Papa Murphy’s® Careers (Jobs, Application, Salary/Pay and Hiring Details)

Papa Murphy's Careers and Jobs

Papa Murphy’s Careers

If you love pizza and want to spend your life making, serving and eating it, then why not consider Papa Murphy’s careers? There are a number of benefits to working with this company, all of which we will discuss in this Papa Murphy’s career’s guide.

They may not be the biggest, the best or the most well known pizza chain out there. But they have their own following, their own way of doing things and their own benefits. That’s why tens of thousands of employees are proud to work for Papa Murphy’s and why so many more apply for Papa Murphy’s jobs every single day.

Papa Murphy’s Job Application Tips

Papa Murphy's Careers

Papa Murphy’s careers is all about working in a team. If you can prove that you’re capable of doing that then you stand a good chance of getting a job here. The things you have to consider when applying for a job with Papa Murphy’s is that you need to be the person they are looking for. Sounds simple, right? Well, many employees get this wrong.

Firstly, they are not necessarily looking for someone with skill, experience or qualifications. Instead, they are looking for someone who is confident and enthusiastic; someone who can clearly work well in a team; and someone who can communicate well with customers. If you have all of those traits then nothing else matters. You can be a clean slate for all they care, providing you have those qualities or you can prove that you can learn about them.

And if you don’t have those traits then you just need to fake it.

Papa Murphy’s Careers: How Much do They Pay?

Papa Murphy's Hiring

Papa Murphy’s pay between $8 and $9 for those entry level jobs. This is the amount that you can expect to earn if you are tossing dough, working as a cashier, cleaning tables or doing any of the other basic jobs. There are few truly specialist jobs in this chain so there are no higher paid shift jobs. However, you can earn more if you are a shift supervisor or manager, and you can expect to earn in excess of $40,000 a year if you are a general manager.

If you want a job that always pays more than minimum wage, is reliable and offers those high-paying promotions, then Papa Murphy’s careers could be just what you need.

Papa Murphy’s Careers: Benefits

One of the many benefits of working for a chain like this is that you can get in at the ground level and then work your way to the top very quickly. You only need to work hard and show your enthusiasm for the chain for this to happen. You don’t need a huge list of qualifications and you don’t need experience elsewhere. The only thing you need is to prove to them that you love the chain, understand the chain and can work hard for it.

Some of the other benefits include retirement benefits, which are your reward for staying with the company over the long-term; employee discounts, which allow you to get cheap pizza and more; flexible hours that can be worked around your free time or your studies; and great coverage for vision and dental.

All in all, it’s the sort of benefits that you would expect from a big chain and a big role, but all bundled into this basic, entry level job. It’s one of the few ways that an unskilled and unqualified school-leaver can find a job that is secure and can set them up to live a comfortable life.

Papa Murphy’s Jobs Downsides

Papa Murphy's Jobs

We have heard from a few employees that the Papa Murphy’s managers just don’t care about them. This is a common thread no matter where you go. If you give power to some people they let it go to their head. They do all they can to please the people above them and to hit targets, while making life difficult for the people working under them. As a result, no one ever sees just how destructive they are and no one does anything to stop them.

The good news is that these managers don’t exist in every company or in every store. The bad news is that you don’t have much recourse if your manager turns out to be like this. You can only voice your concerns to the people at the top and then try to get support from your fellow co-workers. You can also use experience against them. They use their experience as a weapon, because they know that the board will sooner listen to them than to someone who has just joined. So, work hard, get promoted, knuckle-down and eventually you can turn the tables on them.

Papa Murphy’s Franchise

You can purchase your own franchise to join the Papa Murphy’s movement and to help this chain climb the ranks of the biggest pizzerias in the United States. This franchise was once ranked as the 5th best by Forbes and it has been given similar honors by many other business magazines and experts over the years as well.

There are single stores, multi-unit stores and turn-key stores available at any given time. Providing you have the money and the means then you can sign-on to one of these and start your own Papa Murphy’s franchise in a matter of months. Pizza is big business and this is a franchise that many think is an almost certainty to succeed, one that should be able to generate a solid return on your investment.

Papa Murphy’s Survey

Papa Murphy's Salary

The Papa Murphy’s survey is a great way for you to voice any issues you have with the chain, while also letting them know how happy you are with a certain location or employee. Just visit the Restaurant Satisfaction page and keep your receipt on hand. This contains a number that allows them to connect your words to your order and to the store that you ordered it from.

These surveys are often used for customers to direct any negative feedback that they have at the chain. But don’t just focus on the negative. If you had a good experience then make sure you take the time to write about it. You could be helping a manager, a franchise owner or even a server to further their career. If they deserve it then it’s always nice to take the time to give it to them.