Papa John’s Locations (Wichita, Tucson, US, International)

Papa Johns Locations

As the third largest pizza chain in the United States, it’s no surprise that there are currently close to 5,000 Papa John’s locations around the world. This chain has grown very quickly in a very short space of time and because the world is so obsessed with great pizza sold at affordable prices, it will likely continue to grow.

Papa John’s Locations

This brand is headquartered in Kentucky, but Papa John’s locations can be found in many other states and indeed in many countries around the world. In this guide we’ll look at the US, UK, Canada and Australia locations. We’ll also tell you about the Papa John’s stores in cities like Wichita, Waco and Tucson, where the brand seems to excel.

Papa John’s Near Me

With so many Papa John’s locations out there, there is a good chance that there is one near you. To find out if this is the case, just visit the official Papa John’s website and use the locator. If you are based outside of the United States then you can pay a visit to the Papa John’s International site where they have a locator for countries all over the world.

If there is one close enough then you can take advantage of their delivery services.

Peyton Manning Papa John’s

Papa Johns Locations

Peyton Manning has been a regular spokesperson for the Papa John’s brand, but it’s more than just an advertising thing. He actually owns many Papa John’s stores.

The two-time Super Bowl champion bought 21 Papa John’s locations back in 2012. This is when he first stepped into the brand, but he went on to buy more locations and to become even more involved. These days his association with Papa John’s is well known and he is celebrated and mocked in equal measures for it.

Still, as bad as the public are, complaining about his appearances in Papa John’s commercials and his purchasing of more and more franchises, we imagine that his teammates were much worse. It doesn’t matter if you’re a multiple Super Bowl winning Quarterback or not. If you star in a few badly acted commercials and talk non stop about your love of a pizza chain, then you’re going to get some abuse.

Papa John’s in the United States

The United States is where this brand was born. It began life in a tavern cupboard and it grew from there. More and more locations were added, the chain was franchised and it exploded from there. It is now a familiar face in countless towns, cities and states, and below we have pinpointed some of the most popular Papa John’s locations in the US.

Papa John’s Wichita, KS

Papa Johns Wichita

This has always been a great place for fast food and it remains to be the case. There are more than 1,000 eateries in this city and many of them are fast food chains. Not only that, but this is where White Castle was founded way back in 1920. That was one of the very first fast food chains and if you ask the experts then it was only pipped to the post by A & W Restaurants in terms of being the first. So, this is the birth of fast food!

If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe the fact that this city was also where Pizza Hut was founded will. So, fast food and successful pizza chains might look decidedly different if not for the city of Wichita in Kansas.

Papa John’s Olathe

There are just two locations in Olathe, one on Parker Street and one in the Santa Fe Square Shopping Center. However, it has performed very well here.

Papa John’s Tucson

There are some optimally placed locations in the city of Tucson, Arizona. One is near the Convention Center and the other is near the University of Arizona.

Papa John’s Charlotte NC

There are three high performing locations here, all of which are focused around the center of the city, staying open until the early hours and offering great pizza throughout the day.

Papa John’s Waco

There are three Papa John’s locations in this city and all seem to perform very well. But with closing times at around 11:00pm, they do close a little earlier than Papa John’s locations in other towns and cities.

Papa John’s Slidell

It may seem obscure, but there are two locations in this region and both perform well. So much so, in fact, that it has convinced other pizza chains to get a piece of the action and more franchises are now looking at the area.

Papa John’s International Locations

There are Papa John’s locations all over the world. In fact, it seems to be growing at a great pace outside of the US. The brand clearly sees this as a market that is there for the taking. And when you consider how well other American pizza chains have performed in other countries, it’s easy to see why they are so eager.

Papa John’s UK

Papa Johns UK

The UK public have taken to my American pizza brands. In this country there are cheap pizza shops found on every high street. These sell “takeaway” pizza to locals and to drunken passersby. They are much cheaper than the big brands, they often use fake ham and cheese (seriously) and they are not on par with the likes of Papa John’s.

That’s why this chain has proved so popular, but it has a lot of work to do as it is up against a very strong presence from Domino’s and Pizza Hut. These are the biggest and they are often considered to be the best. There are also chains like Pizza Express, which market themselves as more of an upmarket brand and have been here for years, but just can’t compete with the big American takeout chains.

Papa John’s Cardiff

There are three locations in the city of Cardiff, making this one of the biggest hits for the brand in all of Wales.

Papa John’s Southampton

One of the mot popular Papa John’s locations in this city is located on the University of Southampton campus. There are also locations in the east and west of the city, nicely spread out to ensure optimal coverage for the chain.

Papa John’s Banstead

Situated in a high-street location near Waitrose and on an unassuming corner, this is actually one of the most talked about Papa John’s locations in the United Kingdom. We’re as surprised as you are, but that is the beauty of these brands as you don’t need a huge location to get people talking about you.

Papa John’s Australia

Papa Johns Australia

Although there are Papa John’s locations in Australia, there aren’t many and the ones that are there haven’t proved to be very popular. The main one, and perhaps the only one, is in Glen Waverley, Melbourne.

Papa John’s Canada

There aren’t a great number of locations in Canada, but they do exist. These can be found just over the border in Toronto and in New Brunswick, as well as many other locations.