Power Steak Lettuce Wrap

Are you a fan of Panera’s power bowls? You can order these healthy items off of the secret menu at any of your local Panera restaurants. Each dish is sizable enough to be a meal on its own, and each option offers unique items that are delectable and filling. With all of the options available on Panera’s regular and secret menus, you’re likely to find something to appease your appetite.


One of these menu items, the Power Steak Lettuce Wrap, is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. When you order this meal, you’ll receive a huge bowl of sirloin steak and lettuce, along with several other fixings to use to build your lettuce wraps. These additional toppings include cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and basil pesto.

A benefit to ordering this dish is that you can make it your own by picking and choosing the toppings you want to include in your wraps. Be creative and choose the combinations you think would taste the best; alternatively, you can use all of the ingredients in your lettuce wraps for a flavorful combination.

panera-steak-wrapsAdditionally, this meal works great for people who are looking to split something. The Power Steak Lettuce Wrap is only $7.69, so it makes for a cheap meal, especially considering that it includes top sirloin steak. This is particularly cheap if you choose to split the price with a friend, and since it includes more than one lettuce wrap, this is an easy option if you are hungry for a snack, rather than a full meal.

Although the Power Steak Lettuce Wrap includes red meat, it is actually only 280 calories, making it a very low-calorie meal. The use of lettuce wraps, rather than tortillas or bread, significantly cuts the number of carbs you are consuming as well. Additionally, this dish has 28 grams of savory protein to help you stay full for longer.

To order this meal, let the server know that you would like to make a secret menu item request, and order the Power Steak Lettuce Wrap. Since this dish is of medium popularity, your server may or may not be aware of its existence. If the server does not know about this menu item, you could try describing it to him or her. Panera’s secret menu items should be available at all of the restaurant’s locations.

If you are craving steak but don’t want to pay the exorbitant cost of most restaurant dishes, consider ordering the Power Steak Lettuce Wrap from Panera. This is a healthy alternative to your typical “steak and potatoes” meal, as it is low-calorie and contains a lot of vegetables. You can have the delicious steak flavor without having to sacrifice your diet or feel guilty about the price. This is a secret menu item that you will definitely want to try on your next Panera outing.


Availability: All locations

The Secret: Order this meal to receive everything you need to make a meal of steak lettuce wraps.

Popularity: Medium

Price: $7.69