Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl

Panera Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey

panera-egg-white-bowlMost people would agree that having a healthy breakfast is an important way to start the day. It helps to get your metabolism going and provides energy to get you through your morning endeavors. In particular, foods that are high in protein are preferred, as they tend to make you feel full for longer. If you plan on having Panera for breakfast, you should consider ordering the power breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey.

Since this is a secret menu item, you may not have ever heard of it before now. It includes roasted turkey, egg whites, spinach, peppers, and basil pesto, all combined to form a hearty, protein-packed meal. If you are looking for something healthy, yet savory, this is a great option for you to consider. You can order this item for only $5.59 at your local Panera, a reasonable price for all that you get from this meal.

What makes this dish so healthy? The roasted turkey is free of antibiotics, which is something that can be difficult to find. Additionally, egg whites add more protein to the meal, thus helping you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Fresh spinach and roasted peppers add some of the vegetables you need in your diet. By ordering the breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey, you are hitting several of the major food groups that are needed to have a well-balanced diet.

This combination of proteins and vegetables forms a satisfying meal that tastes great. The basil pesto adds a unique flavor of the dish that pairs well with the other ingredients. You’ll find yourself craving the fresh roasted pepper flavor when the time for lunch comes around!

To order this secret item, simply ask the server for the egg white bowl with roasted turkey. This item is of medium to high popularity, so the server may or may not be familiar with your order. If you run into any issues, you could try describing what you would like to see if the store is able to accommodate you. Hopefully, they will be able to make the breakfast bowl for you, even if they hadn’t heard of it before you brought it up.

The power breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey is hearty breakfast for anyone looking for something new to try in the morning. For the reasonable price of $5.59, you can have a well-balanced breakfast that is filling and delicious. This option is much healthier than some of the other options at Panera and other restaurants you may stop by on your way to work. Eating breakfast is a great routine to incorporate into your every day schedule; in addition to the physical health benefits, you are likely to feel more energized and awake if you eat breakfast in the morning.


egg-bowl-caloriesAvailability: Limited (and it can only be ordered during breakfast)

The Secret: This is a breakfast bowl including egg whites, roasted turkey, peppers, spinach, and basil pesto

Popularity: Medium-high

Price: $5.59