Terra’s Kitchen Review: Coupons, Prices, Gluten-Free

Terra's Kitchen Review

Our Terra’s Kitchen review is a guide on all things TK. From Terra’s Kitchen coupons to prices, delivery and more, we’ll answer your questions, we’ll deliver an honest and straightforward opinion and we’ll prepare you for membership with this meal delivery service.

Get a dose of fresh, healthy and nutritious food with Terra’s Kitchen, a service as focused on fine ingredients as it is on eco-friendly materials. Terra’s Kitchen aims to be the meal delivery service of the future, but one that exists in the here and now.

Terra’s Kitchen Review

This is an earth-friendly, family-friendly service that aims to make cooking easier and eating healthier. Whether you’re a single professional or a busy family, Terra’s Kitchen aims to help you bring some vibrancy to your kitchen and some essential nutrients to your diet. But with so many questions being asked about this service, it’s clear that many of you just don’t know what Terra’s Kitchen’s is all about.

That’s where our Terra’s Kitchen review comes in. We’ll discus the basics of this service, telling you all you need to know. Once we get that out of the way we’ll also provide you with our own Terra’s Kitchen review, detailing our thoughts on this service and offering our recommendation.

Terra’s Kitchen Meals

Terra's Kitchen Meals

It’s not all about main meals on Terra’s Kitchen. There are several foods to order and enjoy, including:

  • Meals: These are the main meals. There are a number of options, from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes and more.
  • Proteins and Pasta: Designed with athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics in mind, these low-fat, high energy foods are a great way to boost your workout regime.
  • Snacks and Juices: Meal delivery services seem to either provide meals or snacks. But Terra’s Kitchen offer both, with a range of healthy snacks to fill you up between meals.
  • Salads and Smoothies: Another way to fill-up between meals, these also serve as side dishes to the main meals.

Terra’s Kitchen Recipes

There are many great Terra’s Kitchen recipes to explore. These aren’t as hit and miss as some other services, which is helped by the fact that you can choose which meals you receive in advance. Some of our favorites include:

  • Barbacoa Street Tacos: If you can’t get enough of street food and want some of those fresh, vibrant flavors in your home, then this is the perfect fit. This is one of the more expensive meals and it’s also one that requires one of the longest cooking times. But the prep is quick and the meal itself is amazing.
  • Vegan Power Bowl: It seems that “bowls” are all the rage these days, especially vegan bowls. This is your chance to join the trend, with a colorful, flavorful salad that comes packed with superfoods like kale and chickpeas.
  • Seared Lamb with Chickpea and Cucumber Salad: Many services like Terra’s Kitchen tend to offer very simple dishes when it comes to meat. They provide a prime cut and then let that do the talking. Terra’s Kitchen also offer great cuts of meat, but they tend to accompany complementary, delicately balanced salads. This is one of the best examples of this, juxtaposing the strong, savory lamb with the fresh, light salad.

Terra’s Kitchen Delivery

Terra's Kitchen Delivery

Most food delivery services send you food in a cardboard box that has been insulated and packed with ice packs. This helps to keep it somewhat fresh for the day, but it can also be messy to deal with and dispose of. Terra’s Kitchen are a little different, offering a service that is much better for the consumer.

They send all of their food in their “Vessels”. These are fully insulated, chilled units. They are basically portable fridges, and ones that ensure all of your ingredients arrive at their freshest. Once the box lands on your doorstep you need to unpack, placing the ingredients in your fridge or cupboard, and then attach a Returns Label which comes with the box. This will then be picked up and used for future deliveries, with each Vessel said to last for over 100 deliveries.

All of these units are thoroughly sanitized between deliveries, so there are no concerns about contamination.

Is Terra’s Kitchen Vegetarian and Vegan?

There are options for a vegetarian plan on Terra’s Kitchen. However, there are no such options for other diets. These are available, there are just no plans for them. If you are a vegetarian then your options are as diverse as they are for meat eaters. If you are a vegan, or if you are on a Paleo or gluten-free diet, then you simply need to carefully select your meals.

Terra’s Kitchen clearly state whether their recipes are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or Paleo. They also label potential allergies. But as with most meal delivery services, there is no guarantee against cross contamination. So, if you have a severe allergy then Terra’s Kitchen is not for you.

Terra’s Kitchen Coupons

Terra's Kitchen Coupons

Terra’s Kitchen is one of the few meal delivery services that is very open about the coupons they offer. They all offer them, because many customers refuse to signup unless they have one. But many Terra’s Kitchen coupons can actually be found on the Terra’s Kitchen website.

We have listed some Terra’s Kitchen coupons below, but you can also refer friends to the service to secure $25 off one of your orders. If you do this then your friend will also get $25 off their first order, which makes this a win-win for both parties.

There is no limit on the number of times that you can do this either. So, if you have friends who are interested then sign them up and save some cash for you and for them.

Terra’s Kitchen Promo Codes

Many Terra’s Kitchen coupon codes don’t last for very long. They are valid for a short time only, before being pushed aside as another one comes in. However, there is usually always at least one of these promo codes available and we have compiled a few of them for you below.

We will try to update these for you as best we can, so be sure to check back regularly. If you notice invalid codes before we do, please drop us an email and we’ll be sure to update them.

  • TK30: This can give you $30 off your first order, a sizable saving that has introduced many new customers to the service in 2017.
  • TK5W: This Terra’s Kitchen coupon offers up to $75 off. But make sure you get in quick as it tends not to last very long.

Terra’s Kitchen Review: Our Thoughts

Our Terra’s Kitchen review page is more of a guide to this service. However, we did try this service for ourselves and we were pleasantly surprised with it on the whole. It wasn’t the best one that we have tried and it left us wanting in parts. Especially after trying the likes of Hello Fresh, Graze and Blue Apron. However, it was ahead of many other services that we have tried and with a little hard work it could be up there with the best of them

The major gripe that we had with Terra’s Kitchen, and one that many other customers complain about, is the price. They are one of the more expensive meal delivery services, on par with the likes of Freshly, which actually cooks the food for you and sends it ready-to-eat.

At the same time, however, Terra’s Kitchen also gave us some of the very best food we have had. In fact, in terms of taste it was up there with Blue Apron, a service that no other has been able to top and few have even come close to. The recipes were fantastic both as a way of adding some nutritious and tasty food to our diet, and as a way of helping us to discover new flavors and new cuisines.

Terra’s Kitchen is perhaps a little more green than many of the other providers. It could also be said that they are a little fresher, a little more vibrant and a little more eclectic. That’s all great, but the problem with Terra’s Kitchen, and the reason our Terra’s Kitchen review doesn’t get top marks, is that you have to pay for that extra quality.

All in all, our Terra’s Kitchen review score is a 9/10.

Terra’s Kitchen Reviews

Terra's Kitchen Reviews

So, what do other Terra’s Kitchen reviews say? Well, many of them seem to agree with us. They all agree that Terra’s Kitchen is one of the best in terms of taste and quality, that they go out of their way to help customers with any problems that arise, but that this service comes at a premium.

This is perhaps why Terra’s Kitchen has been labelled as a service for those with a little more money to burn. If you’re a hard-working professional, if you have a busy home life or if you have an active family to feed, then you can’t really put a price on the sort of convenience and goodness that Terra’s Kitchen offers. However, if money is tight, then you’re probably better off with another, similar service. In fact, you might be better off giving these meal delivery services a miss altogether.

If you’re still not sure, be sure to look for some more Terra’s Kitchen reviews. There are plenty out there. Some of the best of these can be found on independent blogs. Just be wary for overly-positive reviews that culminate with an affiliate link.

Terra’s Kitchen Jobs

Terra's Kitchen Jobs

If you have a passion for healthy food and you want to introduce others to it then you might want to consider applying for a role within the Terra’s Kitchen organization. This is a growing company, so they always seem to be looking for new employees, whether as packers, shippers or admin staff.

Checkout the Terra’s Kitchen Jobs page to learn more.  Secret Menus are in no way affiliated with this organization, so please don’t send your CVs in to us!