Menchies Logo

Menchies, or Menchies Frozen Yoghurt to give it its full name, is a seller of frozen sweet treats that is growing fast across the United States and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The very first location to carry the Menchies brand was opened in California in 2007. The San Fernando Valley was the choice of location, and it became the first of many as this chain spread across the state, the country and then the world, all in a very short space of time.

Menchies Locations

There are currently more than 550 Menchies locations around the world, which is incredibly impressive when you consider that these locations were opened within 10 years of the very first restaurant. The majority of these locations can be found in the United States, but there are also locations in many other countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

This is a very exciting franchise and a very profitable one as well. More and more locations are being opened all of the time and there is no shortage of franchise applications as people look to jump on the bandwagon. There is a great number of top franchise locations out there, but it’s rare that one like this comes along, which is why so many are looking to get involved.

Menchies on Secret Menus

As things stand, there is no Menchies secret menu. These chains just aren’t conducive to secret menus. They are small, the menu is limited and it’s also quite new, none of which is great with regards to a secret menu. However, many chains are getting involved with this format and it is surely just a matter of time before the Menchies secret menu does exist.

When this happens we will be the first to tell you about it and to post it. So, keep a eye out for this secret menu and let us know if you encounter any menu hacks from this chain in the meantime.

To tide you over until then you can take a look at our Menchies Menu Prices page. Here you will find every single item on the menu, along with all corresponding prices taken from official sources. This is updated all of the time to ensure that the information you read is always up to date whenever you read it.