Panda Express Locations (Best, Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York City)

Panda Express Locations

The very first Panda Express location was in Glendale, California. This was launched back in 1983, the foundation for a brand that has since come an incredibly long way. Panda Express locations litter the food landscape of the United States and they have also expanded across North America and into the middle-east.

Panda Express is one of the most popular Asian food chains in this country and it is also one of the largest. If you love Chinese food and food cooked with influences from across the Asian continent, then Panda Express could be just what you’re looking for. We’ve already discussed the Panda Express Menu and Panda Express Nutrition info, and now it’s time to see just how many Panda Express locations there are domestically and internationally.

Panda Express Locations

As of 2017 there are close to 2,000 Panda Express locations in the world. Many of these can be found in the United States, but you will also find Panda Express locations in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Guam and Puerto Rico. It is one of the few big chains in the US that has locations in all 50 states, which shows just how far this chain has gone in the three decades or so that it has been around.

But where are the biggest and best Panda Express locations, why is it this chain has been so dominant here and what do they have to offer you, the consumer?

Best Panda Express Locations

Panda Express Locations

The following Panda Express locations are the ones that you ask the most about, do the most searches for, and spend the most money in. There are many reasons for this and we’ll look to get to the bottom of them:

Panda Express Fresno, Ca

Panda Express locations are in the low price range and when you focus your search on similarly priced restaurants in this region then Panda Express always comes out near the top. There are several of them here, most of which are open from 9am until 11pm.

Panda Express Mesa, Az

The Panda Express location in Mesa Riverview has been a big hit and one that we have visited many times ourselves. This is open a little later than all Panda Express locations in the region so it’s also popular with families and groups looking for a late lunch. There are around a dozen locations in this region and it’s one of the most densely populated regions for the chain in all of Arizona.

Panda Express Albuquerque

Panda Express locations have been a little hit and miss in Albuquerque. Some have proved popular, but others have received bad reviews from the outset and that has made life difficult for the franchise owners setting up shop. Still, when it comes to Chinese food in this location there are few better options and Panda Express locations are still ranked as some of the best eateries in the region.

Panda Express Hawaii

If you were to guess at the most popular of all the 2,000 Panda Express locations then you might pick New York, Las Vegas or other popular tourist areas and heavy populated cities. But their biggest location is actually in Honolulu, Hawaii, where locals and tourists alike obsess over this chain. US tourists in Hawaii don’t always favor chains like KFC and McDonald’s as it’s too much like home, but Panda Express is a nice combination of reliable tastes and exotic foods and it’s one that has also worked very well in other tourist hotspots.

Panda Express NYC

One of the most popular Panda Express locations in NYC is located on the edge of Hell’s Kitchen, a big hit with locals and an increasingly popular location for tourists as well. All Panda Express NYC locations are closed by 11pm, and while they all have slight different closing and opening times, they usually operate within an hour of each other.

Panda Express Las Vegas

Panda Express Las Vegas

There are a huge number of Panda Express locations in Las Vegas. The high traffic makes this a top destination for all chains. Everyone wants to eat out when they’re in Vegas, even the locals. It’s a part of the day-to-day life here and that’s why you’ll find so many Panda Express locations, as well as plenty of restaurants from chains like In-n-Out Burger, Sonic and more.

Panda Express Pasadena, CA

This is where the very first Panda Express location was established and where the brand became the fast food giant that it is today. Panda Express was launched in 1983 and in the years that followed it created a number of firsts. Not only was it quick to become the largest Asian food chain in the United States, but it was also one of the very first to adopt a POS platform that has become common throughout the industry and has helped to make fast food that little bit faster and more convenient.

Panda Express Elk Grove

Panda Express Elk Grove is a surprise hit in California. This is a huge state and one that has generally been a success for Panda Express throughout the years. In Elk Grove one of the most popular Panda Express locations is near Laguna West-Lakeside, attracting plenty of locals and tourists through its doors as they seek cheap but tasty Chinese food.

Panda Express San Antonio

Although it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, San Antonio is one of the best foodie cities in the southern United States. There are scores of hidden gems in this region, with foods from all kinds of global cuisines and at all price points. These include Panda Express locations, which are around a dozen in number.

These Panda Express locations mostly close at 10pm and they can be found on most major streets in the city. There is a lot of competition for them here but when it comes to cheap Chinese food, few chains can rival Panda Express so they have been able to corner this market.

Panda Express Near Me

Panda Express Near Me

With Panda Express locations in all 50 states, there’s always a good chance of running into one wherever you are. Some states, such as California, have a lot more than others, but they all have their fair share. To find the nearest Panda Express location to you just use the official Location Finder on the Panda Express website. Punch in your address and it will give you directions to your nearest restaurant.