food in his kitchen, to a McDonald’s drive-thru and then into a restaurant.

He even hints at a few McDonald’s secret menu items, as well as Shamrock Shakes, Happy Meals and a few other iconic things associated with the Golden Arches.

McDonald’s Birthday Party Details

If you want to throw a birthday party at McDonald’s then make sure your local restaurant accommodates them. The best McDonald’s locations for parties are the ones with play areas. Not only because they have the equipment to facilitate excitable kids, but also because they tend to offer everything else. There are cakes, visits from Ronald McDonald, party favors and party decorations.

This is not the sort of thing that can be arranged last minute and it’s not the sort of thing that you can find in every location. So, phone up in advance and let them know what you’re looking for.

McDonald’s Game

McDonald's Party

The McDonald’s brand has spread to many forms of media and has worked hard to worm its way into the public conscious. Some of this has been via a conscious effort, other forms of publicity has occurred through the public themselves. One such effort is the McDonald’s Video Game.

This is a little Flash game that lets you assume the role of a McDonald’s restaurant, building from the ground up. If you have a desire to create your own McDonald’s franchise but you don’t have the money or the means, then get this game instead and live out your dreams on the virtual sphere.

When Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Shamrock Shakes?

The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake has been called everything from “an abomination” to “the greatest milkshake ever”. Many customers seem to be in the second category, and that includes us.

Shamrock Shakes are milkshakes that are dyed green and launched in time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day every year. There are actually customers out there that avoid this restaurant all year, but flock to pickup these shakes every time they are added back to the menu. As of a couple years ago there were many flavors of the Shamrock Shake added to the menu, giving these hungry customers more reason to obsess over them.

Just make sure you grab your fair share of them before the end of March, as this is when most locations stop serving them. There are some that will serve them for longer than others, but there are also some locations that only serve them for a week or two, instead of the 4 week average.

McDonald’s Menus Around the World

The McDonald’s menu you know and love is the same in your local restaurant as it is halfway across the United States. That’s the way they want it and it’s the way it is the world over. However, many global McDonald’s locations are a little different and offer some unique items that you won’t find in the United States.

For instance, in the UK there are several vegetarian options that are just not on the US menu. These all come via a veggie patty that can be placed in a bun or a wrap. If you pay a visit to locations in India then there are even more of these, catering for a predominantly vegetarian populace, and for a country that doesn’t eat beef.

The options in India include a McPaneer, which is a breaded and fried chunk of paneer cheese between a bun. There is also a Veggie mcMuffin, a veggie patty burger, and much more. Each country has its own specialty it seems, but here in the US we are a little more limited.

Don’t worry though, as the seasonal specials that we get in the US are rarely available elsewhere, so we’re not completely left out.