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Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods. In fact, this food is loved the world over, which is why there are so many successful pizza chains out there, not to mention thousands of independent pizzerias, take-outs and more. Many of the biggest of those chains have been covered here on Secret Menus, including Peter Piper Pizza.

There are many chains out there that far eclipse Peter Piper Pizza in terms of size, sales and reach. But this is still a favorite restaurant for many. There are Peter Piper Pizza locations in 6 states, all of which are in the South West of the country. They also have some restaurants south of the border in Mexico, a country where American pizza chains haven’t always performed as well as you might expect.

The very first Peter Piper Pizza restaurant opened in 1973. It was founded by a NY native who took his passion for this Italian dish to Arizona. Anthony Cavolo was the man behind the brand and he continued to front it, starring in commercials and appearing in countless promotional materials over the next couple decades.

In 1995, over twenty years after they were first founded, the 100th Peter Piper Pizza location was opened in Phoenix, AZ. The chain hasn’t exactly boomed since them, but it has still proved to be one of the most popular and the most respected pizzerias in Arizona and across several other states. Simply put, it is a pizzeria that is huge in one state, recognized in a few others, but unheard of elsewhere.

Peter Piper Pizza on Secret Menus

There is no Peter Piper Pizza secret menu, unfortunately. That tends to be the case with smaller restaurants like this. There are some exceptions to that rule, but for the most part, the smaller they are and the more localized they are, the less chance they will have a secret menu.

There is much more to discover on this site though. To see what this menu can offer you, take a look at our Peter Piper Pizza Menu Prices page. We have sourced the full official menu and have listed it alongside all prices. This is checked and updated on a regular basis, so it should be accurate at the time you read it. That means you can drop by, take a peek and then place your order.

If you want to know how much fat, how much sodium and how many calories are in the foods you order then pay a visit to our Peter Piper Pizza Nutrition Info page. This is also updated regularly and will show you just how healthy or unhealthy these pizzas and sides are.