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Located in Colorado, Noodles and Company is a fast-casual restaurant that serves American-style foods that have been influenced by flavors from the east, as well as the Mediterranean and other big food regions. This is an amalgamation of many of the cuisines that the United States loves, which is why Noodles and Company has grown into a decent-sized chain since it was first founded back in 1995.

In fact, when Noodles and Company went public in 2013 it had over 500 locations. This makes it bigger than many chains we have covered here on Secret Menus and it means it is roughly on par with the likes of Del Taco. These locations can be found in 39 states, and like all good quick-service and fast-food chains, Noodles and Company is growing more and more each year.

The numbers have taken a hit since the company went public and as of 2017 that 500+ seems to have dropped to around 400. But that’s to be expected. Even the best companies can take a hit during difficult times, especially when they make such a major decision like Noodles and Company did when they went public.

From a diner’s perspective, Noodles and Company has everything that an individual, a couple and a family could ask for. It is low-cost and great tasting food, and because the menu is so diverse there is a little something for everyone here.

Noodles and Company on Secret Menus

There isn’t much in the way of a Noodles and Company secret menu. That’s a shame, but we are keeping a close eye on things and if it changes we will let you know*. In the meantime we have plenty of other information relating to this chain.

Firstly, you should check with our Noodles and Company Menu Prices page. This covers all the noodle dishes, pasta dishes, soup dishes and more that make-up this exciting fusion menu. Once you have checked that then you will want to take a peek at our Noodles and Company Nutrition Info page. This contains everything you need to know about calories, fat, sugar and more. It’s not just for customers who are watching their weight either, as we will also discuss Noodles and Company gluten-free menus, vegan menus, vegetarian menus and other special diets.

So, take a look and learn more about Noodles and Company on the internet’s biggest fast food site!

*If you happen to be involved with Noodles and Company and you are reading this, then get in touch and let’s get your secret menu off the ground!