Papa Murphy’s Nutrition (Calories, Fat, Sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Papa Murphy's Nutrition

We don’t mean to be the bearers of bad news, but pizza is not healthy. Damn. We know–the bottom just fell out of your world. Ours too. But it’s not all bad. As you can see on this Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Info page, there are lighter options that don’t revolve around going hungry.

On this page we’ll take a look at all Papa Murphy’s nutrition info. Below you will find a table that explores all of the calories in Papa Murphy’s pizzas, as well as the fat and salt content. This was taken from an official source and we try to update it as often we can. Obviously, the nutrition of your favorite pizzas doesn’t change a great deal. But they do add more items to the menu, so we’ll tack these on when they happen.

If you keep reading beyond the Papa Murphy’s nutrition info table you will find information on gluten-free options, vegan/vegetarian options and more.

Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Info

Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Pepperoni - Thin Large Slice20011502
Pepperoni - Medium Slice25011605
Chicken Bacon Artichoke - Thin Family Slice23012501
Papa's Favorite - Thin Large Slice24014602
Herb Chicken Mediterranean - Large Slice37015708
Cowboy - Family Slice37019906
All Meat - Family Slice35018806
Gourmet Vegetarian - Medium Slice26013604
Cinnamon Wheel200053200108
1000 Island Dressing12013102
5-Meat Stuffed Pizza - Family Slice46018808
5-Meat Stuffed Pizza - Large Slice49019809
All Meat - Family Slice35018806
All Meat - Large Slice40020906
All Meat - Medium Slice28014605
All Meat - Thin Family Slice23013602
All Meat - Thin Large Slice23013602
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic - Family Slice33014704
Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic - Large Slice37016805
Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic - Medium Slice27012604
Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic - Thin Family Slice22010501
Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic - Thin Large Slice22011501
Bacon Cheeseburger - Family Slice37018908
Bacon Cheeseburger - Large Slice420201008
Bacon Cheeseburger - Medium Slice30015706
Bacon Cheeseburger - Thin Family Slice25013603
Bacon Cheeseburger - Thin Large Slice25014704
Balsamic Vinaigrette7070.502
BBQ Chicken - Family Slice34013709
BBQ Chicken - Medium Slice28011607
BBQ Chicken - Thin Family Slice2209504
BBQ Chicken - Thin Large Slice23010604
Big Murphy's Stuffed Pizza - Family Slice45018808
Big Murphy's Stuffed Pizza - Large Slice48018809
Bleu Cheese Dressing150161.501
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing12012102
Caesar Salad10052.503
Caesar Salad (1 of 2 servings)502.5101
Caesar Salad Dressing140151.500
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza - Family Slice45018808
Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza - Large Slice49019809
Chicken Bacon Artichoke - Family Slice34016704
Chicken Bacon Artichoke - Large Slice39018805
Chicken Bacon Artichoke - Medium Slice28013604
Chicken Bacon Artichoke - Thin Family Slice23012501
Chicken Bacon Artichoke - Thin Large Slice24013501
Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza - Family Slice44017708
Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza - Large Slice48017708
Chicken Caesar Salad2207303
Chicken Caesar Salad (1 of 2 servings)1103.51.502
Chicken Garlic - Family Slice33015705
Chicken Garlic - Large Slice37017805
Chicken Garlic - Medium Slice27012604
Chicken Garlic - Thin Family Slice21011501
Chicken Garlic - Thin Large Slice22012601
Chocolate Chip Cookie (1 slice of 8)170115020
Cinnamon Wheel (2 slices of 16)25072.5013
Classic Cheesy Bread17605722035
Classic Cheesy Bread (2 slices of 16)22072.504
Club Salad29017804
Club Salad (1 of 2 servings)1508402
Cowboy - Family Slice37019906
Cowboy - Large Slice410211006
Cowboy - Medium Slice30016705
Cowboy - Thin Family Slice25014702
Cowboy - Thin Large Slice25015702
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Cream Cheese Frosting3702513033
Cream Cheese Frosting (1/8th of cup)4531.504
Garden Salad19011604
Garden Salad (1 of 2 servings)1006302
Garden Veggie - Family Slice27011506
Garden Veggie - Large Slice31012607
Garden Veggie - Medium Slice23094.505
Garden Veggie - Thin Family Slice1808403
Garden Veggie - Thin Large Slice18084.503
Gourmet Vegetarian - Family Slice32016705
Gourmet Vegetarian - Large Slice36018805
Gourmet Vegetarian - Medium Slice26013604
Gourmet Vegetarian - Thin Family Slice21011501
Gourmet Vegetarian - Thin Large Slice22012601
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Hawaiian - Family Slice27010508
Hawaiian - Large Slice31011609
Hawaiian - Medium Slice23084.507
Hawaiian - Thin Family Slice1807404
Hawaiian - Thin Large Slice1808404
Herb Chicken Mediterranean - Family Slice33013607
Herb Chicken Mediterranean - Large Slice37015708
Herb Chicken Mediterranean - Medium Slice27011505
Herb Chicken Mediterranean - Thin Family Slice21094.503
Herb Chicken Mediterranean - Thin Large Slice22010503
Italian Salad26019903
Italian Salad (1 of 2 servings)13094.501
Low Calorie Italian Dressing150.5001
Marinara Sauce8030010
Marinara Sauce380169018
Mediterranean Salad (1 of 2 servings)19084.509
Mini Murph - Cheese510191008
Mini Murph - Pepperoni590261308
Murphy's Combo - Family Slice35018806
Murphy's Combo - Large Slice40020907
Murphy's Combo - Medium Slice29015705
Murphy's Combo - Thin Family Slice24013603
Murphy's Combo - Thin Large Slice24014602
Papa's Favorite - Family Slice35017806
Papa's Favorite - Large Slice40020907
Papa's Favorite - Medium Slice29014605
Papa's Favorite - Thin Family Slice24013603
Papa's Favorite - Thin Large Slice24014602
Pepperoni - Family Slice30014705
Pepperoni - Large Slice34016806
Pepperoni - Medium Slice25011605
Pepperoni - Thin Family Slice22012602
Pepperoni - Thin Large Slice20011502
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Rancher - Family Slice32014706
Rancher - Large Slice36016807
Rancher - Medium Slice36012605
Rancher - Thin Family Slice21010503
Rancher - Thin Large Slice21011602
S'mores Dessert Pizza205058270147
S'mores Dessert Pizza (2 slices of 16)26073.5018
Scratch-Made 5 Cheese Bread (1 slice of 8)2109403
Spicy Fennel Sausage - Family Slice35016707
Spicy Fennel Sausage - Large Slice41019808
Spicy Fennel Sausage - Medium Slice29014606
Spicy Fennel Sausage - Thin Family Slice24012503
Spicy Fennel Sausage - Thin Large Slice25013603
Thai Chicken - Family Slice340126014
Thai Chicken - Large Slice380147015
Thai Chicken - Medium Slice280105011
Thai Chicken - Thin Family Slice22094.507
Thai Chicken - Thin Large Slice2309508
Thick 'n' Cheesy Homebaked Bread16707532027
Tuscan Chicken and Sausage - Family Slice33016705
Tuscan Chicken and Sausage - Large Slice38018805
Tuscan Chicken and Sausage - Medium Slice28013604
Tuscan Chicken and Sausage - Thin Family Slice21011501
Tuscan Chicken and Sausage - Thin Large Slice23012601

Papa Murphy’s Calories

Papa Murphy's CouponsThe calories aren’t that bad, as you can see. You can order the smaller pizzas. You can satisfy yourself with just a couple slices. However, it’s where those calories are coming from that is the issue for many. The abundance of cheese and bread means that there is a lot of fat and carbs. Of course, there is also a hidden dose of protein in there. In some ways (read: hardly any) pizza is a perfectly balanced meal. And we’re not just saying that because we feel bad about telling you it’s unhealthy (okay, we lied, that’s exactly why we said it).

There is really no healthy option because it’s the pizza itself that’s the problem. Take away the bread and the cheese and you have something that is healthier, sure. But you just paid $5 for a dollop of tomato sauce and some random toppings. Nobody wants that.

If you’re on a diet and your friends are dead-set on getting the nightly feast from Papa Murphy’s, then your options are limited. You can either convince them that salad is the new pizza or that everyone should go to Jamba Juice instead. Or you can get new friends.

It’s not our place to tell you what to do. But they were probably assholes anyway.

Papa Murphy’s Take n Bake Pizza Nutrition

You’ve probably heard the saying that Take N’ Bake pizza is healthier. If so, we’re sorry to disappoint again. But it’s not (probably those lying friends of yours. The sooner you get rid of them, the better). This is a belief borne of the idea that anything cooked at home is somehow healthier and that oven cooking it also makes it healthier.

That may be true if we’re talking about oven cooked chicken as opposed to basket of grease from KFC. But only because an oven beats the KFC fryer. Where Papa Murphy’s are concerned, it’s oven vs oven–that’s a contest that doesn’t have a winner in the health stakes.

This idea seemingly stems from the belief that pizza chains like Pizza Hut have some special super-fattening ovens that home cooks just don’t have. A “pizza oven” is not a synonym for “deep fat fryer” and unless they’re dipping your pizza in lard before serving it to you (which, admittedly, some restaurants seem to do), there’s no difference between a Take N’ Bake pizza and a restaurant pizza a far as calories go.

Papa Murphy’s Gluten-Free

We feel like we’ve spent this entire article disappointing you and offending you. So, it’s time for the light at the end of the tunnel. Because while it’s not healthy, Papa Murphy’s is gluten-free. Or rather, they have a number of gluten-free option on the menu.

This is something you won’t find at all pizza chains, so kudos to Papa Murphy’s to stepping up to the gluten-less plate and doing something different. You can choose any toppings you want and you can basically make any pizza you want. They have a gluten-free dough, so providing your topping of choice is also gluten-free then you’re good to go