Papa Murphy’s® Locations (US, Worldwide, Boise, NYC, Las Vegas)

Papa Murphy's Locations

Papa Murphy’s is the fifth largest pizza chain in the US. That doesn’t sound very impressive, but pizza is big business and it has taken over 1,300 US Papa Murphy’s locations to put them in that position. They may be behind some of the biggest names in the sector, but they are well ahead of dozens of pizza chains that are loved from coast to coast.

When you consider that Papa Murphy’s was founded as recently as 1995 then this is even more impressive. They have had just a couple decades to grow into the huge pizza chain that they are today. In that time they have expanded across most American states and have also branched out into several countries around the world. They began life in Washington, and from there they grew, flourished and began to dominate the take-n-bake pizza sector.

Papa Murphy’s Locations

Papa Murphy's Locations

There are more than 1,500 Papa Murphy’s locations worldwide, with the majority in the United States. They may not be the biggest pizza chain in this country or elsewhere, but they are synonymous with take-n-bake pizza, a concept that was unique to them for many years and allowed them to grow into the chain they are today.

Their pizzas promise to be hotter and fresher when you eat them, like dining out in a restaurant as opposed to ordering a take-out pizza that takes 30 minutes to get to you. What’s more, these pizzas are cheaper than the average takeout pizza. This is the Papa Murphy’s unique selling point and it’s one you can find in all of the 1500+ Papa Murphy’s locations.

Papa Murphy’s Near Me

With so many Papa Murphy’s locations across the United States, covering most major states and cities, there is sure to be a store near you. To find out if this is the case just use the official store locator on the Papa Murphy’s website. You just need to tell it where you are and it will then find the nearest Papa Murphy’s locations for you, before helping you to place an order.

Papa Murphy’s Locations US

Papa Murphy's US Locations

The vast majority of Papa Murphy’s locations can be found in the United States. These are spread fairly thinly across the country, but there are states that don’t have any and then there are states like Virginia, Oklahoma, Maryland, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alaska that don’t have very many at all.

The states that have the most Papa Murphy’s locations are California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin, where the majority of the 1,300 Papa Murphy’s locations are shared.

As is the case with all pizza chains, Papa Murphy’s is still steadily growing. Don’t forget, this chain has existed in its current form for just over 20 years, so it is merely an infant in terms of fast food chains. It has come a long way in a short time and it has much further to go in the next few years or so.

Papa Murphy’s Boise

A surprise hit for the chain, Boise Papa Murphy’s locations have been popular since they first opened here. There are several of these, including one in the main marketplace. You can order a take-n-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s after a visit to the city’s zoo, as there is a location just a stone’s throw away. There are also locations further outside the center of the city.

Papa Murphy’s Omaha

This region is a perfect example of the Papa Murphy’s model, which is rather unique. They focus on small locations and on high traffic areas like shopping centers. They want people to buy a take-n-back pizza after a day of shopping, before going home to finish off the cooking. That’s why you can find so many in shopping centers and near main streets, such as the Plaza North Shopping Center.

Papa Murphy’s Spokane

Another big Washington location for Papa Murphy’s, there are several restaurants to choose from here. Few chains are as big as Papa Murphy’s in this state. It’s a proud home for them and you can get a feel for this when you visit cities like Spokane.

Papa Murphy’s Vancouver, Wa

Washington is a big state for Papa Murphy’s locations and this is one of the biggest regions. It’s not a huge city and it’s a surprise inclusion on a list of the most popular Papa Murphy’s locations, but it’s up there with the best of them. It seems to be a perfect fit for the demographic that eat here and that has allowed the chain to flourish in this town.

Papa Murphy’s Nampa

This is another big town in Idaho where Papa Murphy’s locations have flourished. It’s far from the big city lights and is very rural, but that’s what seems to work well for the chain. A couple of their locations are actually just a short trip away from the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge.

All of the Papa Murphy’s locations in this town are shut at 9pm. So, make sure you get in early.

Papa Murphy’s Tucson

Tucson is a great town for quality fast food and they have no shortage of pizza takeout chains here. Papa Murphy’s is just one in a long line of them, but there are more than half a dozen Papa Murphy’s locations in Tucson. They are clustered around the center of town, found everywhere from Crossroads Festival to the Desert Springs Shopping Center.

Papa Murphy’s Reno

Many tourists in Reno want to eat out or quickly grab a bite to eat while they gamble. But the same can’t be said for the locals, which is perhaps why Papa Murphy’s locations seem to do so well here. Contrary to some of the other regions mentioned, this is not the perfect fit for the Papa Murphy’s demographic, but it works well nonetheless.

Papa Murphy’s Locations Worldwide

Papa Murphy's Worldwide

As things stand there are not a great number of Papa Murphy’s locations outside of the United States, but they do exist. The majority of these are in Canada, but they also have a strong presence in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. There are plans afoot for them to expand into many more countries, taking their unique concept with them.

Papa Murphy’s and Food Stamps

The fact that Papa Murphy’s pizzas are take-n-bake allows them to cut costs, which means they can sell them for less. This also allows the consumer to buy a pizza that they know will be piping hot when they eat it. But there are other benefits to this unique selling point, including the fact that you can use EBT and food stamps to buy them.

These pizzas are classed as “unbaked”, which means that you are free to order them with these payment methods in most states. This should really be the case across most states, but there may be a few exceptions so it’s something that you should double-check before you do.