Power Chicken Hummus Bowl


panera-hummus-salad-bowlDid you know that Panera has a secret menu of healthy, balanced dishes that are not posted with the rest of your favorites? Panera has released its secret menu in the past, but you won’t find these items posted at your local store. You have to ask for them by name; this sounds complicated, but most of Panera’s secret menu items are fairly popular, despite the fact that they are not posted. These dishes are worth researching so you can expand your ordering options the next time you take a trip to Panera.

The Power Chicken Hummus Bowl is one of these secret menu options. When you order this meal, you’ll receive a large bowl filled with chicken, cilantro jalapeño hummus, and baby spinach. This base is topped with chopped cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, red onions, squeezed lemon juice, and cilantro. All of these ingredients combine to form a dish that is packed with flavor and savory nutrients.

Although the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl is humungous in size, it is actually a low-calorie dish at only 330 calories. This is significantly lower in calorie count than most dishes you can order at a restaurant, yet it serves as a filling main course. You can feel good about the choices you are making for your health when you choose this secret menu item.

Additionally, this power bowl contains 33 grams of protein, so it will satisfy your appetite and keep you from feeling hungry again before your next meal or snack. This is a great benefit of eating lean chicken and hummus as opposed to a less nutritious meal. Protein sustains you to help you get through your day. You’re really getting a lot of value for your money with 33 grams of protein!

To order the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl, let the Panera employee know that you are requesting an item from the secret menu, and then order the dish by its name. Although all of Panera’s secret menu items have been released in the past, some employees may not be aware of all of the dishes. Luckily, the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl is of a high popularity, so it is likely that the server will be familiar with the item.

power-chicken-hummus-bowlFor only $7.69, you can order this delicious, healthy meal on your next outing to Panera. This is an excellent deal for all of the food that you get, and it shows that you can eat healthy without breaking your bank account, even on days when you choose to eat out instead of cooking at home.

Hummus is known for being a healthy alternative to the typical fast food items you can get through the drive thru, and it is also packed with unique flavor. Combined with the antibiotic-free chicken, this hummus bowl serves as the perfect lunch or dinner to satisfy your Panera craving. Give it a try the next time you decide to eat out!

Availability: All Locations

The Secret: A healthy bowl of chicken and hummus not listed on the menu.

Price: $7.69