Panda Express Careers and Franchise (Pay, Cost, Application Info)

Panda Express Careers

Looking for a new career path? Then try Panda Express careers. You can spend your days cooking and eating great tasting Asian food, and at the same time you can learn all about the cuisines of these countries, while brushing up on your knowledge of the food and service industry.

On this page we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Panda Express careers, from the reason you should focus on these jobs to the things that they can offer you. We’ll discuss salary, application processes, interview questions and everything else you need to know about Panda Express careers.

Panda Express Careers

The main reason to get involved with Panda Express careers is that they offer huge potential for promotion. This is true of all food chains—they want employees who know how things work behind the scenes; employees who understand the food, the processes and the management. So, if you get in at the bottom level and you work hard, show your devotion and give it your all, then you could be sitting pretty with a supervisor or manager role before long.

The salary isn’t that bad either, nor are the benefits that are available to you as a Panda Express employee. So, now that we have piqued your interest, let’s learn how you can get involved with Panda Express careers.

How Much Does Panda Express Pay?

Panda Express Careers

Panda Express careers pay very well, much more so than many of the places we have covered. They are roughly in line with high payers like In-n-Out Burger, ahead of the likes of Burger King and Whataburger by some way. They are also ahead of the likes of Red Lobster, which tend to pay servers very little and don’t have a huge pay increase for the managerial roles.

At Panda Express you can earn a minimum of $9 an hour for many of the entry level positions, including cashier. You may get a bit less if you are a server, as they factor likely tips into it (which are less at lower priced chains like this) but you can make as much as $15 an hour with some managerial roles.

These are harder to get promoted into than the managerial roles at other chains, but you can earn a few dollars more per hour so it’s worth the extra work and the extra dedication.

Panda Express Job Application

Panda Express was voted one of the best employers of 2015. This is great news for anyone who is working there or has been offered a job there. But when you take this into consideration, as well as the decent wage and the many benefits, it means there are no shortage of applicants for each role. That drastically decreases your odds of getting onboard with Panda Express careers.

But don’t lose hope just yet. You can pay a visit to the official Panda Express Careers page to see what is available here and at Panda Inn. You can then apply for your chosen job, sending in an online CV and awaiting their response.

We would also recommend that you do things the old fashioned way. If you don’t have a lot of experience or credentials but you have the charisma, the confidence and the enthusiasm, then pay a visit to one of their stores, ask to see the manager and then hand over your CV. Chat with them, tell them how committed and willing you are and let them know you’re ready. It could land you a job with Panda Express within days or weeks. At the very least it will get you to the top of the slush pile and will ensure the job is all but yours by the time the interview arrives.

Panda Express Franchise

Panda Express Franchise

A Panda Express franchise is one of the more accessible out there. You may find that you are priced out of a lot of franchises, and unless you are a multi-millionaire then it’s just not something you can consider. But Panda Express are on the cheaper side in this regards, as discussed below.

They do require you to meet a number of requirements though, including fixtures and furniture budgets; a license fee; a lease; leasehold improvements; insurance costs; inventory; training expenses; and taxes. All of this adds up, but you can still expect a Panda Express franchise to be cheaper than the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, popular franchises that can set you back over $2 million.

Panda Express Franchise Cost

The franchise fee for Panda Express is not widely reported and seems to vary, but there are many other prices that are reported and are fairly clear. Once you factor in all of these then you have a total cost that sits at a minimum of just a couple hundred thousand, and a maximum that stretches to around $1 million.

The amount you pay will depend on a number of actors, including the size of the building and the location. Rent can factor into this, but bigger locations also require more equipment, more stock, more staff, more training and more taxes. Don’t think that you can cut corners by operating a small location though, because you’re limiting your chances of securing a big profit and a successful business, and you’re also limiting your chances of your application being accepted in the first place.

Should you Get Your Own Panda Express Franchise?

Panda Express Pay
Whether you want to own your own Panda Express franchise is entirely up to you. Just know that the profit margin is a little less than other franchises out there. It is reportedly at around 10%, which is less than half the margin that you can expect to earn with popular Mexican food chains and sandwich chains.

If you focus on this kind of quick-service Asian restaurant chain, then Panda Express is probably at the top or near the top in terms of profit margin. But if you’re not too concerned with the style of restaurant or the using on offer, and if it’s all about amount of profit and the length of time it takes to get there, then you should probably focus your efforts elsewhere.