Blue Apron Review: Coupons, Best Plans, Gluten-Free

Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron is one of the biggest names in the meal delivery industry. They were founded back in 2012 and have grown across the United States since then. In our Blue Apron review we’ll look at the ins and outs of this company, answering the questions that you’re asking about them and then giving our honest opinion on their service.

Blue Apron Review

Before we get to our Blue Apron review and discuss our thoughts on this service, let’s get some of the basics out of the way with some of your frequently asked Blue Apron questions.

Blue Apron FAQ

Blue Apron Healthy

Blue Apron use plenty of fresh food, all of which is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, and most of which is also organic.

Everyday we get inundated with questions here on Secret Menu. And when it comes to meal delivery services, the majority of those questions have concerned Blue Apron. Our Blue Apron review should help you to answer some of these in an unbiased way. But before we get to that, here are some answers to a few of your most common questions:

Is Blue Apron Worth It?

It all depends on how much you value convenience and quality recipes. This is not a subscription box service that promises a box that costs less than its value. In fact, many Blue Apron boxes would be half the price if you bought at your local grocery store. But convenience is key, and for many, it makes it all worthwhile.

Is Blue Apron Available Near Me?

Blue Apron deliver across the United States, except for Hawaii and Alaska. There many be some issues with certain zip codes though. The best thing to do is check on the Blue Apron website to discover if they can deliver to you.

Is Blue Apron Available in the UK?

Secret Menus is an international site. Not only are our readers from all over the world, but our writers, editors and developers are on both sides of the Atlantic. Because of this, we like to keep our UK readers on the same page as our US readers. But the same can’t be said for Blue Apron. As of 2017, they are only available in the United States.

Is Blue Apron Organic?

Not all of their ingredients are organic, but many of them are. As with so many meal delivery services, Blue Apron work with local farms. This ensures thy get farm-fresh produce that is–for the most part–organic.

Why Are They Called Blue Apron?

Blue Apron Organic

Their recipes are straightforward and very easy to follow.

To be fair to all readers of SecretMenu, this question is often asked in passing. No one has actively sought out contact with us just to find an answer that they could probably use Google for! To answer the question, Blue Apron is so-named because trainee chefs wear blue aprons. The blue apron is a symbol of learning in the culinary sector, much like the L plates when learning to drive.

Is Blue Apron Healthy?

Blue Apron meals can certainly be defined as “healthy”. They use fresh ingredients. This ensures they have a complete nutrient profile by the time they make it to you. They also load-up on vegetables, beans, fresh herbs and other healthy ingredients. As far as salt goes, most of that is down to how you season your food. But in terms of base ingredients and recipes, Blue Apron is healthy.

Does Blue Apron Have a Mobile App?

Surprisingly, not all meal delivery services have embraced the mobile platform. Blue Apron are an exception, but they haven’t quite cornered the market in this. The Blue Apron mobile app is only available on iOS, which means you can download it on your iPhone and iPad.

Blue Apron Meals

Blue Apron Meals

Make food for you and your partner, or for all of the family.

There are two options on Blue Apron: the 2-Person Plan and the Family Plan. Both of these can be ordered weekly, with several recipes sent per week. It is a subscription service, but you can cancel at anytime. Unlike some of their competitors, it’s not that difficult to cancel.

You can personalize your subscription if you have a specific dietary requirement. It’s not quite as accommodating in this department as other meal delivery services are, but the options are certainly there.

Blue Apron is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those on a gluten-free diet. However, if you have a serious food allergy, or if you are forgoing gluten because of necessity and not choice, then you should avoid a Blue Apron subscription. The risk of cross-contamination is too great and even Blue Apron don’t recommend their plans for those with severe allergies.

Blue Apron also have a “Freshness Guarantee” that refunds you if your delivery was delayed and your produce was affected as a result, or if some of the produce was simply not up to standard. This is a guarantee that they actually seem to follow through with. We have to applaud them for that.

Blue Apron Meals

There is a wide variety of recipes in the Blue Apron meal plans. For the purpose of our Blue Apron review, we sampled many of these (it’s hard work having to eat fresh, delicious food all day, let me tell you). Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hoisin Chicken Steam Buns: There is something so satisfying about biting into a steam bun filled with moist meat. It’s like McDonalds, only with a little more color and a lot less guilt.
  • Cauliflower Parmesan Paninis: This cheesy snack is served with a fresh salad on the side. It’s not unlike a healthy sandwich from the Firehouse Subs Menu. But it’s even more satisfying when you cook it yourself.
  • West African Peanut Chicken: The closest many of us get to African cuisines are restaurants like Nandos. So, this is a great way to introduce yourself to this cuisine and its diversity.

Blue Apron Prices

Blue Apron Prices

It may not be cheap, but in terms of its competition, Blue Apron isn’t expensive either.

Blue Apron prices are very reasonable. They are not quite as expensive as some of their competitors, and while they are by no means cheap, you certainly get a lot for your money.

Shipping is free and you pay $9.99 per serving. This adds up to around $60 when you factor in the 3 recipes per week for 2 people. But once you break it down it’s very reasonable indeed. Of course, if price is one of your main concerns, and if you’re simply looking for a cheap way to eat well, this isn’t it.

It is much cheaper to buy at your local health food store, and you can save as much as 50% on the ingredients by doing so. What’s more, many of the ingredients you buy will also be in greater quantities and will therefore last much longer. If you’re someone who focuses primarily on this issue, and on the fact that you can simply find healthy recipes on the internet, then Blue Apron, or any meal delivery service for that matter, is not for you.

But these services are not created for bargain foodies. They are created for people who are happy to pay a little more for convenience, people who see this service as the push they need to start cooking and/or eating healthily. And when you take that into consideration, and compare Blue Apron to some of their more expensive competitors, it begins to look very respectable.

Blue Apron Food Delivery

Blue Apron Delivery

Deliveries are fast, and all food is packed to remain fresh.

As mentioned above and in our Blue Apron FAQ, delivery is free and they cover most of the contiguous United States. We never had an issue in this department and all of our boxes were delivered exactly when they said they would be. For us, this was Wednesday, but Blue Apron delivery from Tuesday to Friday. Some locations also qualify for delivery on Monday and Saturday.

If there is an issue with the delivery then we would advise getting in touch straight away. That applies even if there is a short delay or a single item that looks a little “off”. In our experience, Blue Apron are very quick to right any wrongs. They often do their best to make sure you’re happy.

If you’re going to be out, we would advise leaving a note and telling the courier to give the box to a neighbor or to leave in a secure place. All meals are packed with ice in a temperature controlled box. As a result, they will stay fresh throughout the day, even if they are delivered in the morning and opened on an evening. We experienced this ourselves after requesting a box to be left with someone in our building.

Blue Apron Review: Our Thoughts

There has been some controversy with Blue Apron, most of which comes from their packaging facility in Richmond, California. They have been sanctioned, and there have also been issues with employees. However, the sanctions related to working conditions, while the other issues seem to have stemmed from discontented workers. As far as we know, there have been no negative reports regarding food quality or safety, and as we have discussed in this Blue Apron review, we didn’t get a hint of any such problems.

All in all, we really enjoyed our Blue Apron experience and we hope that is reflected in this Blue Apron review. They deserve all of the respect they get and after trying them out for a few weeks we can see why Blue Apron are one of the biggest meal delivery services.

The price is on par with Hello Fresh, almost to the penny. But we actually prefer Blue Apron. In fact, if we could only have one meal delivery service, we’re pretty sure it would be a toss-up between Blue Apron and Graze.

For us, Blue Apron deserves a 10/10.

Blue Apron Competitors

Blue Apron Coupons

Blue Apron not for you? Maybe one of their competitors will be.

Looking for companies like Blue Apron? Well, they’re not in short supply. Whether Blue Apron prices are too much for you, or the Blue Apron meals are just not to taste, there is sure to be another food delivery service that fits the bill.

On our Meal Delivery Service page you can find more information on these and on the industry. If it’s companies like Blue Apron you’re after, as opposed to companies that just happen to send food by mail, then take a look at the following review: