National Coffee Day – September 29

National Coffee DayIn a country that consumes more than 400 million cups of coffee EACH day, and in the ballpark of sipping through over 146 billion cups in a year, it is not a surprise we take National Coffee Day (September 29) so seriously.

Americans love their coffee.

Fun Facts about Americans and Their Coffee Obsession

  • 55% of coffee drinkers would rather gain 10 pounds than give up their coffee
  • 35 % of coffee drinkers go black
  • 49% of coffee drinkers would prefer to give up their cell phone to coffee
  • 75% of the US caffeine is consumed in the form of coffee
  • $4 billion dollars is how much the worth of the coffee imported into the US on an annual basis

A Coffee History Lesson

Coffee’s first credible story gracing our history textbooks starting around the mid-15th century in Yemen. It was in the Sufi shrines by monks that the coffee seed was first roasted and brewed into an aromatic brew.

National Coffee DayTravelers visiting Yemen tried the stimulating drink and took tales of this exotic drink home with them. So by the 16th century, coffee was drunk in the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and northern Africa.

The Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company were instrumental players in developing a love of coffee in Europe through their exports. Although, it took a backseat to hot tea for many more years.

Coffee’s history is bloodied as countries colonized coffee producing countries, using or enslaving indigenous peoples to coffee production. Riots and uprisings over poor working conditions were often quelled with violence.

Interesting Coffee Facts

  • $500 per pound is the cost of the world’s most expensive coffee. Why is it expensive? Because the bean is initially fed to elephants and then the beans are picked out of their dung.
  • During the 19th century, British Royal Navy ship crews made a substitute coffee by burning bread and boiling it.
  • Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer.
  • Coffee crops are one of the biggest crops impacted by climate change.
  • American’s spend approximately $20 a week on coffee. That adds up to a more than $1000 a year habit.

American’s Love Affair with Coffee

National Coffee DayThe passion for coffee in the US is closely tied to our initial fight for independence in the events leading up to the Revolutionary War against Britain. Remember the Boston Tea Party lessons from your elementary school days?

Back in the 17th century, the British cut off the tea supplies to its American colonies, attempting to make them toe the line as the colonists should. The fierce independence of the colonists showed in their decision to replace their tea with coffee. You were considered highly unpatriotic if you were caught drinking tea!

Interestingly, America’s coffee obsession grew after two other wars — both the Civil War and World War 1, soldiers were given a daily ration of coffee. They came home demanding it for the rest of life as well.

But it was really the year 1971 that changed American’s from Folger’s coffee drinkers. The birth of Starbucks changed the landscape of coffee drinking in America. And it began the coffee culture we all experience today. The American coffeehouse was born and became a center point of community.

Health Benefits of Coffee

While the medical community is quick to say there have been no cause and effect studies linking coffee to health benefits, researchers have asked subjects about their coffee drinking habits. It has shown the possibility of a lessened risk for coffee drinkers in some health issues.

Coffee drinkers tend to have a lessened risk of type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers, and certain types of cancers. Of course, like many foods, adding the extras to coffee like cream and sugar change the potential health benefits.

Celebrate Your Love of Coffee

National Coffee DayKrispy Kreme – free small coffee and free glazed donut
Caribou Coffee – they’ll donate a free cup of coffee to hospital caregivers when you purchase a cup of Amy’s blend coffee
Dutch Bros. Coffee – Buck for Kids! For every drink sold on National Coffee Day, Dutch Bros. will donate $1.00 to local children’s organizations
Dunkin’ Donuts – $0.66 for a medium coffee
Starbucks – for every cup of Mexico Chiapas coffee bought on National Coffee Day, Starbucks will donate a coffee tree to a coffee farmer
Peet’s Coffee – free cup of joe with a food item purchase
Smoothie King – BOGO free on all coffee high protein smoothie flavors

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