Graze Review (Coupons, Free Boxes) UPDATED FOR 2017


Graze is a meal delivery service with a difference. Unlike many of the other similar services, Graze doesn’t send boxes of fresh ingredients and the recipes you need to put them together. They send you healthy snacks that have been dreamt-up and then cooked-up in the Graze kitchens. These snacks are touted as a great addition to your day, a great way to get some healthy carbs, fiber and/or protein. But is Graze all it’s cracked up to be?

Here at Secret Menus we put it to the test. Graze is available around the world and is particularly dominant in both the UK and the US. As it happens, our writers are also based on both sides of the Atlantic. So everyone at the Secret Menus team grabbed a couple Graze boxes, had a discussion and then compiled our thoughts.

This Graze Review is what we came up with. But before we get into that, let’s get some of the basics out of the way.

Graze Review

Graze Review

Often seen as an “alternative” to services like Hello Fresh and Freshly, Graze has actually been around for longer and offers something quite different. The Graze history dates all of the way back to 2008, when it was founded by Graham Bosher, the man behind LoveFilm (now merged into the Amazon Instant Video service), and six of his friends.

They were headquartered in London and focused entirely on the UK market. In 2012, The Carlyle Group, who were once involved with Dunkin’ Brands (the people behind Dunkin’ Donuts), purchased a majority share in the company. After this Graze began to expand into the US market.

In the years that followed, the Graze brand grew considerably. Their products can now be ordered in the UK and the US and Graze boxes can also be purchased through grocery stores and supermarkets in both of these countries (including Walgreens in the US and Sainsbury’s in the UK)

Graze Review: The Options

Graze sell variety boxes that contain a set number of snacks, each packaged in their own little pots. There are no set recipes, meals or anything of the sort. You simply tell Graze what you like, including the foods you love, the foods you hate and any dietary needs you have, and they’ll plug your preferences into their algorithm.

This will then determine the best selection of snacks for you, as well as what snacks should be sent, first, second, etc., There are over 100 snacks in total, with more being added all of the time. As a result, variety is not a problem. And the whole process of choosing your order and purchasing your Graze box is quite fun.

Are Graze Boxes Healthy?

Are Graze Boxes Healthy

Graze boxes are very healthy. They pride themselves on creating recipes that make use of nutrient-packed ingredients, and they avoid using any nasty additives and preservatives. There is no high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats or anything artificial, and many of their snacks are whole-grain, packed with vitamins and minerals, and a great source to help you fill-up on what’s good for you.

Of course, they’re still snacks, not entire meals. It’s not something you can eat all day, every day, nor would you want to try. However, as a replacement for high-sugar treats, and as something that can keep your energy levels up, Graze snacks are perfect.

Are Graze Boxes Gluten-Free? / Are Graze Boxes Vegan?

Are Graze Boxes Vegan

We have previously discussed how some meal delivery services just don’t cater for all dietary needs. Even the bigger and more well known services don’t have options for those on vegan or gluten-free diets. However, that’s not the case with Graze.

If you’re on a gluten-free diet then your options are a little more limited. In fact, if you’re coeliac, then you should probably avoid them altogether.

That’s because while there are many snacks that don’t include gluten, there is a strong possibility of cross-contamination. So, it’s best to avoid them if it’s a medical issue. The same goes for those suffering from food allergies. If it’s a matter of preference, however, and you don’t mind running the risk of cross-contamination, then you should be okay.

Graze Review: Prices

Graze Prices

Graze boxes typically cost $11.99 each (£3.99 in the UK). For this price you will get 8 snack pots (4 in the UK), containing a selection of recipes chosen for you or by you. Graze is a subscription service, so this price needs to be paid regularly. You can choose to have 1 or 2 boxes a week, or you can have them every 2 weeks..

That sounds like a lot of money for a single box of snacks, but when you consider that you’re getting 8 healthy snacks, it begins to look a little less. The problem that many have with Graze is not so much the price, but the fact that a subscription is needed. However, this subscription is very straightforward to cancel (unlike many other, similar services) and we certainly didn’t have any issues in this regard.

You can also simply buy Graze boxes from a participating store or as one-offs online. This way you can get them when you want them.

Graze Coupons

Graze Coupons

There are many Graze coupons out there and these are a great way to introduce yourself to the service. The best of these comes in the form of a free Graze box, which is something you can pickup just by visiting the site and signing up (when the offer is available, that is). Other offers include reduced price subscription and boxes that are available via Groupon and other coupon sites.

One of the great things about Graze is that they openly advertise all of these promotions on their website. So, just click onto the site to see some Graze coupons and offers for yourself.

Graze Review: The Best Recipes

Are Graze Boxes Gluten-FreeWe’ll admit to getting a little carried away with our Graze experience. We didn’t enjoy all recipes, far from it, but we came close to trying all of them. Below are a few of the best Graze snacks, as reviewed by the Secret Menus team:

Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake: Upon hear the name of this treat, one of our testers was practically drooling. He was a little disappointed when he actually saw the product and realized he wasn’t about to tuck into a mound of cream cheese and chocolate. But eventually it won him over. In fact, this mixture of mini chocolate cookies, yogurt drops and strawberry drops was one of the most persistently popular snacks during the Secret Menus Graze review.

New York Everything Bagel: This snack combines cheese flavored cashews nuts (an ingredient you will find in many Graze boxes, as it’s one you can’t go much wrong with) onion sticks and roasted pumpkin seeds. A little more simpler and a lot more savory. But just as delicious.

Lemon Drizzle Flapjacks: Flapjacks are another common feature, and one Graze are so good at. This is a relatively simple flapjack, but one that is livened up with a tangy, sweet lemon topping. It’s rustic, it’s soft, it’s chewy, and it’s delicious.

Graze Review: Our Thoughts

On the whole, our experience with Graze was a positive one. As a result, our Graze review is positive as well. The price was a little off-putting, as is so often the case with these services. But you get a lot for your money. And when you factor in the convenience of it all, it begins to look like a bargain.

What’s more, as any one who frequents health food stores can attest, these foods don’t come cheap. So, if you don’t mind paying the high prices at your local health food store then you certainly won’t mind paying for a Graze subscription.

We actually looked forward to receiving our boxes each week. One of our testers became so obsessed he bought several boxes from his local Walgreens store. Let’s be honest, we’d all prefer an actual NY Bagel or Strawberry Cheesecake. But for food that is so healthy, these snacks taste great. If you’re struggling to eat more healthily and to get the nutrients you require, this could be just what you need.

All in all, Graze gets a 10/10 from us.