Green Chef Review: Coupons, Best Plans, Gluten-Free

Green Chef

Our Green Chef review page aims to answer all of your questions about Green Chef, a rising star in the meal delivery sector. Our Green Chef review provides complete and comprehensive information about Green Chef, and is updated regularly to ensure that everything from Green Chef prices to Green Chef snack recipes are up to date.

Green Chef Review

Green Chef Review

Our Green Chef review isn’t an actual Green Chef review. Odd, we know. But bear with us. We have trialled many services. Which is why you can find reviews on everything from Graze to Hello Fresh and Sun Basket. With Green Chef, however, we decided to do something different. We wanted to create a page that answered all of the questions that were being asked, a page that listed all of the information that isn’t readily available elsewhere.

It’s easy to find a Green Chef review out there (we have more details on this below). And that’s why we wanted to be a little different. As a result, our Green Chef review page is more a complete Wiki on all things Green Chef, and less an actual Green Chef review.

What is Green Chef?

Green Chef is a meal delivery service that sends you a box of pre-measured ingredients, as well as instructions on how to compile these into a tasty meal (in theory, but not in practice if your cooking is anything like ours). Some meal delivery services, such as Graze and Try The World, offer pre-made snacks, while others, like Freshly, sell pre-cooked, ready-to-eat meals. But Green Chef is in the same category as the likes of Hello Fresh in that you get the ingredients and you do the cooking.

All Green Chef produce is organic and most of it is fresh. They tend not to ship pantry essentials, so stuff like olive oil, as well as some spices, will need to be provided by the customer.

Green Chef provide a number of meal options, all of which can be delivered every week. These options aim to cater for different dietary needs, as discussed in more detail a little later on.

Green Chef Boxes

Green Chef Boxes

Green Chef is certified organic, which means none of the ingredients they send contain pesticides. They are also GMO free, with no artificial ingredients. Green Chef offer two different options. There is a “Two Person Plan” and a “Family Plan”. There are many different individual meal plans under these two plans, as Green Chef aim to cater for many different tastes and needs (discussed in more detail below).

They use eco-friendly boxes that are created to ensure your ingredients stay protected and fresh. All boxes contain ice packs that keep your food cold and fresh and can also be reused. They are committed to reducing waste across the board, but they still use some plastic pots and jars to store the ingredients that they send to customers. However, these can be washed and reused, limiting waste while providing you with a handy container.

Green Chef Meals

There is a variety of recipes covering many different dietary needs. You can choose your own recipes online and have these sent directly, which means you don’t need to take “risks” with foods that you don’t like or can’t eat. Some of the most common questions regarding Green Chef’s meal plans include:

  • Is Green Chef Vegetarian? There are plenty of vegetarian options. In fact, of all the dietary needs, this is the one that offers the most variety. The vegetarian recipes also tend to offer a little more complexity, as the meat-based meals let the meat do the talking.
  • Is Green Chef Vegan? The vegan options are fewer than the vegetarian options, but they do exist and there is more here for vegans than there are on many competing meal delivery services.
  • Is Green Chef Paleo? There are options for those on the paleo diet. Much like Sun Basket, Green Chef is more than ready to cater for this specific diet.
  • Is Green Chef Gluten-Free? There are gluten-free plans. However, those with a serious gluten intolerance may face issues with regards to cross-contamination.
  • Is Green Chef Allergy Safe? Cross-contamination is very common with meal delivery services, and Green Chef is no exception. As a result, there is no guarantee that your boxes will be free of a certain trace substance, even if it is not actually delivered with your ingredients. If your allergies are very safe it is recommended that you avoid this food delivery service.

Green Chef Prices

Green Chef Prices

Their plans offer ingredients that can cook between 2 and 4 meals, depending on which plan and package you choose. Their cheapest plan is the Vegetarian one, which comes to a total of just $10.49 per meal. This is nearly $5 cheaper than their Paleo plan, while the Vegan and Carnivore plans are somewhere in the middle.

There is no contract and there is no minimum commitment. As a result, you can remain a member for as long as you want. If you decide that you no longer want to receive Green Chef meals, then you can just cancel your subscription. You can also skip weeks or delay your subscription, which will automatically renew if you do not interject.

There is a charge of $9 for delivery. This is a sour point for many customers, and one that takes the total price of Green Chef to an amount that can no longer be considered cheap, and one that many customers argue is far too expensive.

Green Chef Coupon

Green Chef Coupons

A Green Chef coupon code can help you to save a few dollars on your subscription fee. There are many Green Chef coupons out there, but for every 1 Green Chef coupon that works, there are at least half a dozen that don’t. It’s all about persistence. The good news is that there are valid coupons, the bad news is that you might have to try several non-valid ones before you get there.

Green Chef Delivery

You can tell Green Chef which day you want to receive your box and they will ensure it arrives on that day. They can’t give you a specific time and they tell all customers that it will arrive sometime between 8am and 8pm. But the fact that they deliver on a set day makes life easier for their customers.

All of the food will stay fresh within the box during and just after delivery, but Green Chef recommend that it is taken out as soon as possible and then cooked/eaten within 3 days.

As mentioned above, there is a charge of $9 for delivery, which pushes the total price of Green Chef up by a considerable amount.

How to Cancel Green Chef

Cancel Green Chef

Green Chef not for you? These subscriptions aren’t for everyone. The good news is that Green Chef is fairly easy to cancel. The bad news is that there is no simple button to click to instigate the cancellation process. Instead, you have to email “” with details. This should begin the process and you should be able to avoid the next payment.

Of course, this isn’t as easy as it could be or as it perhaps should be. But then again, if it was easy these companies would lose a lot of money. Their goal is seemingly to make the process just that little bit frustrating and time consuming, as that way at least a small fraction of customers will put it off for a few days or avoid it altogether.

However, they also want to keep their customers happy and make sure they don’t get too many complaints, so at the same time they don’t make it too difficult and once you send that email it should be relatively seamless.

Green Chef Reviews

Green Chef Reviews

Green Chef reviews are generally favorable. There are not as many good reviews as there are for services like Graze and Hello Fresh (who we also rated highly) but they are far from the worst either. In terms of the highest rated meal delivery service, Green Chef are somewhere in the middle.

On review sites like Yelp they average 3 out of 5 stars. This isn’t great, but bear in mind that most online reviewers don’t offer their thoughts on a service or product unless they have something negative to say about it. It’s a way of venting anger, and it means this average review scores can be skewed a little.

Green Chef Jobs

Green Chef Jobs

Looking for information on Green Chef jobs? Just pay a visit to the Green Chef Careers page on their website. We are not affiliated with this service in anyway, but we get a lot of questions about Green Chef jobs and other careers associated with the companies, restaurants and chains that we cover. As a result, we like to include a little information where possible.

We can’t say with any degree of certainty whether Green Chef would be a good place to work or not, but we can say that they seem to be hiring all of the time. So, if you have the skills and the desire, you shouldn’t run into any problems.