Candy Club Review: Coupons, Prices, Delivery, Vegetarian

Candy Club Review

Our Candy Club review is the only guide to this candy box subscription service that you need, covering Candy Club coupons, prices, delivery and more.

Is Candy Club worth it? What are Candy Club reviews saying? How fast is their delivery? Are there are any vegetarian or vegan options? We will answer these questions and more in this Candy Club review.

Candy Club Review

Can’t resist a sweet treat? Want the tastiest, sourest, sweetest candies delivered to your door every month? Get yourself a subscription to Candy Club. This is a food delivery service that focuses on the sweeter side of life, sending tubs of delectable candies direct to your door, wherever you are in the United States.

Candy Club Options

Candy Club Options

Sweet or sour? You decide.

Candy Club send a box of candy to you every month. You can choose the candy that you want, or you can opt for a curated box and let Candy Club pick your candies. If you do this then you can choose from three options:

  • CLUB Sour: Can’t resist a sour candy? These super-sour, lip-curling treats will test your limits.
  • CLUB Sweets: These are all-sweet and no-sour. There is no citric acid, no face-crunching sourness.
  • CLUB Mix: This box combines an even mixture of the two candies mentioned above. If you’re not fussy and want to try all of the candies available on Candy Club, then this is the box for you.

All subscription boxes are sent monthly, with a charge of $27.99 for a single month’s subscription (plus shipping). If you purchase a 6 month subscription then you will pay just $22.99 per month, and if you purchase a 12 month subscription then it will cost just $19.99 per box.

The candies are sent as individual, unsealed treats in large jars. You will receive three of these tubs a month, and you can add extra tubs if you want. The maximum amount of candies you can receive is 6 tubs, which also provide the most value, especially if you purchase the 12-month subscription option.

Is Candy Club Vegetarian / Vegan?

A lot of the meal delivery services we have covered go out of their way to cater for specific dietary needs. Sun Basket, Hello Fresh and Graze all have options for vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free diets. However, Candy Club haven’t really tried to cater for any such dietary needs, and it doesn’t look like they will make changes anytime soon. Quite frankly, it would probably be too much hassle for them even if they wanted to make the change.

The problem with candies like the ones used by Candy Club is that many of them contain animal-based products. This includes a lot of gelatin, which is used to make gummy candy (and to add a certain sheen to other candies) and is essentially boiled animal skin. There are also colorings and other additives that come from animals and insects. Not only are these not suitable for vegans, but they are not suitable for vegetarians either.

So, while there may be some candies that seem to be vegan and vegetarian friendly on the surface, that’s not always the case. If you don’t see the symbol that declares a certain candy is vegan/vegetarian safe, then you should assume it’s not. The same applies for gluten-free and allergies.

Candy Club Delivery

Candy Club ships across the contiguous United States. They do not ship worldwide, contrary to what many customers seem to believe. There are Candy Club services that ship in the United Kingdom and other European destinations. However, these are services that just so happen to have the same name and they are not affiliated with the US Candy Club (there are also nightclubs, restaurants and other locations with this name).

There is a monthly charge of $6.99 for a Candy Club delivery. If you order the recurring monthly subscription then you can cancel at anytime.

Candy Club Prices

Candy Club prices are very reasonable. They promise to provide you with candy that is cheaper than the retail price, and for the most part, this is a promise that they follow through with. However, in a world of low-cost online stores, dollar stores and Walmart, no one pays retail price anymore. If you add up the individual prices from your Candy Club box and then compare these to candy you can get from your local Walmart, it’s probably about even. Once you add the delivery charge on top, then Candy Club may even be a little more expensive.

Candy Club candies are often much better than what you would find in Walmart though. At least for the most part. And when you compare these prices to a high-end retailer, such as a specialist candy store, then Candy Club prices are definitely cheaper.

To save even more money on this service, be sure to pickup a Candy Club coupon or promo code. We have listed some more details on these below.

Candy Club Coupons and Promo Codes

Candy Club Coupons

These candy-filled tubs are ready to snack on, store away or provide the perfect gift.

There are a number of Candy Club coupons out there, all of which can save you some money on your first Candy Club subscription. This is how the majority of members are introduced to services like Candy Club. Most of them will use the coupon, take the discount box and then cancel the subscription when they are asked to pay full price. And that’s fine, as it’s easy to cancel and there’s nothing stopping you from doing this providing you don’t commit to a long-term contract.

The most common Candy Club coupon available is one that offers $20 off your first box and also gives you free shipping. This means you can save a total of $27, giving you a Candy Club box for less than $10. There are also Candy Club coupons out there that can give you 50% off your order. This sounds like a lot more, but if you’re ordering a single box it’s actually much less.

So, if you only want 1 box then look for the $20 off promo code. If you’re looking to signup for a long-term subscription then you’re better off with the 50% off subscription.

Candy Club Reviews

Candy Club Reviews

There are many different flavors to experience. Choose your own or let Candy Club make the choice for you.

Our Candy Club Review page is more of a guide than an actual Candy Club review. We try to look at things from all sides and because we’re not affiliated with this company or any of the other ones we cover, we don’t have a bias either way. However, if it’s actual opinions you want, Candy Club reviews that sway you one way or the other, then sites like TrustPilot are probably your best bet.

There are countless Candy Club reviews on this page. For the most part, these are all positive. In fact, Candy Club has one of the highest average scores of all meal delivery and food delivery services. There are some negative reviews out there of course, most of which relate to missed deliveries. However, with so many boxes leaving their warehouse everyday, it’s only common for a number of them to miss their destination or to be held up by the courier.

Candy Club prices are also a sour point for several customers. As we have discussed here on our Candy Club Review page, these prices aren’t for everyone. So, make sure you study the service in detail before you sign up, as that way you can ensure you’re getting something that you think is worth the money. You can also pickup a Candy Club coupon, which should help to shave a few pennies off the subscription price.

Candy Club Jobs

Candy Club Jobs

Live out a childhood dream of working in a candy store.

Candy Club don’t have a careers page like many of their rivals do. They do have an offline location though and they do deal with everything from customer support to packing, sourcing, advertising and more. As a result, there are jobs available, you just have to go through different sources to get them.

Candy Club is based in California, so if you live locally be sure to checkout local vacancies or drop your CV in with the company on their contact page. Alternatively, we have careers and job information on many similar companies, including Try The World and NatureBox.