Olive Garden Locations and Careers (US, Canada, International)

Olive Garden Locations

Where are the nearest Olive Garden locations and what process should you take to begin an Olive Garden career? On this page we’ll answer both of those questions, telling you all you need to know about Olive Garden careers, Olive Garden locations and much more.

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Olive Garden Locations

Olive Garden locations can be found throughout the United States. There are close to 900 of them in total, but over 800 of these are in the US. This is where the brand has always been the strongest and it is where it continues to excel. However, it’s not all plain sailing for Olive Garden.

In recent years they have been struggling and their profits are dipping. Despite this, their numbers are still growing, but there have certainly been better times for America’s favorite Italian casual dining location. The brand has gone through an overhaul. It was considered to be a premium eatery and one where you took someone on a special occasion. But then it garnered a reputation as an overpriced chain that had bad customer service, mainly because it focused on hiring teenagers.

But despite a few blips, their record has been solid and Olive Garden locations are still fighting fit and will likely continue to make a profit for years to come. This is a chain that seems like it will be around for many years to come, and one that we will see a lot more of.

Where is the Nearest Olive Garden?

Olive Garden Locations

With close to 900 Olive Garden locations across the country, there is sure to be one near you. They tend to be located in larger towns and cities and are based out of large restaurants, as opposed to the small kiosks and shopping center locations where you can find brands like Auntie Anne’s.

It’s not just the United States where you can find this chain. There are also Olive Garden locations in many other countries, including Kuwait, Canada, Brazil and more. The brand is still growing as well. Italian food is huge and is getting bigger all of the time, so there is room for this brand to grow into.

Where is Olive Garden?

To give you an idea of where you can find the Olive Garden locations mentioned above, take a look at the following list:

  • Puerto Rico: There are several locations in this country.
  • Brazil: Just 1 location, found at an international airport.
  • Canada: There are Olive Garden locations in BC, Manitoba and Alberta.
  • El Salvador: Two locations, both in San Salvador.
  • Kuwait: There are two locations, one in a mall.
  • Malaysia: Two locations.
  • Mexico: There are over a dozen Olive Garden locations south of the border.
  • Peru: Just 1 location, found in Lima, the capital.
  • United Arab Emirates: Popular with tourists, there are actually many US chains with locations here.
  • United States Olive Garden Locations: There are Olive Garden locations in all states, but some, like Rhode Island and Vermont, have very few. Some of the states with the most locations include Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.

Who Owns Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is currently owned by the Darden Restaurants group. They have had a hand in running many of the country’s biggest chains, including Red Lobster. However, Darden sold off the Red Lobster chain a few years ago and they converted all combined Olive Garden and Red lobster locations into just Olive Garden locations.

Does Olive Garden Have Wi-Fi?

Olive Garden Careers

Olive Garden have worked on adding Wi-Fi to all of their locations in the last couple years, but this has yet to be rolled out across all Olive Garden locations. As things stand you can take advantage of free wi-fi in many locations across the country and indeed the world, but not quite all of them.

Does Olive Garden Drug Test?

You are not required to submit to a drug test when you signup to work for Olive Garden and it does not seem to be an essential requirement for working with the company. However, they may be requested by employers at a later point. In this happens then employees are required to submit a drug test.

There is a chance, however, that this will only occur if they suspect you are using drugs and that this is having a detrimental effect on your employment with the company.

Olive Garden Careers

As mentioned above, Olive Garden has a reputation of hiring teenagers. Olive Garden careers are not just for the young though and you can work here regardless of how old you are or how experienced you are. It’s generally considered a good place to work. It’s premium casual dining, and it comes with all of the benefits of working in the service industry for a big chain, including endless promotions, upwards mobility, and plenty of tips from well-off diners.

One of the many benefits of working for Olive Garden is that they almost always hire from within. This is true of many chains (it is something you will experience a lot of at Taco Bell, KFC and McDonalds), but it’s something that this chain makes a habit of doing. 99% of all of their general managers have been hired from within. That means that they will always look to hire former servers into higher-paid positions like this.

Not only that, but you can typically earn more than minimum wage working at the lower levels. Not only are you earning a decent set wage, but you are getting plenty of tips which push this wage up further. Add in the benefits of working in what is a family environment, giving you access to great food and service, and it’s easy to see why Olive Garden careers are so sought after amongst the young.

Olive Garden Applications

If you want to work for one of the many Olive Garden locations out there then simply take a look at the Olive Garden careers page. This page, found on their official website, will direct you to the available jobs in all Olive Garden locations that are currently looking for staff.

You can use this page to find jobs in Olive Garden locations on both sides of the US/Canada border. There are many more locations in the US than in Canada, but they are growing on both sides of the border and they are constantly looking for new staff in both countries.