Panera Bread Locations (US, Worldwide, Wichita, Jacksonville)

Panera Bread Locations

Panera Bread is one of the most popular fast food chains out there right now. There are more than 2,000 Panera Bread locations and they have arrived at this number despite being just over 30 years old. It’s nothing short of astonishing to see how far this chain has come and all of that is testament to the quality of food and service, and to the demand that consumers have for quality baked goods.

Panera Bread has also done a good job of positioning itself as more of an upmarket and a healthier chain. There has been a real demand for this sort of thing and while it has worked fairly well elsewhere, including Red Robin and Smashburger, it has been hugely popular for Panera Bread.

Panera Bread Locations

Around half of all Panera Bread locations are owned by the company, with the rest being owned by franchisees. They hit the 2,000 mark in the middle of 2016 and they have continued to grow since then.

The first Panera Bread location was opened in 1987 and while they grew fairly quickly, it wasn’t until the 2000s that Panera Bread locations began to see exponential growth, with this bakery chain becoming a major fixture on the food landscape of the United States. There is also a restaurant known as Panera 2.0, which the company launched as a digital, futuristic version of the chain, offering digital ordering and other automated and modern processes.

Panera Bread Wichita

Panera Bread Locations

Wichita is one of our personal favorite cities and it’s one that all fans of fast food appreciate. That’s because this city has given birth to this industry. It was where White Castle, one of the first fast food chains, was born and it’s also where Pizza Hut got its start. When you consider which chains were influenced by White Castle and the fact that Pizza Hut would later be connected to Taco Bell and KFC, it basically means that most fast food chains can trace their origins back to this city.

Panera Bread locations are plentiful here, as are most fast food chains. It’s a city that they all want to be a part of, because it’s a city where fast food is celebrated and one has done more for this industry than any other.

Panera Bread Jacksonville, Fl

Panera Bread has been a big hit in Florida since they first established the chain here and one of there most popular cities is Jacksonville. There are over a dozen Panera Bread locations here which means you’re never too far away from one. There are drive-thrus, big locations and small locations and they can be found from Bolton Plaza to Atlantic Beach and Oakleaf Town Center.

Panera Bread Las Vegas

Tourist cities like Las Vegas are often where many tourists first experience brands they have heard about on American TV, in films and in music. Such is the case with Panera Bread. As this becomes more popular throughout the US and become more a part of US food culture, many tourists from around the world are eager to sample it for themselves.

That’s why these tend to be bigger and a little more impressive, as the chain is always keen to make a good first impression with those international visitors. Of course, they are also focusing on the locals, because finger food that is fairly healthy and served quickly is a perfect accompaniment to dusk-till-dawn gambling and partying, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the lights, the sounds and the sights of Sin City.

Panera Bread Okc

Panera Bread OKC

There are a handful of locations in Oklahoma City and it is the biggest city in the state for this chain. All of these Panera Bread locations are open until 9pm on most days, with only a few exceptions to this rule. One of the most popular Panera Bread locations in this city is in the Westgate Marketplace, where they can take advantage of high foot traffic.

Panera Bread Charlotte, Nc

The Panera Bread location in Hines Charlotte Plaza closes very early when compared to other locations in the area, but it’s one of the most popular locations here despite this. These restaurants are some of the highest rated of all eateries in the city, which is typical of Panera Bread and is why they have become so successful.

On sites like TripAdvisor fast food chains tend to be very mediocre, with scores of around 3 out of 5 and with rankings somewhere in the middle. With Panera Bread, they tend to get scores of 4 and higher and are on rated in the top 10% of all restaurants in the city they’re in.

Panera Bread San Antonio

Panera Bread is not quite the Texan fare that you might be used to, but it’s something different and it’s something well worth trying. There’s a large Panera Bread location on San Pedro Avenue in San Antonio and there are also a few more in this area. There is a drive-thru in San Pedro and while fairly new, it has been a big hit with consumers more or less since the beginning.

There has been some teething problems with other Panera Bread locations in this city. But they have been worked out and for the most part this is a chain that is adored throughout the city of San Antonio and indeed throughout the Lone Star State.

Panera Bread Richmond

There are a few Panera Bread locations in Richmond, Virginia, most of which are open until 10pm. These have been a big hit with the locals and have helped to spread the popularity of this chain throughout the state, convincing many other franchisees to get involved.

Panera Bread NYC

Panera Bread NYC

The city of New York is the perfect place for Panera Bread, which is why you will find many Panera Bread locations here. These all open until 10pm and they are located across the city, from Brooklyn to Long Island.