Try The World Review: Coupons, Best Plans, Gluten-Free

Try The World Review

Our Try The World review page takes an honest look at a snack and meal delivery service that helps customers to explore a world of flavors every week. We began with every intention of creating an unbiased Try The World review, and for the most part, that’s what we have done. However, from the first box that arrived on our doorstep we fell in love with this service.

Try The World Review

Try The World is a new kind of meal delivery box. It doesn’t send you ready-to-eat meals like Freshly does. It doesn’t send you a box of ingredients and a recipe like Hello Fresh does.

If we had to compare Try The World to anything, it would be Graze, the kings of the ready-to-eat, home delivered snack. But the truth is, this service is like none of those. It provides customers with a taste of all of the world’s best cuisines, packing a host of snacks, sauces, candies and more into a subscription box that you’ll look forward to every week.

Our Try The World review page is essentially just a platform through which we express our adoration for this service. As foodies who love to try new foods and experiment with new flavors, but hate to cook, Try The World is perfect for us. Keep reading our Try The World review to find out if it’s also perfect for you and your tastes.

Try The World Meal Options

Try The World Meal Options

You have three choices when you signup for Try The World. The main plans are all based around a certain cuisine, containing different items for your kitchen, depending on which option you choose. For instance, the “Greece” boxes includes everything from the finest Greek olive oil, to a jar of spicy pepper and feta sauce, some Kalamata olives and more. Other plans contain an assortment of flavors from countries around the world.

The Try The World plans include:

Signature Box: This is the biggest box on Try The World. It costs the most, it provides the most variety and it also gives you the most bang for your buck. Each signature box includes a selection of sauces, snacks, drinks and cooking ingredients. All of these are based around that month’s theme.

Snack Box: This box is cheaper and has more variety. It doesn’t focus on a single country and provides you with snacks from several different countries. If you have a sweet tooth, or just enjoy some savory treats on occasion, this is the perfect plan for you.

Pantry Box: Try The World label this as the “Easiest upgrade to your grocery routine”. It contains a selection of ingredients for your pantry, introducing new flavors to your kitchen and your cooking. If you love to experiment, and are more interested in meal-kit services than ones that provide you with ready-to-eat foods, then this may be the better option.

Try The World Snacks: The Best and the Worst

The only issue we have with Try The World is that some of the foods can be a little…useless. We don’t really consider ourselves to be fussy eaters, but we’ve found ourselves frowning in disappointment at several of the foods sent in one of the Try The World Signature Boxes.

Still, this is all part of the experience. Even when all of the foods aren’t to your taste, it still introduces you to new flavors. Some of the best boxes have included Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy. Both of these are great sources of tasty, fresh foods that the western palate can appreciate. Japan, which is a little more unusual, but surprisingly tasty, was also a great box.

Is Try The World Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free?

There are foods that can be eaten by vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free diet. The problem is, this doesn’t apply to everything. If you have a specific dietary need then you can still order a Try The World box, but you might be left wanting in regards to a few of the boxes they send. Some of the snacks or ingredients probably won’t get used, others may end up in the bin.

The best way to enjoy Try The World if you have a specific dietary need is to get a subscription with a friend, partner or your family. That way you have someone to eat the things you won’t eat, and you can also try new flavors together.

Try The World Prices

Try The World Prices

Many meal delivery services come at a premium. You pay for convenience, and if you’re not paying for recipes then you’re paying for someone to actually cook your food for you. We have reviewed many such services, including the likes of Sun Basket and Blue Apron, and on every occasion we have worked out that if you were to buy the ingredients separately from the grocery store, you’d save at least 50%.

However, Try The World is different. It works more like a typical subscription box in that the stuff you receive often costs more than the price you pay, especially when you consider that if you wanted to purchase the same products then you’d have to import them and then pay a premium for the pleasure of doing so.

The Try The World Signature Box starts from just $39 a month. This covers you for a new themed box every month. The other subscriptions are less than this, with the Snack Box costing just $19.

Try The World Coupons and Promo Codes

As with all subscription boxes and meal delivery services, there is no shortage of Try The World coupons and promo codes out there. These are a great way to introduce yourself to the service and we would recommend picking up at least 1 coupon before signing up.

They are readily available, so just do a quick Google search and see what comes up. When we signed up we used a code that allowed us to save $10 off our first order. However, this code has since expired. In fact, many of the Try The World promo codes listed on review sites and coupon sites are no longer valid. But valid codes do exist, and it’s worth searching until you find one.

You can also simply get in touch with Try The World. If you let them know that you found a code, that the code didn’t work and that you’re not willing to signup until it does, they will probably give you a valid promo code or coupon. Just be sure to share that code with other coupon seekers after you have used it.

Try The World Delivery

Try The World Delivery

Try The World boxes are sent every month. And because they are not sending fresh foods there is no issue shipping across the United States.

There are a number of different subscription boxes available. Once you choose your plan then you need to choose how often you would like to receive your box. You can choose to pay every month and have 1 box sent when ready, or you can pay for recurring subscriptions of 3, 6 and 12 months. If you do then you can save a few dollars, with a reduction of $10 per box if you opt for the 12 month plan.

Shipping is free for all boxes, first boxes will ship within 2 weeks, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Each box comes with details on the country that the foods represent. This includes a culinary history, as well as details on the foods themselves, and on ways that you can and should eat them.

Try The World Review: Our Thoughts

As you may have gathered, our Try The World review is quite favorable. And that’s because we really loved this service. We’re geeks at heart, so we have subscriptions to all kinds of subscription boxes. And now, thanks to Try The World, we also now have one for a food subscription box.

For us, Try The World is a deserved 10/10.

Services Like Try The World

Try The World AlternativesIt’s not really fair on Try The World or its “competitors” to put it in the same league as other meal delivery services. As mentioned many times already, it doesn’t send you ready-meal meals and it doesn’t send you the ingredients you need to cook these either. It’s just a subscription box for snacks, sauces and other cool foodstuffs.

It’s a hamper, one that comes every month and aims to introduce you to new and exciting cuisines. Still, there are some similar services out there, include Graze, where you can purchase ready-to-eat healthy snacks.

So, if you love Try The Word as much as we do, then we suggest you give Graze a go.