Papa Murphy’s Coupons (Free Pizza, Discounts, Vouchers, Online Coupon)

Papa Murphy's Coupons

Looking to save money on the Papa Murphy’s menu? You might be in luck. Below you will find information on Papa Murphy’s coupons, including a few online coupons that you can use and a few dates to look out for.

As discussed on our Papa Murphy’s menu prices page, this is already one of the cheapest menus of any pizza chain, far eclipsing the likes of Pizza Hut and Dominos. But when you add these deals and discounts on top, you can shave even more money off and look to secure big savings for you and your family.

Papa Murphy’s Coupons

Papa Murphy’s is one of those chains that is always looking to help its customers save money. As a result, there are constantly deals on the go and your server will even help you to find the latest one. You can find these deals online by clicking this link and you can also find them on many offers and coupon sites. is good for this, but it’s far from the only place to find them.

These coupons can be cut out of magazines and newspapers and used in store; you can find them on the menus and pamphlets in store; and you can also find some Papa Murphy’s online coupons. In fact, there are more of these than any other.

Papa Murphy’s Online Coupons

Papa Murphy's Coupons

These pages are updated every few months. But that’s not quite enough to provide you with the latest Papa Murphy’s online coupons. It has worked for some other pages, as there are deals and coupons that remain in place all year. But with Papa Murphy’s coupons they tend to be transient, lasting for a matter of days and weeks. That makes them hard to keep track of.

We’re on the lookout for coupons that are a little more longer lasting. But for the meantime, take a look at the official link mentioned in the previous section and also be sure you subscribe to Papa Murphy’s newsletters and social media pages. You might think that coupon sites are your best bet. But they are often just thinly veiled affiliates. The offers they have are either expired, nonexistent or come with so many catches that you’d be better off paying full price.

When it comes to smaller chains like this, your best bet for online coupons is to go direct to the source. That way, at least you have someone to complain to if they don’t work or if something goes wrong. No one likes the embarrassment of walking into a store with a big order and a pile of coupons, only to find out that they are worth less than the paper you printed them on.

Papa Murphy’s Deals

The best time to take advantage of Papa Murphy’s coupons and deals is during National Pizza Day. This is a food holiday where pizza is celebrated and it’s one that all pizza places pay heed to. If you visit the link you will see all the details relating to this holiday, including upcoming deals for the next National Pizza Day.

Papa Murphy’s are not as dedicated to this holiday (or any other food holiday for that matter) as other chains are. However, they do offer some coupons and discounts during it on occasion. After all, it’s a day when everyone wants to eat pizza and where everyone is on the lookout for deals. So, they would be reckless not to offer anything.

Papa Murphy’s Free Pizza

Papa Murphy's Deals

We’re often asked what’s the best way to get a free pizza from Papa Murphy’s. We’re not sure why, as truth be told, the only way is to brazenly steal one from the store. They don’t really give away free pizzas. It’s not IHOP on National Pancake Day. They’re not in the business of giving away free food.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, but you have to work for it. If you have a Papa Murphy’s coupon and wait for National Pizza Day then you can take advantage of a current offer, combine it with a Pizza Day deal and bring the price of that pizza down to very little, if anything at all. You can also use online coupons, Pizza Day deals and standard Papa Murphy’s deals in order to bring those prices down. Whether that will result in a free pizza or not we’re not sure, but at the very least you should be able to get one for under $1. The question is, is all of that couponing and waiting worth saving a few bucks?