Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Eating the same, boring sandwich for lunch every day can get old pretty fast. Even if you go out for lunch, you’re likely to frequent your same favorite places. Although routines like this can be fun and enjoyable, it is sometimes nice to branch out and try something new. If you are looking for something delicious, healthy, and unique to eat for lunch, you should check out the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad on Panera’s secret menu.

panera-meditteranean-saladThis salad is meant to be consumed as a main dish, and it is likely to fill you up because of all of the protein it includes. If you order this meal, you’ll get delicious grilled chicken that is free of antibiotics on top of crisp lettuce and spinach with a few tomatoes. Since grilled chicken is a lean meat, you can eat this meal without having to worry about messing up your diet plan. The salad also includes bacon and hard-boiled eggs for an extra protein punch. These ingredients are all of Panera’s finest quality, so you can expect to enjoy your meal.

Part of what makes the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad so healthy is the dressing. Normally, when you order a salad at a restaurant, it is slathered in a thick, fattening dressing, unless you ask for it on the side or find a healthier option. This Panera secret menu item is covered with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice. This adds flavor to the salad that helps you enjoy it without having to worry about sacrificing too many calories.

In fact, this secret salad is only 360 calories, an incredibly low number considering that it includes two different types of meat and eggs. This salad also has 35 grams of protein, so it is likely to keep you full for the rest of the afternoon. With the health benefits and flavor, this dish is certainly an excellent choice for your new midday (or dinner) routine.

power-mediterranean-chicken-saladTo order the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad, simply let the Panera employee know that you would like to order off of the secret menu, and then order the dish by name. This menu item is of medium to high popularity, as are most of Panera’s power secret menu items. It is likely that the server will be familiar with the dish, as others have probably ordered it in the past. Your salad should cost a total of $7.69, a good value for the size of meal.

Give Panera’s secret menu a try—it’s filled with healthy, savory foods to appease your appetite. With its combination of proteins and vegetables, the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad is an excellent source of nutrients, and it is also filling and savory at the same time. Start a healthy habit, and try something new for lunch or dinner today! You’re sure to be satisfied by this delicious dish.


Availability: All locations

The Secret: This is a Mediterranean chicken salad that is not listed on the menu at Panera.

Popularity: Medium-high

Price: $7.69