Sun Basket Food Delivery

When we are typically hungry, we either head out to grab a bit, order in, or simply cook what we have in the kitchen. Well, there is still one other option, you can pick a meal online, receive the raw ingredients, and then cook it in your own kitchen. Enter Sun Basket, a food delivery company that ships you a box full of three different meals that you cook from scratch in the kitchen.

If you’ve ever had a chance to look at their menu, you might get overwhelmed with the options. At the moment they have over 600 different meal options, and they continue to add onto the list weekly. If you’re someone who only eats Paleo, there are specific meals for that, if you’re a Vegetarian, there are meals for that etc.

Just so it’s easier to make a selection, I’m going to share the best recipes in the cookbook that Sun Basket has to offer:

This is a Chicken Parmesan dish, topped with tomato olive sauce and a small side of walnut salad. Each serving contains 910 calories, with a preparation time of 35 to 45 minutes. This is a soy free dish that is packed with 55g of protein.

Doesn’t that look delicious? This dish originated out of North Africa and is known as Shakshuka with greens and seeded lavash. Typically, this dash is made with tomato sauce but the chef behind Sun Basket decided to use cooked greens instead of the sauce. Each serving consists of 680 calories, and takes around 25 to 35 minutes to prepare. In addition, this is a vegetarian meal and also soy-free.

Ah Chicken Tikka, a dish that we know of to be served by Indian restaurants but did you know that the dish was originally invented in Scotland! Unlike the other dishes, when you prepare this meal, you will be able to get four servings out of it with 530 calories per serving. It is recommended for this dish that you rinse the rice several times before cooking to remove the starches on the surface that cause clumping. Are you gluten free? Perfect, because this meal is!


Rigatoni with pesto and white beans – our absolute favorite! We were actually recommended this dish by ReviewingThis when they prepared it and I must say, it does not disappoint. The best part of the dish is honesty the custom pesto sause that they made that goes over the Rigatoni. It’s a quick dish to prepare, only 20 minutes with 790 calories per serving. If you’re a vegetarian, you truly cannot go wrong with this dish. I do recommend taking a look at how ReviewingThis prepared this beautiful meal.


There you have it, four great meals to begin with. Keep in mind, you can easily tell by the calorie count that if you’re trying to lose weight, then these specific dishes aren’t the optimal choices. On the bright side, you’ll be happy to hear that all produce sent to you by Sun Basket is organic, and their meat has very little hormones.